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Devices: PC/Mac Browsers. Mobile/Device friendly Coming Soon.
Release Notes: We will create more levels in the future. You can Support this game by Buying this Original Version Download for you to Keep!

Space Food is about the adventures of a food supplying spaceship that ventured from earth in the year 3016. The crew are amateur navigators but they gain experience quickly and go through a series of adventures. In this chapter, the Space Food Crew meet another Mothership who thinks they are in debt to them. A battle begins. Your controls are below.

Screen Shots

Spaceship Movement Keys: Arrow Keys - Up, Right, Down, Left
Laser Fire: [space-bar]

Instructions after Download
- After you purchase the Game you will download space-food.zip
- In the unzipped folder, click on index.html to start the game
- Make sure your browser window size is set to maximum
- The game is optimised for Chrome and Firefox, so use those browsers for the best experience

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