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Main Cast Reviews  Rebecca Ferguson, Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth Categories  Action | Sci-Fi | Adventure Release Date  14th Jun 2019 7.0


This is the fourth movie in The Men in Black series. The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the "scum of the universe" hehe. They now must protect earth from a mole inside their organization. The cast includes: Rebecca Ferguson as Untitled, Tessa Thompson as Agent M, Chris Hemsworth as Agent H, Emma Thompson as Agent O, Liam Neeson as Untitled, Rafe Spall as Untitled, Kumail Nanjiani as Pawny (voice), Viktorija Faith as Jellyfish Alien, Nasir Jama as M.I.B-Cub, Penelope Kapudija as Baby Passerby, Davina Sitaram as Clubber, Les Twins as Twin 1 & 2, Anatole Taubman as French Salesman, Elle Black as Alien Dancer and Stephen Wight as Ethan / Guy.

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A car drives fast down a dusty long road then stops. Agent H (played by the funny Chris Hemsworth) and Agent High T get out of car. They zap (this zap blanks the mind of people) a couple in the Eiffel tower because they didn't want to interfere. They shoot some alien beings. We then cut to a couple in a house. They hear noises outside, its a creature. The Men in Black arrive. A young Molly has a mini blue alien friend that she keeps in her room.

Molly grows up and takes an exam so as to gain entry into the Men in Black. She gets denied and she continues to work for a call centre. She is now after some aliens. She finds out the address of Men in Black. She enters the office. The guard issues a "Code black". She gets examined by the admin staff. Cool scene. She says "It took me 30 years to find you". She tries to prove herself. She gets accepted by Agent O (played by the beautiful Emma Thompson). Molly is now known as Agent M.

"We cut to Agent H having a drink and gambling with thugs (some are aliens). The thugs try to beat them up. Great hand to hand combat. What a cool scene"

Agent H shoots in the air. But he had swollowed poison.

"A female alien gets ready to attack him. Agent H says I'll give you anything you want. In the next scene she wakes up in bed with Agent H HAHAHA!"
He leaves. She enters the Men In Black office to meet Agent H and Agent High T. In another country two aliens arrive and destroy a man that's guarding a room. The two aliens chat to a little green alien guard who says "State your business with the queen".
"The little green alien is called Pawny. This funny little alien is sad because the previous aliens killed his queen. He pledges his loyalty to Agent M. She is now his queen. Pawy is hilarious. What a great character"

Some aliens in MIB headquarters say that H saved the world once. Agent M meets H for the first time. Agent M is smitten with Agent H. She discovers that right now a certain type of alien is problematic. She says that Agent H's is that he snores. Agent H doesn't want to work with her. She's angry. On second thought he wants to work with her.

"Agent H and Agent M go out together to a club. He unbuttons his shirt so as to fit in HAHAHA! They enter the night club. Hemsworth's comedy here is priceless"
They are searching for a certain type of alien. Great music in the club hehehe. In this version of the earth aliens roam free. Two bad twin aliens are there. They chase them outside. They tell them to get on the ground. These two use special powers to create a hot ground wave ... cool. MIB arrive and use their special laser guns. They blast the two aliens. The fat alien bar man says "something is wrong in men in black". The fat alient guy dies. Agent High T is angry at Agent M and Agent H.

The fat alien man (called Vungus) that died was an important man. Agent High T wants to zap Agent H and Agent M. They know too much. Agent H and Agent High T have a meeting. Agent High T is angry at his incompetence. Agent H is arrogant and funny. Agent H and Agent M go to Marrakesh to investigate. Agent H knows a man there. A little alien appears from the beard of a man. I've always loved when little aliens turn up in MIB movies hehehe.

The MIB Admin say that they know what happened with Vungus. The second in command in MIB tells Agent High T that they now need Agent H and Agent M. There is a chase on in the Marakesh streets. Great scene. Agent H borrows a futuristic bike from his friend. Agent H is tailing the bad alien twins.

"An evil red alien tails Agent M. Agent H arrives on bike and takes her away. The bike scenes are cool. She loses her grasp of Pawny for a split second. Pawny is funny to watch. Great action scene here"

They go on hyperdrive and go extremely fast and land in the dessert. "Hyperdrive, trust your gut, trust your gut" hehehe says Agent H. Agent C has a meeting with Agent High T.

"Agent H and Agent M are stuck in the dessert. Beautiful landscapes here. They have a heart to heart. "Have you always been this way?" says Agent M to Agent H. Pawny is jiving Agent H. Pawny's dialogue is sensational! Agent H and Agent M get to know each other, there is some good chemistry there"

They all go to Naples by boat. Luca (a bigass blue alien) is there. Agent H makes investigations. Agent H chats to a woman (an ex girlfriend of his). She is not pleased with him hehehe. He gives her Pawny as a gift. The guards take him to his boat so he can leave. Agent H fights the guards (hand to hand). Pawny escapes his bottle by cutting a shape of himself hahahaha. Agent M climbs up to the house of woman.

Agent M chats to a woman who wants to shoot her. The woman has the gem/weapon they need. There is hand to hand combat between the two. This woman has an extra arm! She's an alien. Agent M beats her up. The tarantian thug chokes Agent H. Agent M says she knows this tarantian. Agent M tells him that she knows him. This tarantian ends up being the little blue alien that Agent M had kept as a child! The woman and Luca let them go. Agent M and Agent H take the gem/weapon. Agent H tells Pawny to change his name to Steve hehehe.

Then the two bad twins appear. Agent H confronts them and says "We are the men in black... I mean the men in women in black... " hahaha! The twins nearly destroy Agent M and Agent H but other MIB crew arrive just in time. The gem/weapon is now secure. Back at the MIB headquarters they have a soiree. Agent H and Agent M know that a case file has dissapeared. The weapon has also dissappeared. The Second in Command MIB agent might be the traitor. Agent H and Agent M get in an expensive car and drive. The car turns into a air craft (cool!).

They arrive at the Eifell tower. They take the elevator to a high level. Agent High T is there! and he talks to both of them. Agent Hight T is angry and he has the gem/weapon. "You were always like a son to me" agent High T says to Agent H. Agent High T is actually an alien with tentacles!!! Agent M is taken by a vortex. Pawny saves her. Agent H says that Agent T was like a father to me. Agent T then gives Agent H the weapon back. Agent M blasts Agent T and the vortex with her gun.

Agent M pats Agent H on the shoulder. They win! "So she is as tough as they say?" says Agent H to Agent M. Agent O chats to them. "Welcome to the circus" she says to Agent M. Agent O also says"You are no longer probationary". She assigns agent M to New York. Agent M walks and talks to agent O. Agent M walks away and smiles to Agent H hehe. He smiles back. Agent H is funny and says to Agent M "Hey there whatta ya doin". Agent M gets into Agents H's car. Pawny is also there too HAHAHA! They leave in that futuristic car that turns into an air craft. What an ending! Pawny pledges his loyalty to Agent M hehehe. What a great way to end.

"Pawny was a great character. Great character design and he was laugh out loud funny. His dialogue with Agent H and Agent M was memorable. Chris Hemsworth has been getting funnier and funnier since Thor came out. His comedic timing is great. Tessa Thompson as Agent M has acting ability plus the presence of an action star. Liam Neeson as Agent High T was a great addition to the cast. He brought some seriousness into the movie"
I have always enjoyed the MIB franchise. These movies have great plots. The alien beings that you see through out this series have always fascinated me. What an entertaining 1hr 54min.

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