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Bridget Jones is back! Renee Zellweger excel's in this role once again. Bridget finds out she's pregnant but she doesn't know who the father is. Colin Firth's character hasn't changed one bit, still uptight and still interested in Bridget.

Patrick Dempsey joins in as Bridget's second love interest. Emma Thompson also features and she excels with her unique brand of comedy.

"This is a hilarious movie in that you'll laugh every few minutes or so. I haven't seen that type of comedy for a while"
The hairdresser in the studio is laught out loud funny. The puppet show scene was hilarious.

Dempsey vs Firth was a good matchup. Dempsey has done romantic comedies before and it shows here.

The flashback sequence of previous Bridget Jones movies was masterfully done in that in makes you reminisce about the series.

The ending was good, very emotional. There is a hint that the series will continue. A very funny 123 minutes.

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