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Set in the 1960's, Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp) takes on a freelance writing job in Puerto Rico. Kemp finds some expatriates there who have varying views on how Puerto Rico is run.

Kemp's anger at the way things are is evident but he does enjoy the company of the zany characters that inhabit this world.

As with all Johnny Depp movies, what a cast. Aaron Eckhart's character has that perfect combination of charm and villainy that you could only find in that era. Giovanni Ribisi, one of the best character actors going around in modern cinema, creates a unique beast as "Moberg", a fellow writer.

Amber Heard chimes in as the sexy love interest. Michael Rispoli deserves a mention to ass Pauls best friend. Although Depp puts in a subtle performance, this movie gives him another chance to exercise his comedic chops.

"You won't be needing a drink before seeing this one, the 120 minutes is suffice"
What a joy ride, enjoy!

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