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Main Cast Reviews  Isabela Moner, Benicio Del toro, Temuera Morrison Categories  Animation | Action | Adventure Release Date  2nd Aug 2019 7.2

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This movie is a Live-action feature based on the TV Nickelodeon animated series "Dora the Explorer". Dora is a teenage explorer. Dora and her friends go on an adventure. They have to save her parents and they go to the mysterious city of gold. The impressive cast includes: Isabela Moner as Dora, Benicio Del toro as Swiper (voice), Temuera Morrison as Powell, Q'orianka Kilcher as Inca Princess Kawillaka, Michael Pena as Dora's Father, Eva Longoria as Elena, Eugenio Derbez as Alejandro Gutierrez, Jeffrey Wahlberg as Diego, Madeleine Madden as Sammy, Adriana Barraza as Abuela Valerie, Alice Lanesbury as Flight Attendant, Christopher Kirby as Viper, Malachi Barton as Young Diego, Nicholas Coombe as Randy and Pia Miller as Diego's Mother.

"Text says 'Everything you're about to see is true'. A fox says "Gracias". Dora is playing make believe that she is an explorer. There is also a wild funny monkey that hangs around called Boots. What an exciting intro to the movie"
A family lives close to the jungle. The parents are explorers and they chat about the lost city of Parapata. Diego, Dora's cousin is visiting.

Dora talks to the make believe audience and says "Can you say delicioso" hehehe. Just like in the show. The dad , Cole played by the funny Michael Pena, wonders what she's on about. Dora's mother, Elena, is played by the beautiful and talented Eva Longoria. Diego leaves the jungle to go back to his parents house.

"10 years later and Dora is a full Explorer! She is still in search of Parapata. Dora finds a cavern and a statue inside. She takes the statue back for analysis. These scenes in the jungle are expertly shot. It looks like a real jungle"

She nearly gets trapped and her parents help her out. But her parents aren't going to be there for her all the time. The parents have found the location of Parapata. But they want Dora to live in the city.

Dora doesn't want to leave the jungle. She goes to Hollywood and meets her uncle's family. Diego is there all grown up. Dora is full of energy as usual. Dora sleeps outside in the garden hehe. Dora goes to school, it's her first day. She meets new students. She meets the smartest student, a girl called Sammy. She also meets Randy. Sammy dislikes her because Dora also excels at school.

In the meantime her parents are still trying to find Parapata, they chat to her occassionally. Dora goes to a school dance. She dresses up as the sun. She dances first.

"Diego is upset at her because he says that Highschool is serious and you can lose friends fast. Dora gets sad. She has a chat to her grandmother. It's quite interesting that they weave highschool tension into the plot of this adventure movie"
They go to a museum for a school outing. Dora wants to look at the Egyptian section but it's not ready yet. The admin girl leads her downstairs so she can see the objects.

The other students (Diego, Randy, Sammy) follow her.

But it's a trap, some men enclose all of them in a wooden container. They need Dora to find Parapata. They ship them over to the jungle. A man Alejandero tries to help them and opens the container up to let them out. They run. Alejandro drives them away at speed in a vehicle. Great fast paced action scene"
They all decide to look for Dora's parents. They start their journey. "All those that seek Parapata shall slowly perish" says Dora in the Quechuan language.

They sleep there on their first night. They find their parents camp. Boots the monkey is there! Dora must track her parents. Sammy has to poo. Dora sings a song about digging a hole hehe. They all get in a big log and roll down a hill, cool scene. The other kids want to leave and they blame Dora. Diego consoles Dora and they see fox tracks on the ground. They follow them and it leads to the tent of the mercenaries. Dora consults a book and she finds a doorway.

"After they walk in they stand on quick sand. They have to distribute their weight and four escape but Alejandero is left behind. A scorpion walks by Alejandero. The others save him. Alejandero cries heavily hahaha. He thought he was going to die and Scorpions mated on top of his head hehehe. What a well designed action scene and funny too!"
They then see another dwelling of an old lady. She takes them in. They ask her about Parapata. The old lady doesn't want to help them but tells them of a trail that will get them home.

Sammy and Randy take the exit route. Alejandero, Dora and Diego take a route to find Parapata.

"They come across dangerous poisonous plants. Dora, Diego and Alejandero get infected and they get so high they become cartoons! Sammy finds them and wakes them up. This hallucinagetic scene is funny and innovative"
Sammy and Randy didn't trust the old woman so they rejoined Dora. They walk and fall into a room that has a star map. Randy pulls a lever and water gushes in. They dive down but no one but Randy can hold their breath for 7 minutes so he dives and turns a round door and they get pulled into a water pipe.

They then land in a lake. Alejandero uses a radio and says that he is alpha leader. He works for someone else! He has betrayed Dora. Alejandero tells them to help him and they can get out alive. The other mercenaries help Alejandero. Dora and the others escape. Dora chats to Boots who can now talk! A mercenary and Swiper (voiced by Benicio Del Toro) is guarding the gate to Parapata. But a little poison frog infects them and they faint.

They all pull leavers near statues at the same time. The door opens.

"Once in they shine light using a pan and their torch to open the next room. They just make the exit. The next room is a steep slide downwards but at the end there is a hole with fire. So they slide then jump! Awesome action scene!"
Alejandero appears! He has been tailing them. He puts a gold coin in the hand of a statue and the ground breaks. Alejandero falls but he doesn't die. The old woman then appears and turns into a young Incan queen. Dora tells her that she knows how to get to the next room. Dora puts water in the hands of the statue.

A wise choice says the Queen. Swiper appears and steals the gold statue. The queen says he has angered the gods. Alejandero gets left behind. The whole cavern is falling apart and the others escape. Diego kisses Sammy. They all celebrate in their parents home. What an exciting finish.

"I didn't expect this movie to have such innovative and entertaining action scenes. The quicksand scene, the poisonous plants, the steep slide scene... and others were fantastic. As for the cast, Isabela Moner did outstanding as Dora the Explorer. She is an action star now. Eugenio Derbez as Alejandro was hilarious as usual. Great performances too by Eva Longoria and Michael Pena who played Dora's parents. Benicio Del Toro voiced Swiper hehe and he did it well!"
This Dora The Explorer movie might turn into a series. The cast worked together well and we may see some of them returning. What an entertaining 1hr 42min.


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