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This movie is about the interesting life of a Poker Game Organiser. I have previously enjoyed all movies about the Poker environment. Something about that green poker cloth surrounded by various awkward and dicey players has always intrigued me. These players; business men, depressed types, pimps, hustlers, losers, aggressive types also make an appearance in this movie.

It is in this not so safe environment were we find Molly Bloom, a female Poker Room Owner played wonderfully by the lovely Jessica Chastain. In the beginning scenes we see Molly as a teenage semi pro skiier suffering from rapid spinal coliossis after a terrible injury. This back story is a great beginning in that it lets you get to know the character, the major point is that Molly is strong willed.

"The way she becomes a Poker Room Owner is quite cool. She first finds a job as an office assistant. Her boss doesn't treat her well but he asks her to be his assistant for his underground Poker games"
Her office skills come into play as she uses a spreadsheet on her laptop to organise the game players and money payouts hehehe. She gets tips and sometimes she walks away with $3000 a night! Her boss ends up giving her a pay cut so she quits with a view of starting her own Poker room.

Molly starts her own poker games in an expensive apartment. She goes to Casino's to steal good poker players and invite them to her room. Michael Cera playing himself makes a funny appearance. She's creative with her room as she hires PlayBoy bunnies to deal and uses custom chips with her initials.

There is a gloomy nature to this film but it's cool. It has to do with Molly's tough character and the shifty people she deals with. One of her players gets busted and that begins her trouble with the FBI. After that she gets on drugs and passes out. Later on she gets assaulted by a hitman that steals some of her money stash. She survives. A female Poker organiser was never going to be soft. She gets an sms that the FBI are coming and she flees.

Through out the whole movie we see future scenes with a lawyer Charlie (excellently played by Idris Elba) as she is getting sued by the FBI. She begs to work with this lawyer and these scenes are entertaining. Idris Elba gives his all to this role. In a court room seen Charlie finally admits that he is her lawyer and we see a smile on her face. In the best of the law suit scenes Charlie and Molly discuss things with the FBI. Charlie passionately states his case.

What a movie. The camera loves Jessica Chastain. She puts in a powerfull peformance playing a woman in a environment (poker) dominated by men. Idris Elba also creates something special here and the interaction/dialogue between him and Jessica was memorable. Even if you don't love poker movies you will be entertained for the full 140minutes.

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