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Main Cast Reviews  Millie Bobby brown, Vera Farmiga, Sally Hawkins Categories  Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi Release Date  31st May 2019 6.8

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Monarch is a zoological agency. They face off against a battery of huge sized monsters (Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and the ultimate three-headed King Ghidorah). What a cast: Millie Bobby brown as Madison Russell, Vera Farmiga as Dr. Emma Russell, Sally Hawkins as Dr. Vivienne Graham, Kyle Chandler as Mark Russell, Charles Dance as Untitled, Bradley Whitford as Dr. Stanton, Aisha Hinds as Untitled, Ziyi Zhang as Untitled, Thomas Middleditch as Sam Coleman, Ken Watanabe as Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, O'shea Jackson jr. as Chief Warrant Officer Barnes, Anthony Ramos as Cpl. Martinez, Elizabeth Ludlow as Griffin, Lyle Brocato as XO Bowman, and Robin Dyke as Monarch Scientist.

Starts off with the sound of shouting from a beast. We then see a war zone with broken buildings and a man trying to find someone. The news chats about the previous 2014 Godzilla attacks. Godzilla has disappeared for 5 years. Monarch (monster hunting company) was responsible for the events. A mother (Dr Emma Russell played by the talented Vera Farmiga) and her daughter (Madison Russell as Millie Bobby Brown) cook breakfast. Madison is worried about her dad. Inside their house there is a seismic movement.

"Their house is near a scientific experimental building. In that building they are holding Mezra, a big monster that has been born in a huge cacoon. You realise these monsters are huge. Impressive visuals here"
Emma is about to be eaten by Mezra until the monster is tamed via a controlling device. Then some soldiers come in and take over the lab. We then cut to a political meeting. Monarch says they can determine which monsters are dangerous. We cut to the husband (Mark Russell played by the reliable Kyle Chandler) studying wolves.

A helicopter then arrives and says Anne has the Orcha, a device. Monarch speaks to Mark, they say some monsters are "benevolent". They take Mark to a massive station. Mark wants Monarch to kill all monsters. Anne has been taken by the soldiers. They see a three headed monster in incubation. It is secure room. Dr. Ishiro Serizawa (played by the great Ken Watanabe) works for Monarch. We cut to the station of Monarch. They let Godzilla get close to them to analyse him.

Then they go to Antarctica. They say they lost Godzilla. Back with Anne, soldiers are getting ready to leave. The husband wants his wife and daughter back. The soldiers were there to destroy the beast. Anne presses a button and releases the beast.

"The whole station goes up in flames. But the monster survives. The soldiers fire at him but the the monster (called Zero) has fire coming out of its mouth. Then Godzilla shows up! he starts fighting Zero! This massive match up is memorable. The scale of the monsters is impressive"

Planes fire on Monster Zero. "First she releases Mazra then Zero" says a Monarch agent. They wonder why Anne unleashed them. Anne explains that the mass extinction has already began and it was our fault; war, pollution etc. Anne says the Titans were needed to restore the order. She believes that after the Titans destroy a part of the world that we could live in harmony with them.

Monster Rodan (fire demon) turns up, he comes up from a mountain lava exit. The scale of the creatures is great. Rodan chases the jet fighters! It looks like Rodan is partly made of fire. Zero fights Rodan. The military has an oxygen destroying device that works within a two mile radius. They unleash it. But it doesn't work. Zero re-emerges and he grows a new head.

In another station, another monster is in a cacoon. Oxygen Destroyer didn't work because Zero is not part of the natural order. Dr. Ilene Chen of Monarch says that she has evidence that Zero fell from the stars. That would make it an alien. The daughter doesn't trust her mother Anne anymore. The Husband wants to find his daughter. They want to help Godzilla. The daughter escapes the station and goes on her own mission. They send underwater vessells to a location of ruins.

There they find some paintings of the gods/monsters. That location has radiation. Godzilla goes there to re-energize. Dr. Ishiro Serizawa will go on a mission and knows he won't come back. Ken goes underwater then enters the Cave where Godzilla is resting and energizing. Then there is a huge blast destroying the radiating cave and it wakes up Godzilla. Godzilla shows up and the crew on the submarine are told to be quiet "everybody quiet". Godzilla then quitely goes away hehe.

Zero monster appears and wants to attack the daughter! Godzilla shows up and fights Zero. I always liked when the monsters fight in the city. Then there is a huge Bee creature! Mark and Anne reunite and find their daughter.

"Then Zero grabs Godzilla and flies up and drops him from a great height. Zero destroys the bee creature and it unleashes radiation on Godzilla. What great scenes. The scale of the fighting is impressive"
The wife gets left behind in the the rubble. Godzilla gets renergized. Godzilla then emits a fire radiation that burns the Monster Zero.

Then other titans gather around Godzilla and praise him, they bow down to him.

"Godzilla stands on top of a mountain and screams. Great ending. The plot of this movie seems simple enough: Humans fight monsters and monsters fight monsters! But why are we drawn in? It may be, as I experienced, that we like the scale of these creatures. These monsters have a mamoth size and we are a spec compared to them"
We don't see creatures of this size usually, some of us have seen an elephant before and that seems big enough for us! This fascination means that these types of movies will always exist.

In the movies, humans battle these monsters with jet fighters and big weapons it doesn't work. So the monsters are pitted against each other! These action scenes are interesting. The cast was top shelf, making the drama believable. Vera Farmiga did an outstanding performance. Her and Kyle Chandler brought a realism to the piece that is not often seen in these monster movies. What an exciting 2hr 12min.


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