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At a house party a woman catches her husband cheating, he kisses another woman. She ends up leaving him and she moves into her older sister's house. The rest of the movie deals with her getting over her separation and general themes about ageing. What a great cast: Imelda Staunton as Sandra (the lead, sister of Bif), Celia Imrie as Bif, Timothy Spall as Charlie (Sandra's love interest), Joanna Lumley as Jackie, David Hayman as Ted, John Sessions as Mike (Sandra's husband), Phoebe Nicholls Mike's new woman, Josie Lawrence as Pamela (Sandra's daughter) and Indra Ove as Corrina (dance teacher).

The two sisters go to a restaurant. Bif says to her sister Sandra "Why did you marry a short man, he has a short man complex". She also insinuates something and Sandra replies loudly "My husband does not have a small penis!", the whole restaurant overhears her and they are shocked! This is an example of a number light humour scenes thrown into this movie. The movie includes a lot of depressive subjects such as illness (Charlie's Wife has allzeimers), ageing (Bif and her dates are getting older) and divorce (Sandra suffers a separation) but it sprinkles in humour and hope.

Bif ends up inviting Sandra to her dance class and this is where Sandra comes alive. She used to dance as a child. The scenes in the dance school are great. Seeing older people dancing always gives me a good feeling. I guess it's because we're all going to be old at some point and we wonder what we will do with our spare time. There is also a dance show which is wonderfully coreographed, the actors did great here, they were very nimble.

"This movie shows you that you can still have fun and be rebellious at any age"
In a memorale scene Charlie's truck gets taken by a tow truck but he jumps on board and reverses his car back on to the street! Sandra joins him in his car and as they drive off she gives the Tow Tuck driver the middle finger hehehe.

Will Sandra go back to her marriage or stay with her new friend? You'll have to watch it and see. The stand out actor in this movie is Timothy Spall playing Charlie. He goes through a lot of hardships and his acting is superb in both the serious moments and during the laughs. What a great 1hr 51min.

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Finding Your Feet

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