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Great first shot. The space ship design was innovative. I've never seen a craft like it. A passenger (Jim played by Chris Pratt) in a space ship travelling to another planet wakes up from hybernation.

After he wakes up he tries the facilities of the spaceshop by himself. It was funny when the coffee machine says "Moccachino extreme is only available in gold class". There is an android bartender played brilliantly by the british actor Michael Sheen.

Jim then tries a space walk. The space suit looks authentic. Because Jim is lonely he wants to wake up another passenger although he knows this shouldn't be done without consent. He wakes up Aurora played by the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence.

The two passengers get along and have a brief romance. Aurora then finds out that she was awoken by Jim and she gets furious. The rest of the movie is about trying to fix the spaceships' reactor. Lawrence Fishburne makes a cool appearance as the third awoken passenger.

I enjoyed the pace of this film and the small moments of humour thrown in.

"The beauty is in the shots of interiors of the spaceship and the isolation of the passengers is superbly displayed"
You, the audience, also feel that isolation and emptyness.

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