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Main Cast Reviews  Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling, John Lithgow Categories  Comedy | Drama Release Date  7th Jun 2019 7.8


This movie is about late night talk show host. After many years of hosting she suspects that her show might be ending. What a great cast: Emma Thompson as Katherine Newbury, Mindy Kaling as Molly Patel, John Lithgow as Walter Lovell, Hugh Dancy as Charlie Fain, Reid Scott as Tom Campbell, Denis O'hare as Brad, Max Casella as Burditt, Paul Walter hauser as Mancuso, John Early as Reynolds, Luke Slattery as Hayes Campbell, Ike Barinholtz as Daniel Tennant, Marc Kudisch as Billy Kastner, Amy Ryan as Caroline Morton, Megalyn Echikunwoke as Robin and Blake Delong as McCary.

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Starts off with Catherine Newberry (played by the wonderful Emma Thompson) back stage at an awards ceremony. She gets awarded best american comedian. She says to her audience "You made me the host of Tonight with Catherine Newberry". She talks to her husband. They joke around. We cut to her at a bar watching TV.

"Then she's in her office. She chats with her assistant. A man wants a raise and sits in her office. She implies that he's been sexist and fires him hehe. Her assistant says to her "Why don't you hire women". This is because Catherine has an all male staff. The character of Catherine Newberry as played by Emma Thompson is full of life!"

Catherine says "Well... we now need to hire a woman". An interviewee (Molly played by the funny Mindy Kaling) enters the building. She waits with another young man. She says she knows comedy.

"Catherine rings up the interviewer while the interview is going on and says "Just hire a woman". The interviewer says to Molly that there are a lot of men in the office. She says it's ok. She gets the job! Mindy Kaling is charming and funny. You know this is going to be a good comedy movie!"

The assistant introduces Molly to the writing crew and they think she is a production assistant and ask her to get coffee. The assistant clears this up; "She's not a production assistant dipshits, she's the new writer!" hehehe. Molly is over joyed after her first day!

Catherine gets some bad news. "This season is your last" says the production manager to her. This manager clearly doesn't get along with Catherine. "After all the decades I've put in the show!" Catherine says to her husband Walter (played by the brilliant John Lithgow). Walter has some words of wisdom for Catherine and he says "They can't replace you if everyone loves you".

"The writing team (all men) argues with each other. Catherine named each of her writing staff a number instead of referring them by their proper names! hehehe. It appears that Catherine belittles her staff. You wonder why they still work for her hehe"

Molly starts her first day. "I'm Molly, the new writer". They don't even give her a chair so she grabs a bin and puts it upside down and sits on it! hehe. Molly says "There is a litte bit of room for improvement" in reference to the comedy writing. The other writers tease Molly but she fights back.

Then the writers get to know Molly and ask her questions. They explain to her how the Late Night TV show is made. The writers say that "Until yesterday, we have never met Catherine". This surprises Molly. One of the writers tells Molly to visit him at his standup show. "This room is a ship and I am the Captain" says Catherine to the writing team. She is angry and stressed.

"Molly is teased by Catherine and she cries in the bathroom. 'Maybe I should move back to Pennsylvania' says Molly. 'Your a writer... so write' says one of her co-workers. So Molly gets on her desk and writes. Molly becomes strong during this scene. Great acting by Mindy Kaling"

She writes some jokes for the Monologue. Molly visits the stage for the first time. She's excited. "Be careful of showing who you are" says Cath's assistant/inferviewer. Cath skips Molly's joke. A silly youtube woman is her main guest hehehe. She got famous for smelling her dogs but hahaha. But she gets mad when Cath asks her a question. They cut to band and Ad. Molly visits the coworker Charlie that does standup. Molly has an event on then the standup asks if he can go. Molly says "If your gonna try and sleep with me its not gonna work". Then they kiss! "I bet you wont sleep with me for 3 weeks... it's a feminine thing I know...". Cath is upset because the interview with the dog woman went viral.

Cath has a party with many guests at her home. I like the mood in this movie. Lithgow/husband plays the piano. Molly walks in and has a chat. He says he has "Parkinsons disease". He says to be useful. The press chat to Cath. Molly chats to the Press. The press love Molly. "Lets take a photo of Cath and her beautiful Indian protege Molly" say the press. Daniel Tenant is a new writer and he chats to Molly. The head of production wants Daniel as talk show host. Molly gets angry at her.

We cut to a meeting with the writing staff. Molly MC's a standup comedy night. Catherine finds out and she visits her there.

"Catherine tries a stand up show! hehehe. But no one laughs at Molly. 'I guess that that's why they are taking my show from me' says Catherine. It's quite depressing. But she is determined and continues to joke around and finally the audience laughs! hehe. She gets on a roll! Her jokes sell! So Catherine thanks Molly. This is a great scene. Finally Catherine and Molly bond. Once again outstanding acting by both leads"
She organises a meeting with the writers. She is excited and tells he team her plans. She says "Molly is writing monologues for me". Catherine says to all "No one is taking my show from me!". Using this positive energy, her next show is a success! I liked this part of the movie.

"We see footage of Catherine taking the piss out of her show in street interviews hehe. Catherine is also more gracious with her guests. "Can I hug you?" a girl guest says to Catherine! She continues to interview people on the street. Very funny. Catherine is becoming funnier and more human. Great acting by Emma Thompson"
It's late night in the office and Catherine has a heart to heart with Molly. Catherine takes Molly to her house. Molly see's her Emmy awards. "It's not fair... it never is for women" says Catherine to Molly. Catherine is a bitter woman as Molly finds out. The assitant has some bad news for Catherine. He says that a comedian called Daniel Tennant is to be the new hosat of the Late Night show. Both Catherine and Molly are furious.

A co-worker says to Molly "The decision has been made, we should go rogue and do what we want". Molly is determined to keep Catherine as host! She wants to fight back!

"In the next show Catherine then interviews Daniel Tennant. In this show Catherine says to her audience "The thing is I don't want to go!". 'I'll stay' she says. Daniel Tennant is furious and leaves! Half a million people liked a hash tag that Catherine created. Molly visits Charlie, a co-worker who is also a comedian. But he has a girl over at his place (It's Catherine!). How embarrasing! There are a lot of twists and turns in this movie which keeps the audience intrigued"

Molly chats to another co-worker that gets along with her. Molly chats to the team. Catherine musters the courage to ring her husband Walter, he has left the house. What an interesting turn in the movie. The press humiliates Catherine because she cheated. Molly visits Catherine and gives her confidence. "This show is all I have so f* you for giving it up" says Molly to Catherine! The second co-worker visits Molly at her home. Molly is afraid that she has to go back to the chemicals company in Pennsylvania. Molly gets fired and packs her things. She goes back home.

Molly thinks highly of her previous position. Molly gets her new job.

"The press says that Catherine announced her retirement. Catherine is teary eyed. 'She cried and thanked us' says the second coworker to Molly over the phone. Walter has a heart to heart with Cath on stage. Catherine apologises to Walter. They hug. He forgives her. 'Im not here as your husband I'm here as someone that is giving you advice' says Walter to her. 'Are you sure you want to give up the show' says Walter. Superb acting by Emma Thompson and John Lithgow!"

Catherine admits she cheated on her husband to the audience. "My husband is my family, I have no one else in my life" Catherine says to her audience. "This show is the source of my energy" says Catherine. The audience stands up and claps. The producer has a chat to Catherine. The producer wants her back! "The show is yours". Catherine visits Molly in her Limo! Molly is in Coney Island. Molly then finally says "Yes". We cut to One Year Later... Catherine is in a meeting with the writers of the Late Night show! Molly's job now is also to be on stage going through the slides for Catherine. What a great ending to the movie.

"This is a great comedy movie. It also has some great serious sentimental moments. What a cast. Emma Thompson as Catherine excelled! She played a rather abrasive talk show host to perfection. Well done to Mindy Kaling as well. She is a comedian but she showed dramatic range here too. The actors that played the group of writers were also funny and entertaining too"
This movie also has several moments when you think it's the end of the movie but it's not hehehe. I've seen this type of strategy before, it's very innovative and it keeps you guessing. All in alll a very entertaining 1hr 42min.




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