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I have seen this movie three times and there's a reason behind this. This movie is fun.

It didn't matter to me that it wasn't a 100% accurate account of Steve Jobs life. Ashton Kutcher's representation of Jobs is that of an extremely charasmatic business man.

Jobs and Wozniak (Josh Gad in good form) were two kids that started out from a garage. The movie spends a lot of time describing the early beginnings in that garage and that's what pulls you in.

There are two main concepts through out the whole film. Jobs' relationship with Wozniak and the fact that Jobs was somewhat of a control freak and perhaps not that nice of a person.

Jobs the movie remains fun for the full 128min and it gets you inside the mind of a true visionary. Whether you like Steve or not, this movie makes you realise that success is mainly due to hard work and persistance.

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