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Main Cast Reviews  Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Mark Strong Categories  Action | Comedy | Sci-Fi Release Date  5th Apr 2019 7.2


A streetwise foster kid can become adult superhero Shazam! by shouting the word "Shazam!". He learns that with great powers comes responsibility. The full supporting cast is: Zachary Levi Asher Angel Mark Strong as Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, Michelle Borth as Untitled, Djimon Hounsou as The Wizard, Jack Dylan grazer as Freddy Freeman, Adam Brody as Untitled, Ross Butler as Untitled, Natalia Safran as Mrs. Sivana, Grace Fulton as Mary Bromfield, Ian Chen as Eugene Choi, Marta Milans as Rosa Vasquez, D.j. Cotrona as Untitled, Lovina Yavari as Store Clerk and Faithe Herman as Darla Dudley.

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We are taken to upstate New York 1974. A dad and his two sons are driving. They get into a car accident. The youngest of the sons (Billy Batson played by Asher Angel) walks away from the accident and wonders off into a mysterious cave. There is a Wizard there played excellently by Djimon Hounsou. The Wizard is promising power and wisdom. There are scary monster statues there that are promising even more power if he joins them. Then magically he returns back to the car seat (as if the accident never happened) and they continue to drive. Then another accident happens, this time a side collision with another vehicle. The dad passes away and the older brother blames it on Billy.

We cut to the future, Billy is now a street kid. He fools the cops into going into a pawn shop and he locks them in! He goes into the police car to check the name of his mother (who he hasn't seen since he was a child). He finds it and gets her address. He knocks on the door and an african american woman answers. He says "mom!" hehehe she laughs it off. Then he goes to the Office of Adoption. The admin lady there says stop looking for your mom. She assigns him a new foster family.

"The lead character, Billy, has a great back story which makes the movie interesting from the get go. Billy is a problematic foster child"

Billy goes into the house of his new foster parents. The parents show him to his room. There are other foster kids there. He rooms with a young guy (Freddy played by Jack Dylan Grazer). Freddy is a fan of comics, he's got some cool Batman memorabilia. He tells Billy to watch his back, the other kids in the house are sometimes aggressive. He goes to school, his little foster kid sister keeps on hugging him hehe.

We cut to Dr Sivana interviewing a woman that has been abducted by that Wizard that we saw earlier. They study a tablet and it turns his secretary into dust when she touches it. The tablet then turns into a door way/passage way into the Wizards chamber. Dr Sivana touches a round powerfull object (that is owned by the monster statues) and he gets the power of these statues! He also has a duel with the wizard.

We cut to Billy's highschool. Freddie nearly gets run over. Some bullies get out of the car and beat Freddie up! They beat him up real good. Then Billy goes on a train. On the board special characters show up magically. Suddenly, he's alone in the carriage. He opens up the train door and through a portal he enters the Wizards chamber. The Wizard explains the 7 deadly sins and how they ruined the world. The Wizard wants to give Billy Batson powers.

The Wizard wants him to say Shazam! Billy says "Shazam!" and he turns into a superhero type person with a special uniform (lightning bolt in the middle). After he obtains these powers he is returned to the train carriage. The other passengers laugh at him because of how he's dressed hehe. The Wizard (played by Djimon Hounsou) is unintentionally funny hehe. Freddie is at home. Billy visits him as Shazam! Shazam proves to Freddie that he is actually Billy by recalling some memories. Freddie believes him and meets him afterwards.

"Freddie knows about super hero culture and tries to train Shazam. He wants to test his flight and invisibility skills but it doesn't happen. What he can do is project lightning from his hands. These training scenes are cool"
Shazam can also speed run and then stop instantly. Using this technique he stops a mugging. Then he enters a store to buy beer and there are robbers there. They shoot Shazam and the bullets bounce back (on face and torso) hehe. The robbers get tied up. Then Shazam buys beer but both him and Freddie spit it out, they're too young hehe. They end up buying lollies hehe.

They then go home and Shazam and Freddie go into their step sisters room. She see's Shazam and nearly screams (Shazam silences her). Shazam explains to her that a Wizard made him this way and that he told him to say "Shazam!". Saying this turns Shazam back to Billy! His sister swears to keep this a secret.

Dr Sivana goes to his office and unleashes those statue demons on his boardroom. The CEO gets attacked. We cut back to the school. The two bullies arrive in their truck! Shazam/Billy knows about what they did last time and so with his strength picks up the truck and fly's upwards. He slams it down to the ground hehe. This is a great scene. Back at school Shazam pretends to be the parent of Freddie.

Together, Freddie and Shazam practice Shazam's moves. They practice electricity, flight and other techniques. They also steal money from an ATM hehe. The bullies still want to fight Freddie and he says Shazam will defend him. Billy is angry at Freddie for putting him up to it. Shazam is taking photographs in the park. He saves a girl (it's his older foster sister). He consoles her. Freddie tells kids Shazam will show up. Freddie gets a wedgy.

Shazam is singing the words "lightning with my hand" to the sound of Rocky's tune hahaha. But he makes a mistake and his lightning strikes a bus. The bus swerves dangerously and goes off a bridge! Shazam catches the bus before it lands. Dr Sivana then arrives. He punches Shazam. Shazam punches Dr Sivana in the balls hahaha. Dr Sivana then grabs Shazam and flies real high then drops him! Shazam has to instantly learn how to fly!

"Dr Sivana chases Shazam. He beats him up more. Great hand to hand combat here. The fighting scenes between Dr Sivana and Shazam are memorable. These characters are evenly matched"
Dr Sivana now knows that Freddie is friends with Shazam. Back in the foster home, they find out that Billy is Shazam. The little foster kids find out Billy's real moms details. Dr Sivana tracks Freddie to his home. Meanwhile Billy goes and finds his real mom. He finds her and gives her a memento that only she would know what it was. His mother explains that she lost him in the crowd of a fair but she decided to leave him with the police because she was only 17.

Dr Sivana lures Shazam back to the home. He has Freddie on phone and he screams "super villain!". Dr Sivana wants Shazam's power. Dr Sivana opens up a portal to the Wizards chamber. The kids enter it too. Dr Sivana wants Shazam to say the Champions word "Shazam" but he refuses and punches Dr Sivana. Dr Sivana escapes and they chase him. The kids and Shazam leave the chamber and enter the kids fair. Dr Sivana tails them. He fights shazam. Great innovative hand to hand combat scenes here. Big power shots. Dr Sivana unleashes the big monsters on the kids and Shazam. The big monsters are hard to defeat. One of the foster kids shoots a silver ball at Dr Sivana and this gives Billy time to say "Shazam". Billy then turns into Shazam.

The monsters surround the kids. Dr Sivana has a cane and he wants Shazam to say Shazam while he touches the cane. Shazam has no choice... he thinks about it and hits Dr Sivana and tells the kids to grab the cane! The kids then all turn into Super beings! The monsters are still surrounding the kids but they are now big and strong super heroes! These super heroes beat up the monsters. Dr Sivana flies off after Shazam. Dr Sivana says "I will have the world eating out of the palm of my hand" hehehe. Shazam laughs this off and says he can barely hear him! hehehe. The super kids fight off the monsters. Shazam fights Dr Sivana in the air.

They both land on top of a building. Shazam talks about envy to Dr Sivana and the envy monster leaves Dr Sivana's body. Dr Sivana falls from the building but shazam saves him. Shazam extracts the power of the chamber from Dr Sivana's head. This extraction turns into a ball of blue energy that Shazam now holds in his hands. Then Shazam and the kids go back to the Wizards chamber and return the blue energy ball to its place.

This event turns the monsters into statues the way they once were. Back at school Shazam visits Freddie and he's embarrased. Shazam says "this guy taught me everything I know about being a super hero". Then he says "I also brought another friend"... the real Superman shows up! hahaha.

The final scene is Dr Sivana in a somewhat crazy state in jail scribbling characters on the wall. Perhaps trying to summon magic. A big caterpillar (Mr Mind) shows up saying "There are different ways to attain magic" hehe. This caterpillar character looks ridiculous, I laughed. But apparently he's very powerful hahaha. The credits role. In a bonus scene Shazam makes a joke about Aquaman.

"Although directed at a younger audience, the jokes were funny and the action scenes were very well choreographed. Dr Sivana (played by Mark Strong) was a memorable villain. A worthy adversary to Shazam. Zachary Levi who played Shazam did an oustanding job. He played Shazam as a goof ball who is learning his craft"
Asher Angel as Billy and Jack Dylan Grazer as Freddie Freedman did great in their roles. Djimon Hounsou playing the mysterious Wizard also put in a solid performance. All in all a great super hero movie with plenty of action. Enjoy the full 2hr 12min.

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