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Main Cast Reviews  Melissa McCarthy, Gillian Jacobs, Maya Rudolph Categories  Comedy | Romance Release Date  10th May 2018 8.0

Melissa McCarthy is back in a brand new comedy! She plays Deanna, a housewife who has been left by her husband and needs a fresh start. She decides to go back to college and ends up enrolling in the same classes as her daughter! Her daughter Maddie feels embarrased as her mother grows in confidence. Will Deanna find her true self? The supporting cast includes: the funny Gillian Jacobs as Helen, the hilarious Maya Rudolph as Christine, Molly Gordon as Maddie - Deanna's daughter, Matt Walsh as Dan - Deanna's husband, Julie Bowen as Marci, Debby Ryan as Jennifer, Adria Arjona as Amanda, Stephen Root as Mike, the talented Jacki Weaver as Sandy, Luke Benward Jack, Christina Aguilera as Christina Aguilera, Sarah Baker as Gildred and Chris Parnell as Untitled.

Melissa McCarthy plays Deanna and her daughter Maddie is starting University/College. The mother and father are also going to Italy for a vacation. Then the father, Dan, says he wants a divorce. He's in love with Marcy, his realtor! Jackie weaver playes Deanna's mother in a quirky/hilarious role. Surprisingly, this movie starts off with a somewhat serious tone. We see Deanna in despair. She torches some of hers (and her husbands) belongings. The fire grows and she falls backwards at speed, this is the first of Melissa's physical comedy hehehe.

She plays racketbal with a friend played well by Maya Rudolph. She looks at some of her old photos. She gets an idea to go back to college/university. She vists her daughter on campus and chats to her daughters friends. There is some light comedy dialogue here. This is what I enjoy about Melissa McCarthy, she knows how to turn any conversation funny/embarrasing/awkward.

Deanna ends up rooming with a silly Gothic student. Little pleasant laughs here. As an adult student she sticks out and her look is constantly funny. She gets picked on in the lecture and her response is funny. Of the supporting girls the red haired girl (played by Jessie Ennis) is cheeky and hilarious! The conversations between Deanna and her daughters friends are consistently funny. The rest of the movie see's Deanna try and fit into the college atmostphere.

One of the funniest scenes in the movie is the mediation lawyer meeting. In this meeting Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy make a good duo. There should be a movie with just those two! They bounce of each other well and appear to be natural friends.

In another memorable scene they go to a house party because Deanna is depressed. They get teased and called nerds. She goes to the bathroom with her mom and she gives her a make over. She gives her mom a new hairstyle and takes her jumper off to reveal a tight fitting undergarment. Melissa looks genuinely beautiful after this make over. It makes you think that Melissa on purpose looks daggy in her previous movies.

The laughs continue when Melissa drinks up and takes the shirt off a young man hahaha. She slow dances with him at the end of the party and even sleeps with him! What melissa does is give you giggles and then big laughs come. She has sex in the library with the guy hahaha, she grabs his ass! She phones her best friend instantly and tells her hehehe.

The most entertaining scene comes with the 80s style party! The girls and Melissa dress up. Great 80s tracks! Melissa dances on the dance floor, she looks awesome!! It's the Mean girls Vs Deanna.

Of the supporting cast, Gillian Jacobs who plays one of Deanna's daughters friends is outstanding. Her back story is that she used to be in a coma and it's funny. Look out for Gillian Jacobs in the future. I won't spoil the ending but I'll say a well known celebrity shows up!

"This is a classic feel good movie. The first 10 minutes being rather serious allows you to empathize with the lead character Deanna. Then seeing her improve makes you feel good"

Of course, it is also a comedy and if you listen carefully to Melissa's dialogue you will find many small jokes in a row. But you have to pay attention. I am a fan of Melissa and as well as funny small talk, she is a master of physical comedy. Hopefully she will get an even bigger fan base after this movie. Enjoy the hilarious 1hr 45min.

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