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This movie is the sequel to "Mamma Mia!". Sophie (played by the beautiful Amanda Seyfried is now pregnant. She learns about her mother's youthful years, when she was also pregnant. The movie goes from past to present.

What a cast: Colin Firth as Harry, the stunning Lily James as Young Donna, Pierce Brosnan as Sam, the beautiful Amanda Seyfried as Sophie, Christine Baranski as Tanya, Meryl Streep as Donna, Cher as Ruby Sheridan, Dominic Cooper as Sky, Andy Garcia as Fernando and Stellan Skarsgard as Bill.

A girl (Amanda Seyfried as Sophie) is preparing invitations for her wedding. We move to the past and Sophie's mother (a young Donna) accepts an award at her university. There is a musical number she commences whilst doing the speech, it surprises hehe. The song is called "When I kissed the teacher". Lilly James looks stunning, she has great on screen presence.

In the present time Sophie's mom has passed away and she left Sophie a hotel in Greece to look after. Her husband wants to accept a full time job and does not want to move to Greece. The second musical number commences with the song "One of us is lying". The hotel manager is Senor Cienfuegos (played by Andy Garcia). Back to the past and the mother is in france. She meets a man. It's cool that the movie goes from future to past (this technique is used in other movies this year). It's an exciting way to tell two stories.

Donna and the man go to dinner. He says he's a virgin and he sings "Waterloo" hehe. The restaurant patrons join in. The musical numbers where the crowd joins in are hilarious! They finally sleep together. In the present Sophie talks to one of her three dads. She's sad and the third musical number "SOS" commences. Young Donna misses the ferry and goes by boat after meeting a man. The ferry visa guy is funny. He says to the young Donna after seeing her passport photo "I like your hair shorter" hehe. The boat man wants to sleep with her.

They rescue a fisherman who wants to stop a woman from getting married to a rich old man. In the present Sophie has refurbished the hotel well. Young Donna sings "I have a dream" in an old hotel she's found. She goes to a bar and they ask her to sing. She sings "Andante Andante". She sleeps with the third man. Lilly James has a lot of acting range. This role is a complete departure to her "The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society" role. Wow. She is very jolly and full of life in this role.

She asks him to stay in Greece. The Greece landscapes are beautiful. Sophie is angry that the storm wrecked the hotel. Young Donna sings "What's the name of the game". She finds a photograph of him and a girlfriend. She runs away. They both sing "Knowing me knowing you".

The ferry visa guy is the funniest character by far. He says to Bill after looking at his passport; "Your hairline looks terrible". He says to Harry (Colin Firth) that "age becomes you like wine and cheese" hehehe.

The three fathers of Sophie invite a lot of greek residents to the party. Then "Dancing Queen" commences. The dancing on the boat is cool. Seeing Pierce Brosnan (as Sam) dancing makes me laugh, imagine James Bond dancing to ABBA?! Back in the past, Donna gets asked to fix that farmhouse (& potentially turn it into a Hotel) where she stays and she can sleep for free. Back to the present and "Cher" turns up! (Sophie's grandmother). The rest of the movie is about the wedding and Sophie giving birth.

The story of the young Donna (Lilly James) was very entertaining but the story of the daughter, Sophie, in the future wasn't as exciting. Still, the three fathers, Amanda Seyfried, Donna's two friends and Cher put in a great performance.

"This musical had an entertaining storyline. The ABBA soundtrack is awesome and suited the scenes to perfection."
The sets and locations are also beautiful, bright vibrant colours. A very positive film experience. This movie leaves you feeling good. Enjoy the full 1hr 48min.

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