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Main Cast Reviews  Julianne Moore, Sean Astin, Jeanne Tripplehorn Categories  Drama | Romance Release Date  8th Mar 2019 8.0


A woman in her 50s, who is a free-spirit, tries something new and seeks new love at L.A. dance clubs. The great cast includes: Julianne Moore as Gloria, Sean Astin as Jeremy, Jeanne Tripplehorn as Untitled, Michael Cera as Peter, Alanna Ubach as Veronica, John Turturro as Arnold, Holland Taylor as Untitled, Brad Garrett as Dustin, Rita Wilson as Untitled, Caren Pistorius as Anne, Cassi Thomson as Virginia, Jenica Bergere as Laughing Instructor, Tyson Ritter as Untitled, Barbara Sukowa as Melinda and Sandra Rosko as Las Vegas Couple.

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The song "I never can say goodbye" plays in a disco full of 40 somethings. At the bar we see Gloria Bell with glasses on. She talks to a man. She says she is divorced. She dances for a bit before going home. She finds a hairless cat inside her house and pushes it out. She then takes tablets and goes to sleep. What a great introduction.

We cut to Gloria doing Yoga. The teacher assists her. The teacher is Gloria's daughter Anne (played by the beautiful Caren Pistorius). Gloria meets Anne's boyfriend, a surfer. Gloria then goes for a smoke outside the Yoga class hehe. We cut to Gloria's work place. She's having another smoke with a female colleague about her lack of pay.

She then goes to that 70's dance club. She sits on a table and joins a group. An older gentleman gives her his business card.

"Then Arnold (played by the reliable John Turturro) spots Gloria in the crowd. She's sitting by the bar. Arnold says 'Are u always this happy'. Gloria says 'not always hehe'. There is instant chemistry here. Their chemistry drives this movie"
They giggle and they get along. The song "Boogie Wonderland" plays in the background. Gloria says she's divorced and then John also says he's divorced. They dance together to great music. They go home together and make love. There is a quiet intimate mood when they make love. She goes to the Gynocologist and they chat about life.

We then cut to the Yoga class and they are practicing the art of laughter. They all laugh hard together in a circle. It's kind of funny to watch hehe. Gloria has coffee with her mother Hillary (played by the beautiful and experienced Holland Taylor) who says "life goes by in a moment". Holland Taylor always brings elegance and wisdom to her roles.

Gloria then calls the mother of his upstairs neighbour. His neighbour is upstairs having a nervous breakdown! hehe. In the morning Arnold calls Gloria and asks her out. Arnold says he cant get her out of her head. His daughter calls on the phone and hassles him. Arnold does have stress from his daughters and his ex-wife. Arnold says "you get divorced from the woman and not the kids". He also says he got a gastric bypass, he used to be obese! He shows her a photo hehe.

I love John Turturro, he always brings depths to his roles. There are many layers to the character of Arnold. Gloria and Arnold both fake hang gliding (with rope). They then go paintball shooting. The recreational park is run by Arnold. They both kiss in a beautiful moment. Then Gloria is at home doing chores. The song "No more lonely nights" plays in the background. I love the fact that music is a big part of this movie. It helps set the mood.

Gloria sees footage of his daughters boyfriend surfing a massive dangerous wave. Gloria is worried and she says "this guy could die anyday". But the daughter loves him anyway. Gloria has a dinner with friends, they chat about the end of the world hehe. Then Gloria goes salsa dancing with Arnold. A great salsa song plays at the club. Great energetic scene.

They go home and Gloria has a conversation with Arnold without her top on. Julianne Moore as Gloria looks beautiful. Gloria then gets into car and sings. Arnold then recites poetry for her. He reads "If you were a shoe, I'd be the sock" hehe. It's an endearing scene.

"Then Arnold's daughter calls his phone. Arnold lies about where he is. Gloria then says Arnold should tell them. She doesn't want to live a lie. Arnold says 'they see me as their father and not as a person'. Then they make love. Gloria has a very beautiful body. It's a great intense scene"
Back at Gloria's home a mysterious man leaves a package outside her house door. She takes it in. Gloria visits her son Peter's home for a house party. Dustin (her ex-husband played by the talented Brad Garrett) and his new wife are there. Her daughter is pregnant, it's a surprise for Dustin. He's angry. There is tension at the dinner table. They chat awkwardly.

Arnold says he was in the marines. Gloria chats to Dustins new wife who smokes weed. They all watch Peter play the organ. They then eat dinner. The daughter Anne wants to go to Sweden. She reads out an email his boyfriend gave her. She reads "I may have been in the deepest waves and the deepest seas but going in deep with you is the most important". Everybody then smiles.

"Dustin and Gloria recall old times by handing out photos. This movie spends a lot of time in this dinner scene and I loved that. You get to know each of the characters better"

Then Arnold goes missing. Gloria looks for Arnold and he's not inside our outside. Gloria tries Arnold's phone and there is no answer. Gloria says goodbye to the guests. It's Peters house so he and Anne stay back. Arnold going missing is embarrasing for her. She introduced him to her family and this this happens. Because of all this Peter says tellingly "Who is this guy mom?". You feel sorry for Gloria.

Arnold then calls Gloria the next day he said that he felt sick that night because Gloria kept on looking and chatting lovingly to her ex-husband. So he left. You kind of understand him but it was quite an abrupt thing to do. Gloria goes to another dinner party and one of the guestst plays guitar.

"She then opens the package (there is weed and other drugs in there). She smokes weed. She goes to the eye doctor and he says she has a condition. She then goes dancing by herself, she's not too happy I guess. I love that Gloria see's dancing as her release"

Gloria receives flowers at work from Arnold but she is not interested in communicating with him. Arnold calls her phone every five minutes. Gloria's friend intercepts the phone and says she doesn't want to speak to him. Gloria takes her daughter Anne to the airport, she's leaving on a trip. She goes back home to smoke weed and to listen to her agitated upstairs neighbour hehe. She goes shopping and Arnold still calls her on the phone.

She sees a street performer puppet a mini skeleton toy. She gets into a good mood and then picks up the phone and chats to Arnold. They then both go on a trip! They go to a beautiful hotel. But Arnold still answers the phone when his daughter calls. Arnold tells Gloria that his ex-wife went through a glass window and cut herself.

You can tell Gloria has had enough of this type of thing. Arnold says "Im staying here with you... with you". But Gloria walks to the door wih her bags "maybe we should go". She's facing backwards. She takes her pants off, turns around and walks up to Arnold and makes love to him on his bed. It's a beautiful scene.

Next morning they go swimming. "Your doing the right thing, things will be fine" says Gloria to Arnold. They have dinner and she plonks the ringing phone on the soup plate!!! hehehe. Gloria wants to go to Spain. "Cheers... to Spain... to Spain". Gloria goes up an escalator and walks inside her room. Arnold's bags are gone...

Gloria then has a drink at a bar. She drinks fast and asks for another one. She is agitated. She goes gambling. Maybe she wants to stay single! She kisses a stranger that she meets in the casino tables. She goes dancing with him. She ends up drunk and wakes up next morning next to a hotel pool. She goes for a walk back to her hotel. She makes a call to her mother. The mother bought tickets to go back home. Gloria arrives exhausted and sleeps.

Arnold calls Gloria. She doesn't pick up. She takes the cat in and feeds it. She finally picks up the phone and its Arnold. She listens but she hangs up. She disconnects the phone line, rips it out off the wall. Gloria gets a new haircut, she looks even more beautiful. She throws away all of Arnold's things except his paintball gun.

She goes to Arnold's house and fires the paintball pellets at him! hahaha. She gets him good. He says "I love you" but she keeps on firing! hehe. She also fires at the house and breaks windows! hehe. She drives off and laughs hard.

"Gloria is single again. Gloria then goes to the wedding ceremony of her daughter Anne. She listens to the song "Gloria" upstairs on the dance floor. She walks up and there are disco lights. She gets asked by men to dance but she says no thanks. She feels kind of stressed. But when she's on the dance floor she starts to move. She starts feeling the beat. She spins around, she is free! What a great character and what a way to end the movie"

Gloria Bell has a lot of realistic elements about what happens when friends (both divorced) turn into lovers.

"Julianne Moore as Gloria puts in a powerhouse performance. Moore has had great performances in the past. You forget that she is acting in this movie. In fact the whole direction and mood of the movie helps create a snapshot of real life. For those of us that have been in relationships certain scenes have a big impact. We understand Gloria and Arnold, we feel for them"
Of the side characters, Dustin (played by Brad Garrett) did an oustanding job as Gloria's ex-husband. Michael Cera as Peter (Gloria's son) had little screen time but he created something special. I'd like to see Michael Cera carry a whole drama film by himself. The beautiful Caren Pistorius played Anne (Gloria's daughter) well. Holland Taylor as Hillary (Gloria's mother) is a veteran of acting and she also put in a great performance. The soundtrack to this movie was awesome and the scenes with music were enjoyable. What a great 1hr 42min.




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