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Johnny Depp has done animated features before and it shows here. He has expert comic timing with his voice work complete with an authentic british accent making Sherlock Gnomes a lively character. The first scenes involve Sherlock Vs Moriarty, his sworn enemy (just like in the real Sherlock Holmes movies). Sherlock wins this time. Moriarty is defeated or so they think in a museum. Sherlock Gnomes is the sworn protector of London's Gnomes! Sherlock Gnomes the movie has a great experienced voice cast including: the versatile Johnny Depp as Sherlock Gnomes, the talented Chiwetel Ejiofor as Dr Watson, Jamie Demetriou as Moriarty, the beautiful Emily Blunt as Juliette, James McAvoy as Gnomeo, Michael Caine as Lord Redbrick, Mary J. Blige as Irene (ex love interest of Sherlock Gnomes hehehe) and Julio Bonet as the silly Mankini.

Later on we seen a group of gnomes being moved to a new house/garden in London. The London News suggest that gnomes are going missing! Meanwhile back with the group of gnomes Mankini (a Gnome with a Mankini) is tanning, he has a spanish accent. This character provides laughs through out the movie. In another house Sherlock Gnomes hunts for clues, you'd swear it was the real Sherlock!

Then the original group of gnomes is abducted with the exception of two gnomes "Gnomeo and Julliette". Those two end up working with Sherlock Gnomes in trying to find all the abducted Gnomes. The rest of the movie see's Sherlock Gnomes, Watson and Gnomeo and Juliette hunting for clues and they suspect that Moriarty is behind all this.

Some of the more memorable scenes in the movie include when Gnomeo wants to buy a flower for Juliet. He escapes with the help of Juliet. This action scene is coreographed well, plenty of suspense. In another scene the gnomes go to a Chinese Toy Shop and they offend a barage of chinese toys who chase them out. They escape with Lanterns on wire! In a scene at the park Sherlock Gnomes and Juliette are dressed as a squirell and they steal a clue from a dog. Good fast paced action scene here. They also go to a Doll Shop and are treated to a beautiful singing Doll (ex love interest of Sherlock Gnomes) played excellently by Mary J. Blige. There is tensio between them and it's funny.

The villain Moriarty is hilarious. Moriarty was an ornament of a Van that sold Moriarty's Pies hahahaha. Moriarty always had a mean streak. Moriarty works with Gargoyles that come alive. These Gargoyles have been expertly rendered and their scenes are captivating. The Gargoyles are the ones that abduct the gnomes. Another memorable character is Gnomeo, Juliette's boyfriend. He excels in his action scenes and provides the heart of the film

The soundtrack works well in the action scenes. The songs start off with low volume then get louder as the excitement builds up. This is a great technique. The tracks are mainly old Elton John songs. The sound affects are also great and the eye and mouth movements of all the gnomes are clear and in sync.

There is a twist at the end and I won't spoil it. What an unexpected ending! The ending involves a boat, a bridge and plenty of action.

Johnny Depp excelled in his role as Sherlock Gnomes. Which makes me think he could actually play the real Sherlock Holmes!

"Moriarty, the villain, voiced by Jamie Demetriou was also a standout. Moriarty is a ridiculous looking Pie Company Mascot Ornament with a silly evil smile"
The array of gnomes (including the super silly Mankini) were fun to watch. It was actually an intriguing plot that perhaps only the adults will understand. As for the animation, sometimes it was advanced, the Gargoyles were rendered well. The climax was full of action and suspense. I must admit "Sherlock Gnomes" is an offbeat concept for an animated film but the characters grow on you. Well worth the entry fee. An action packed silly 1hr 26min.

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