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Jurrasic World borrows from the Jurrasic Park films but it has some very original concepts. Imagine the movie "Jaws" except the beach go'ers are replaced by the Jurrasic World attendees and of course the monster is a dinosaur.

The movie inroduces a new style of dinosour, unstoppable and intelligent. This makes for a suspenseful movie. The vehicles used through out are cool. The 4 wheel drives from the original movies are back and we have some technologically advanced ones too.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard put in solid action performances. Pratt's physical presence and charm make him a good choice for an action lead. This follows his Guardians of the Galaxy performance which was also great.

I won't spoil the movie any further and end with saying that the scenes with the pterodactyls is impressive.

"I loved the ending, I didn't see it coming"
A fun 124 minutes.

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