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Main Cast Reviews  awkwafina, Dove Cameron, Peter Dinklage Categories  Comedy | Drama | Action | Romance Release Date  16th Aug 2019 7.3


This movie is the sequel to the 2016 animated feature "The Angry Birds Movie". The awesome cast includes: awkwafina as Untitled (voice), Dove Cameron as Untitled (voice), Peter Dinklage as Mighty Eagle (voice), Sterling K. brown as Untitled (voice), Bill Hader as Leonard (voice), Rachel Bloom as Untitled (voice), Jason Sudeikis as Red (voice), Josh Gad as Chuck (voice), Leslie Jones as Untitled (voice), Danny Mcbride as Bomb (voice), Zach Woods as Untitled (voice), Eugenio Derbez as Untitled (voice), Beck Bennett as Untitled (voice), Lil Rel howery as Untitled (voice) (as LilRel Howery) and Brooklynn Prince as Untitled (voice).

We see a bird flying eating a worm out of a cup hehe. There are several birds flying and making abruput stops into their respective villages.

"Back on land the pigs send a flying pie. It gets a bird in the face hehe. The 80s song "I need a hero" plays in the background HAHAHA! Of course it sounds comical against the backdrop of these funny birds trying to defend themselves. The birds launch hot sauce over to the Pigs and it gets them good! What an exciting way to begin this animated movie"
The Pigs then send hot air balloons and drop things on the birds. The Pigs then suddenly experience an Ice ball that arrives from a different direction (not The Angry Birds island).

Because of the Ice Ball event, the Pigs want a truce with The Angry Birds because they know that something is up. The Birds think that the Pigs are up to something.

"In this series most of the animations of the characters are funny off the cuff, even before they speak hehehe. This is a trait of the Angry Birds movies. The Birds and Pigs of different sizes are uniquely drawn"
Three baby birds play make believe "pigs vs birds" and they use real bird eggs as props and then lose them in the water!

The pigs analyze the ice ball that has landed on their island. There is a big female purple bird (Zeta) that lives in an icy island. This bird had sent the ice ball. There are funny scenes in this icy household, everything is frozen! hehehe. Back with the birds, it's mating season. Red and Chuck (from the first movie) go dating. It doesn't go well and Red is depressed. He goes home and eats loads of popcorn and juice. This is a funny scene hehehe.

Then the Leader Pig visits Red. He says that there is a third island that is sending dangerous huge frozen balls. The Leader Pig and Red put together a team. They bust out Bomb, a bird who is an explosive expert, who had been grounded at home. They then get Chuck, a yellow bird) and call the The Mighty Eagle from the first movie. Chuck also wants to recruit his smart sister Silver. Silver meets the team. She is a high achiever. It's cool to see the team come together.

The young birds are still looking for their eggs. The eggs land in a cloud because a whale blows water and it sends all the way up high. Back with the team, the lead pig shows a picture of the villain Zeta to everybody. the Mighty Eagle appears to know Zeta. An ice ball lands on the Mighty Eagle's mountain headquarters. The team who were having a meeting there nearly perishes but they get saved by the Mighty Eagle.

They use the big Map they were reading for wind resistance and slow their fall. The Mighty Eagle cries "My Mountain" and sees his mountain topple because of the projectiles that were fired by Zeta.

"The Pigs bring their Huge yellow submarine in preparating for a voyage to the Icy island. Inside the submarine the birds sing Opera hahahahaa!!! (all except Red). There is a Gadget pig that has experiments and "giunea" pigs testing them. He shows them his gadgets; invisibility, pig snot flame retardent and eagle detecter. These scenes are hilarious. One laugh after another"

The young birds try to get their eggs but they get catapulted into space (after one of them becomes a balloon). Then the eggs land on a Boa Constricta. Zeta is planning more ice ball hits.

"The 'Turned down for what!' rap song plays as the Pig/Birds team arrives on Ice Island after getting off the sub marine. We see them walk intimidatingly in slow motion. I love the use of soundtrack here, it was hilarious"
Mighty Eagle then says Zeda was his ex-fiance! He explains the story. They were nearly engaged but he abandoned her at the alter. The young birds beat up the Boa and get their eggs back. The team describe their "Harvey" fake bird idea. They plan on being inside this fake bird and infiltrating Zeta's fortress.

Red doesn't like the idea. Red and Silver go on their own mission.

"Harvey (the fake bird) looks and moves in a ridiculous manner (there are pigs and birds inside). The eagle guards suspect that somethings wrong but then say that it must be the replacement guard! These Harvey Fake Bird scenes are some of the funniest scenes in this movie hahaha"
Red and Silver are climbing up the super weapon (that unleashes those Icy balls). Red and Silver are on wires inside the Super weapon. A feather drops and Silver tries to get it but both get caught.

Harvey fake bird enters the toilet of the guards to get his access key. "Pretend to Pipi" the team says and then Chuck spits out water in sprays hehehe. They knock out the Eagle guard and get his card. The Other Eagle guard does a break beat battle with Harvey hahaha. Red and Silva are enchained captured by guard. Zeda tells them of her plans to destroy both the Pig and Bird island and make them her own.

Then zeda fires balls of fire and ice to both islands. The birds and pigs run around avoiding those balls. They are in danger. "Whose tired of listening to Vanilla Ice, Ice Cube and Ice T" Zeda says. Hahahaha! Zeda wants to fire the super weapon. Red asks Silver for advice, she comes up with a great plan!

"Chuck uses post-its to blind guards. Lionel Ritchie's 'Hello' plays as the team catches the lady Seal and Little Dog (pets of Zeta) are having dinner HAHAHA! Another great use of soundtrack. This is laugh out loud! Silly non-sensical scenes like this make this movie unique"

Then Silver gets close to Red and "Hello" plays again hehehe. But they dont kiss. Then Bomb says that he's gonna "take out" the guard eagles and in fact he takes them out for drinks (there is a scene of him drinking in a bar with the guard eagles hahaha!) hahaha. Red and Silver end up entering the super weapon. The Pigs are in spandex hahaha as part of their plan they have to elevate the Ramp. Leonard the pig is told to use his gadgets. Chuck gets his backpack from gadget pig and they use a gadget to change the trajectory of fireball. This plan fails.

Then Mighty Eagle arrives. "I am responsible for your stress... do your worse to me" he says to Zeta. Silver comes up with her own solution. Then they all find out that Zeda has a daughter by Mighty Eagle. The fireballs release into the air and then the hatchlings birds hold a string that stops them from launching.

"Then the fireballs return to their place. The team evacuates. They survive. "I don't want to wait till our lives to be over" sings Mighty Eagle to Zeta. Great use of soundtrack once again HAHAHA!

Red pronounces Mighty Eagle and Zeta, Man and Wife. The crowd congratulate Red. "Thank you but I don't deserve it... Silva came up with the plan to stop the super weapon" says Red. "We are strongest when were a team" says Red. Then there is a celebration party. Red and Silva drink champaigne but Chuck interrupts. The hatchlings play around and see their egg siblings hatched. It's the wrong animal! They are baby boa's. The Boa knocks on their door angrily but he gives back the baby birds he's been taking care of in echange for the baby boa's.

What I liked about this film was the constant Belly laughs.

"This is one of those animated movies where each character design is very funny to look at. Congratulations to the character design team! The "Harvey" fake bird scenes were my favourite and it made you laugh hard hahaha! The combination of visual humour and dialogue jokes made this film one of the funniest animated movies this year. The soundtracks were also chosen to perfection"
Most of the action scenes also had a lot of energy and the vibrant colours of the backgrounds made these scenes spectacular. There probably will be at least one more movie in the series and it's well deserved. What a hilarious and entertaining 1hr 37min.




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