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Main Cast Reviews  Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer, Justin Theroux Categories  Drama Release Date  11th Jan 2019 N/A

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This movie is based on the true story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She fought for for equal rights. The movie describes her early cases of her memorable career. It culminates in her nomination and confirmation as the U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice. What a cast: Felicity Jones as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Armie Hammer as Martin Ginsburg, Justin Theroux as Mel Wulf, Sam Waterston as Erwin Griswold, Kathy Bates as Dorothy Kenyon, Cailee Spaeny as Jane Ginsburg, Jack Reynor as Jim Bozarth, Stephen Root as Professor Brown, Chris Mulkey as Charles Moritz, Gary Werntz as Judge Doyle, Francis X. mccarthy as Judge Daugherty (as Francis Xavier McCarthy), Ben Carlson as Judge Holloway, Ronald Guttman as Gerald Gunther, Wendy Crewson as Harriet Griswold and John Ralston as Tom Miller.

The year is 1956. People dressed in business clothing are walking to a university law school meeting. The lecturer gives a speech. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (played brilliantly by Felicity Jones) is proud to be a lawyer. The university is Harvard. Armie Hammer plays Martin Ginsberg, Ruth's husband. Hammer and Jones have the look and feel of 1950's people hehe. Great costume design.

In class they study a law case. Ruth deliberates and answers well. Ruth, Martin and friends go to the bar and play sharades. Martin collapses. He and ruth go to the hospital. Martin is diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Ruth goes to another lecture. At home Martin and Ruth type a document. Ruth and Martin have a chat while they work. In another lecture Ruth is faced with a few different scenarios by the lecturer. Ruth is also trying to get a new job as a teacher.

She goes to an interview. Because she is a young and beautiful woman she gets denied. The interviewer says "I'm sorry, the wives (of the workers).. they get jealous". This makes Ruth furious and she wants to do something about it. Martin chats with Ruth and they celebrate her finally landing a job.

Now we move to 1970. There are protests about the Vietnam war. We see her teaching in the class. Back at home they are having dinner. They have a daughter now and she has joined the protests.

There is a soiree where they chat to other lawyers. Then Ruth and Martin decide to take on an important gender discrimination case. She has a chat to the head partner of a an important firm, Mel Wulf, played by Justin Theroux. Ruth is tired of the saying "Women stay home and men go to work". She wants to change that. It's an important moment of the movie.

Her daughter is still going to protests and her mum doesn't like it. "She's a Bully" the daughter says to her dad Martin. She's sour over the way her mother treats her. Martin consoles her.

"Protests are important but changing the law is more important" says Ruth. Martin and her start typing some documents. Then the head partner chats to an older lady. The head partner chats to Ruth about research and upcoming case.

Three other lawyers chat about the upcoming case. "These computers will find what we need" says one of the lawyers. Then we see those old school computers hehe. "We dont need gender discrimination in the supreme court" says an opposing lawyer. The team has a dinner.

The dialogue in this movie is legal jargon but you get into it because the actors say their lines passionately In particularl, Ruth. "Would it kill you to smile!" says Mel. Ruth then has a meeting with Mel. They speak passionately and the arguments are great. Mel says "if you lose, it will set the movement back years". "I know this case has disrupted our lives" Ruth says to her daughter.

She talks to some senior lawyers. It's heavy legal jargon. Martin looks cool with his sunglasses. I never knew they had those sunglasses in the 50's hehe. The court case commences. Once again, you can undersand the legal jargon if you listen carefully. The opposition have a strong argument.

The judge says "The word woman doesn't appear in the consitution". Ruth says "nor does the word freedom". She then says "We're asking you to give the country the right to change". This is one of the most captivating scenes in the whole movie. Ruth ends up being U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice and we see the real Ruth Bader Ginsburg as the end scene.

These heavy dialogue scenes in this movie are emotional and impressive.

"Felicity Jones as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Armie Hammer as Martin Ginsberg are exceptional. Martin was strong for his wife, who wanted to change the world. The other stand out was Justin Theroux as Mel Wulf. He was a passionate lawyer that helped Ruth"
You end up learning about the legal process after watching this movie. Ruth fought for equality in an era where there were few people doing it. She may have changed the course of history. What an entertaining 2hrs.


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