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Main Cast Reviews  Regina Hall, Justin Hartley, Marsai Martin Categories  Comedy | Sci-Fi Release Date  12th Apr 2019 7.5

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A woman (Regina Hall as Jordan Sanders) undergoes a physical transformation into her younger self. She is at a point in her life when she feels the tremendous pressure of adulthood. The great cast includes: Justin Hartley as Untitled, Marsai Martin as Young Jordan, Tone Bell as Preston, Issa Rae as April, Jd Mccrary as Isaac, Caleb Emery as Valet Vince, Mikey Day as Connor, Noree Victoria as Young Jordan's Mom, Abbie Gayle as Hostess, Luke James as Untitled, Kayte Giralt as Female Driver, Kausar Mohammed as Mrs. Parker, Hannah Westerfield as Popular Girl and Blair Jasin as Martin.

We see a powerful business woman, Jordan (played by Regina Hall), driving a lamborghini to work. Then we cut to an office scene. Jordan's assistant April, played by Issa Rae, is flirting with an office man heheh. She spilt her sugar on him hehe. Jordan is rude and abnoxious to her fellow staff. She is the owner of this firm. The workers were celebrating a birthday party but they all flee (and take the cake and food away) as Jordan arrives hahaha! Great introduction to the movie.

"A client (Connor played hilariously by Mikey Day) is waiting at Jordan's desk. He is her biggest client and he's thinking about dropping her. Connor looks wealthy but he says he lived a "hard knock life" haha. His dad only gave him 5 million dollars instead of 10 million HAHAHA! He gives her 48hrs to come with a new solution for his company, a new App. This movie is full of laughs like this"

Jordan has a meeting with her staff. She is powerful and impolite. One of her workers stutters and come up with a bad solution. She licks his apple and makes him eat it! hehe. April wants to pitch but Jordan shuts her down. Ms April's daughter is downstairs and she says to Jordan that she is too mean. She puts a spell on Jordan and says "I wish you were little".

The next morning Jordan wakes up and she's a school girl version of herself. She has turned little!! Little Jordan is played well by Marsai Martin. She gets a cappuccino and she thinks she's still big. She tries to drive the lamborghini and the parking attendant thinks she's a thief! Back at home and little Jordan opens a box from her highschool years. She see's photo's of her old young self and she looks that now!

Her friend April visits her. April doesn't believe it's actually Jordan. Little Jordan proves it by recounting some private stories they shared. Little Jordan then drinks Rose wine hehe. Then Child Protective Services knocks on the door, she's asking questions about Little Jordan. April says she's her aunt. Its funny, they're very nervous. The services woman says that April needs to register her Little Jordan for school. Little Jordan doesn't want her to do it but she ends up agreeing.

April buys new clothing for little Jordan hehe. April gets into the Lamborghini with her. They drive off. They get off at the school. April is sick of Little Jordan and her attitude. April slaps little Jordan on the behind hehe. A Security Guard close by says "remind me of my mama" hehe. The Principle (an old man), April and Little Jordan watch Mr Marshall (played by Justin Hartley) the teacher arrive. The April, Little Jordan and even Principle all blush!! HAHAHA! Little Jordan says to Mr Marshall in the class room "I am the student... are you feeling what I'm feeling" hehehe. Mr Marshall then says "Noooo... definate no".

Little Jordan is bossy to her class mates from the get go. The kids put straws in her hair. They stop her from sitting down. At lunch time she meets some nerds and they tell them there is a talent show competition coming up soon. April meets Little Jordan for dinner. Little Jordan gets drunk and starts singing an R and B song on top of the bar hehe. April joins in hehe. Everybody looks at them astounded! They go home. One of Jordans boyfriends arrive and strips hahaha. He thinks Little Jordan is Jordan's daughter. They tell him to leave. April likes the look of the boyfriend. Next Little Jordan dresses in fine clothing to school.

We then see the talent show. The nerd that stutters then sings. He stutters, he's too nervous. The other two nerds join him on stage so as to support him. They are then accepted into the talent contest as a cruel joke by the abnoxious young judges. Little Jordan invites the nerds to her house. She gives them a make over hehe. The boyfriend visits Jordan's house and gives gifts to Little Jordan.

Back in the office the client arrives. He says he cant tell the time because other people tell it for him hehe. They now have 24hrs to deliver. Back at Jordans house Jordan's boyfriend meets little again. They hug. But Little Jordan hugs him too much hehe. The Boyfriend says she needs to chill. In the office the client wants to hear one of Jordan's team member's App options.

April and Little Jordan have a fight about work and friendship. Little Jordan gets into a Lambourghini and drives to the highschool talent show. The band is playing. Little Jordan joins in and starts dancing. The crowd goes wild. Little Jordan falls down because an evil cheerleeder directs a fast wind fan on her. The nerd that can sing, sings well! (without stuttering).

Then Little Jordan joins the three nerds and dances with them. After the show Little Jordan explains to the nerds that she has to apologise to April. April's daughter (who originally put the spell on her) is there too. Little Jordan then apologises to April's daughter. April's daughter then does a reverse spell. It doesn't work and Little Jordan is worried.

Little Jordan says she looked at April's App. Little Jordan apologises to her. April is surprised. April says she's got her back. They make up and hug. Little Jordan goes home to sleep. In the morning she wakes up as big normal Jordan! She screams "I'm back, I'm back" hehe. She drives to work. " Aprils says to her "Jordon your big... your back!".

There is a boardroom meeting with the client. Then Jordan announces to everybody... April will be pitching. It's totally her idea. Its called "Discoverise". The client passes on the idea, they leave. The next day Jordan does a presentation outside. She says that "Discoverise" was officially sold!! She says we're rich! She hired a dohnut truck and her little friends get invited. Great ending

"Regina Hall has always been a favourite of mine. She brings charm and hilarity to most of her roles. She didn't have too much screen time here (as Jordan) but she was a crucial element to the success of this movie. Issa Rae as April did outstanding, she showed her comedic range here. Marsai Martin as Little Jordan carried the film well, she has a bright future"

The supporting actors (in small roles) also did fantastic. Some of them (like Mikey Day) were hilarious. Little had a great plot, what a great concept for a comedy. Enjoy the full 1hr 48min.


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