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With Sci Fi movies, the soundtrack is always critical. This is where this series excels, they always makes the soundtrack epic and memorable. The sound affects in general are crisp and exceptional.

The beginning sequence shows the every day life in the Starship Enterprise. This allows you to get to know the characters better. After an identified vessel is spotted, that ship suffers a mal function and lands on a nearby planet. This causes the Enterprise to rescue the stranded. Of course trouble ensues with a hostile alien race.

"The aliens in this movie were well crafted, a unique look and voice. But the scenes with the Enterprise and other spaceships are the reason why I go to see this franchise"
The scale of these space ships and how they fly and land have always fascinated me.

The best of the hand to hand combat is a gravitational final fight (gravity pulling the fighters in different directions).

Chris Pine and the whole team should definitely do more Star Trek films. What I love is that JJ Abrams created a look and feel in the first movie that has been respected in every subsequent Star Trek movie. This consistency is the reason why I keep coming back. What a franchise, enjoy the 122 minutes.

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