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Main Cast Reviews  Jason Stratham, Ruby Rose, Rainn Wilson Categories  Action | Sci-Fi | Adventure Release Date  10th Aug 2018 8.0


Jason Stratham Vs a Big Shark, I'd pay to see that! Jonas Taylor (played by Jason Stratham) escapes a shark attack. What is unbelievable is that the Shark was estimated to be 70-foot! Later on there is reports of a sunken submersible craft with trapped people. Jonas together with a team must take on this shark and save the people. Also features the sexy Ruby Rose as Jaxx, the funny Rainn Wilson as Morris, Bingbing Li as Suyin, Cliff Curtis as Mac Winston Chao as Zhang, Shuya Sophia cai as Meiying, Robert Taylor as Heller, Jessica Mcnamee as Lori, Olafur Darri olafsson as The Wall, Masi Oka as Toshi, Page Kennedy as DJ and Hongmei Mai. as Mother.

There is a great music intro which provides tension. Jonas (played by Jason Stratham) is helping some stranded soldiers in a submarine. They say that there is something huge outside. The huge object approaches the ship and smashes into it. He loses a lot of men but he survives.

We then are taken to a sea expedition underwater station. Morris (played by the funny Rainn Wilson) greets a chinese woman researcher (Suyin), his chinese is terrible! hehehe. He meets the team including: Jaxx (played by Ruby Rose), Mac (played by Cliff Curtis), Zhang (played by Winston Chao, DJ (played by Page Kennedy) and Heller (played by Robert Taylor). There is a pod that is going deep underwater. The underwater sea life look spectacular. Colourful fish species. They say the deep thermal waters have created new species.

An underwater pod doing some research (with people inside) gets hit by something. They see that the robotic Rover got trashed by a big object. They need more info and hence they go to Thailand to find Jonas (played by Jason Stratham). Stratham looks cool in his holiday clothes hehehe. The men find him and tell him that Lorie, his ex wife, is trapped very deep under water in a Pod.

They convince him to visit the under water station. The men see footage of Jonas's testimony about the original underwater accident with the big object. In the huge underwater station a little girl looks outside.

Jonas doesnt like the onboard doctor (Heller, played by the talented Robert Taylor). The little girl in the station is very intelligent and knows how to control the Pod Jonas will use, she teaches him hehehe. Jonas's conversation with her is funny. A lady researcher (Suyin played by Bingbing Li) and Jonas go deep down. They spot the big pod and see signs that the people inside are alive. Then Suyin gets hit by a large object at speed!

It's a giant squid trying to swollow her pod. Then a massive/gigantic shark bites into the squid and it lets go! This is an impressive scene. She must shut down her lights so that the creature doesn't see her. Toshie, another researcher doesn't make it to Jonas's pod. But Toshie puts the lights on in his Pod and the shark aims at him and takes a bite! Thrilling sequence! Because of that distraction Jonas's pod survives. The size of the Meg is impressive. The shots they use to create the scale of the shark are cool. This Meg shark also moves at great speed which makes him menacing.

Suyin goes into Jonas's room, he is getting changed and she looks at Jonas's body hehe. They estimate that the shark is 21 metres. It appears to be a Megalodon. The little girl calls Jonas "Crazy" hehe. Rainn Wilson as Morris is the comedic element of the film. He cuts the tension of the movie well.

Jonas states; "Man vs Meg isn't a fight, it's a slaughter". In a great scene the little girl drops a ball toy and looks outside through a window of the underwater station. It's the Meg! He leaves a bite mark on the window. The little girl screams. Then they see a baby whale outside and The Meg bites half of it! Taking it away. They investigate above water on a boat.

Morris suggests to put a tracker on the meg, he saw that on TV, hehehe. Jonas dives underwater with a spear device. It's nuts, he has to track the Meg just with his wetsuit and spear device!!! He ends up succeeding and putting a tracker on it! They real him in just in time. The Meg tries to take bites just behind Jonas, it was a very close call. It's suspensefull, wow talk about tension. They need to then insert something into the skin of the Meg. Suyin goes underwater in a bite proof tube.

The meg takes a big bite and has this tube in his mouth! Jonas dives and saves Suyin. Suyin thanks Jonas. They think they caught The Meg but in fact its just a small Megaladon. Then in an awesome scene The Bigger Meg jumps from out of the sea and bites the smaller captured Meg on the boat, WOW! This is completely unexpected to the audience and it gives you hear palpitations! DJ (a researcher played by Page Kennedy) says "That one ate this one, is another one gonna eat that one!" hahaha.

The doc sacrifices himself and The Meg eats him! A helicopter arrives and fires on the Meg. The size of the Fin of the Meg is scary and makes you think that he'll eat anything in it's path. The father of Suyin Zhang passes on. The Meg goes underwater. The helicopter saves the crew. They go back to the station. They inform the Chinese about The Meg, they will send destroyers.

They detonate and destroy a shark. But its not The big Meg. The Big Meg takes a bite out of that wounded shark. Jonas and the crew are fed up and they want to hunt The Meg before more people are killed. A beach is in distance from The Meg! That's a big problem. The Meg surfaces near a boat. There is a tiny poodle dog in the water hehehe. The Meg passes by but it's not clear if the poodle survives. But you don't see it.

The Meg takes an anchor from a water station and drags it. The scenes of the Meg eating the beach people are gruesome and suspensful. They are no match for this shark. Jonas is in a fast pod. They call the Meg with Whale sounds. Jonas's pod escaping from the Meg is spectacular. The Meg is huge but it moves very quickly. Jonas has no fire power. He makes The Meg bleed by manoevering the Pod underneath the Belly of the meg and a spike cuts into him. Jonas gets launched in the air and puts a spike into the eye of The Meg and this kills it. Other sharks come and eat the Meg!

It's a short movie. But it has some exhilerating scenes.

"The shear scale of The Meg is impressive. I've never seen such a menacing creature. Great special effects. There aren't too many scenes with The Meg shark but when it does appear, it's scary and suspenseful"

Jason Stratham excelled in his role as Jonas. He has screen presence and with in his determination you start believing that he is the only one that can take on The Meg. The beach scene borrows form Jaws a bit and that was fun to watch. The plot was very interesting through out and it had a realistic feel about it. This is because The Meg came from deep waters and it evolved deep down.

The supporting cast was fantastic. Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose and Cliff Curtis were fantastic. Ruby Rose in particular has action woman written all over her. It was a great ensemble cast. They were all really nice people and hence you care about them and fear for their life as they hunt the Meg. What a suspensefull 1hr 53min.


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