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Game in Development, Play FREE DEMO Click here for Demo!
Devices: PC/Mac Browsers. Mobile/Device friendly Coming Soon.
Release Notes: The Demo only has Level 1. We will create more levels in the future

This game is currently in the Development Phase which means it is getting developed. Steak House will start off as a single player game but might turn into a mult-player game depending on it's popularity.

We've all been to a good Steak House. Usually I go there for a big juicy steak and beer. But sometimes it gets rough. In some steak houses the beer drinking is high and then the fighting begins...

You are "Bolton", the cooler of the Steak House. The cooler ensures that people don't fight too much. That means kicking ass when the clientel gets aggressive. Like the slogan goes... Steak, Beer, Fights!

Check this description for "Steak House" Updates in the future.

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