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The Best Sci-Fi movies/TV/Books from 2021 and previous years. Escape to different worlds and the future. Sci-Fi movies expand your mind and we could be headed for these possible worlds.

N/A Keanu Reeves is back! This is the next installment in the Matrix Film... the-matrix-4 N/A Sean Gunn is back! This movie is Sci-fi action and it's set in a future city.... i-am-mortal N/A The story revolves around a man that must uncover his own past to find his... time-rewind N/A Melanie Laurent is back! In this movie a woman wakes up in a cryogenic... O2 N/A Guy Pearce is back! This movie is set in a near future where there is a colony... zone-414 N/A Anna Kendrick is back! This movie is about a stowaway on a mission to Mars.... stowaway N/A This movie is about a ph.D student that uncovers unusual seismic activity in... final-frequency N/A This movie is a G.I. Joe spin-off. It is centered around the character of... snake-eyes-g-i-joe-origins N/A The Abbott family now face a dangerous outside world. They have to go on a... a-quiet-place-part-2 N/A The next thrilling chapter in the Jurassic World series. The great cast... jurassic-world-dominion N/A Project in development. Review Coming... mars-2080 N/A This movie is a spin-off of the movie "Shazam!". The main protagonist is... black-adam N/A This is the story of an isolated man who conducts a series of interviews... nine-days N/A This movie is about a young boy who finds out that an old superhero, who... samaritan N/A The plot of this movie is unknown. The super cast includes: Margot Robbie as... the-suicide-squad-2 N/A This sequel is about how NBA superstar LeBron James teams up with Bugs Bunny... space-jam-2 N/A This movie is set in a post-apocalyptic earth. A robot is built to protect... bios N/A The plot of this movie is unknown. Review Coming... micronauts N/A The movie for this plot is unknown. The cast so far is: Alec Baldwin as... the-boss-baby-2 N/A The movie is about the the Eternals which are a race of immortal beings.... the-eternals N/A The huge Kong meets the dangerous Godzilla. One of them will become the King... godzilla-vs-kong N/A This movie is about a dystopian world. In this world there are no women and... chaos-walking N/A This movie is about a pair of astronomers. They attempt to warn everyone on... dont-look-up N/A This movie is about a man who has to fight in a future war. The fate of the... the-tomorrow-war N/A This movie is about how Lt. Artemis and her soldiers are transported to a... monster-hunter N/A Temuera Morrison is back! This movie is set 2 years after an intergalactic... occupation-rain-fall N/A Bruce Willis is back! A man is about to be a father. This junior mechanic... breach N/A This movie begins with a scientist discovering a way to relive your past. He... reminiscence N/A This movie is about a man that has hallucinations. These hallucinations are... infinite N/A The beautiful Scarlett Johansson is back! This movies tells the story of... black-widow N/A This movies is an adaptation of a science fiction novel by Frank Herbert. It... dune 7.5 This movie is an adaption of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Tom and Jerry. It's... tom-and-jerry 8.6 Bill and Ted have saved the universe in their time-traveling adventures. The... bill-and-ted-face-the-music N/A This movie describes the event of a comet landing and releasing a mysterious... only N/A This movie is about several intertwining love stories. These stories are set... the-photograph N/A This movie is about five young mutants. They learn their abilities. They are... the-new-mutants N/A This movie is about another group in the X-Men universe, the X-Force. The... deadpool-3 N/A This movie is about a group of humans who join the Green Lantern Corps. This... green-lantern-corps N/A This film has an exciting premise. A bank teller discovers that he's... free-guy N/A This movie is about an insurance lawyer. He parties hard one night and takes... the-wave N/A Alice is a senior plant breeder at a corporation. The company is developing... little-joe N/A Riddick finally finds his home planet. But he is in for a surprise! Stars... furia N/A Note: The "Riot Girls" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... riot-girls N/A It's been a decade after an occupation by extra-terrestrials. It is set a... captive-state N/A This movie is about a retired special forces officer. On the day of his... boss-level N/A A woman finds out she has superhuman abilities. She is forced to go on the... fast-color N/A An old hitman must battle a a younger clone of himself. The great cast... gemini-man 7.9 Astronaut Roy McBride (played by the reliable Brad Pitt) travels to the... ad-astra 7.0 This is the fourth movie in The Men in Black series. The Men in Black have... men-in-black-international 6.9 Jean Grey (played by the beautiful Sophie Turner) obtains incredible powers... dark-phoenix 6.8 Monarch is a zoological agency. They face off against a battery of huge... godzilla-king-of-the-monsters 7.5 A woman (Regina Hall as Jordan Sanders) undergoes a physical transformation... little 7.4 In the previous Avengers Endgame Thanos wipes out half of all life in the... avengers-end-game 7.2 A streetwise foster kid can become adult superhero Shazam! by shouting the... shazam 7.8 Carol Danvers (played by the beautiful Brie Larson) is Captain Marvel.... captain-marvel N/A This movie uncovers the truth of how a young cyborg woman (played by Rosa... alita-battle-angel N/A CJ and Sebastian are best friends. They build a pair of time machines. They... see-you-yesterday N/A This movie is about a teenage girl that is raised in an underground... i-am-mother N/A This movie is about how an astronomer and an artist form a friendship which... clara N/A This movie is set in the near future. The plot revolves around the President... crossbreed N/A This movie describes how a team of Navy Seals investigates an area which is... alien-warfare 7.5 Arthur Curry / Aquaman (played by the talented Jason Momoa) was a highlight... aqua-man N/A Superman dies. Several new beigns/people are possible successors. The super... reign-of-the-supermen N/A This movie is the conclusion of the latest "Star Wars" trilogy. The plot is... star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker N/A The plot is unknown at this stage. This movie stars: Jake Johnson as Peter... spider-man-into-the-spider-verse N/A In a Dystopian Future World a young boy must find a cure for his dying... future-world 7.8 The previous Predator movies were very suspenseful with innovative thrilling... the-predator 8.0 Jason Stratham Vs a Big Shark, I'd pay to see that! Jonas Taylor (played by... the-meg N/A A.X.L. is the code name for a top-secret robotic dog. He's on the loose and... A-X-L 8.2 Han Solo was one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars franchise!... solo-a-star-wars-story N/A A bounty hunter named Attica Gage (played by the beautiful and talented... scorched-earth N/A Troy Holloway (played by Steven Ogg) wakes up and is trapped in a drifting... solis 8.1 The first shot is the classic text "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away".... star-wars-the-last-jedi 7.9 It starts with the Marvel Studios Intro Graphics which is always cool. Kurt... guardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2 7.0 Great first shot. The space ship design was innovative. I've never seen a... passengers 7.5 As always for a Star Wars film, the opening shot was captivating. What a... rogue-1-a-star-wars-story 7.5 With Sci Fi movies, the soundtrack is always critical. This is where this... startrek-beyond 7.0 I can now say I enjoy this franchise. The Independence Day movies are funny.... independence-day-resurgence 7.5 The Star Wars franchise has always been filled with interesting characters.... star-wars-the-force-awakens 7.5 The plot of The Martian is innovative. A manned mission to Mars results in an... the-martian 8.0 Two words.. "Christopher Nolan". I could have left the review at that but... interstellar 7.5 J.j. Abrams did something special here. This movie is totally different in... star-trek-2009
8.2 After reading this book one can understand the intricate Star Wars universe... the-star-wars-book 8.0 More than a million copies sold. This books is about the essential universe... astrophysics-for-people-in-a-hurry 8.1 This book is a #1 new york times bestseller and it became a major motion... ready-player-one-a-novel 7.8 The martian is an intriguing book about planet exploration. It begines with... the-martian 7.2 Divergent is set in a dystopian Chicago world. Society is split up into five... divergent 7.4 This book is a #1 New York Times bestseller by Veronica Roth's. It is the... divergent-insurgent 7.6 This book is about how earth builds a defense against a hostile alien race.... enders-game-the-ender-quintet 7.2 This book is about the adventures of Katniss Everdeen. By this point she has... mockingjay-the-hunger-games 7.3 In this chapter of The Hunger Games District 12 tributes Katniss Everdeen... catching-fire-hunger-games

N/A Cast: Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief 9 episodes 2021, Shabana Azmi as... halo N/A This series starts with a group of teenagers stealing a derelict Starfleet... star-trek-prodigy N/A This series decribes the lives of humans scattered on planets throughout the... foundation N/A This series includes seven character-driven stories. Each character has their... solos N/A A destroyed alien spacecraft is affecting humankind. Two agents investigate,... debris N/A A young woman ends her marriage to a tech billionaire and goes on the run.... made-for-love N/A This series is a spin-off of "The Mandalorian". It stars Temeura Morrison as... the-book-of-boba-fett N/A This series is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Y is the last surviving man... y-the-last-man N/A The series describes the adventures of the individual characters from the... marvel-studios-legends 6.0 This series describes the life and times of Space Captain Ryan Clark of the... avenue-5 7.2 This series is set in a dystopian world that is a frozen wasteland. There... snowpiercer 9.3 This series follows the successful "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" with Neil... cosmos-possible-worlds 6.8 The main protagonist is an American astronaut. She leaves her husband and... away 7.3 This series is a TV adaptation of Aldous Huxley's popuar book. It is set in... brave-new-world 6.6 This series describes how a mercenary unit (former members of Japan's elite... ghost-in-the-shell-sac-2045 8.5 This series is about the adventures of a lone bounty hunter. It is set in... the-mandalorian 8.2 This interesting series is about a busy family from Manchester. It takes an... years-and-years 7.5 This series is a about a man who undergoes a new treatment to improve... living-with-yourself 7.2 This series is set in a town where aliens have super abilities. These aliens... roswell-new-mexico 6.5 This series is about Astronaut Niko Breckenridge and her young crew. They... another-life 7.4 The Robinson family crash lands on an alien planet. They struggle to survive... lost-in-space 8.2 This series is set in the future. In this future human consciousness can be... altered-carbon 8.5 This series is about an exploratory space ship that leaves earth. The space... the-orville N/A The protagonist is an african american school principal that turns into a... black-lightning 8.5 This series is set in the near future. This world also has a unique past. In... westworld 8.0 This series is set hundreds of years from now. The surviving humans find out... travelers 8.3 This series describes the lives of a police detective in the asteroid belt,... the-expanse 7.5 A group of people get recruited to a secretive academy. They discover that... the-magicians 7.2 This series is about life in the city called Defiance. It is set in the not... defiance 7.8 This is the story of Bo, a supernatural being. She belongs to a clan and she... lost-girl 7.4 Soldiers and Civilians are trapped on an old spaceship. They are located... stargate-universe 8.2 This series is about an FBI agent who has to work with an unstable scientist... fringe 7.8 These events are set after Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). Sarah Connor... terminator-the-sarah-conner-chronicles 7.3 This series is about normal people that find out that they have super... heroes 8.9 This series is set 500 years in the future. A crew in a small spacecraft... firefly 7.2 Johnny Smith was in coma for six years. He wakes up finding his fiance... the-dead-zone 8.2 This series is about Philip J. Fry, a pizza delivery boy. He is accidentally... futurama 7.3 This series describes the lives of three alien/human hybrids. They have... roswell 7.5 This series is about a group of aliens are sent to Earth. They disguise... 3rd-rock-from-the-sun 7.5 This series describes the lives a team of NASA Astronauts. It is set at the... the-cape 7.6 This series is about a boy genius. Him and his comrades have the ability to... sliders 7.5 This series is about a Starfleet ship that wants to travel back home. The... startrek-voyager 6.7 Colonists crash-land on an alien planet. They go through adventures. They... earth-2 6.5 RoboCop is a cybernetic policeman that has the body and some memories of the... robocop 7.4 This series is set in the early 21st century. By that stage mankind has... sea-quest-2032

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2021 Movies Total ($)
Godzilla Vs King 415 m
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RayaAndTheLastDragon 103 m

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Bad Boys For Life 225 m
SonicTheHedgehog 146 m
TheRiseofSkywalker 124 m
Birds of Prey 84 m