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Eddie Redmayne usually does serous drama movies and he definitely puts plenty of heart into the lead character Dug. Starts off with an image of a claymation (Clay Animation) earth from afar. It's cool. We see primitive men play football with a round object that fell from the sky. The environments of the old earth are fantastic, it looks like they have been hand made by animators which is impressive. Skip forward a few era's and primitive man has evolved into cave men that speak English! What a great cast; Eddie Redmayne as Dug, Tom Hiddleston as Lord Nooth, Maisie Williams as Goona, Timothy Spall as Chief Bobnar, Richard Ayoade as Treebor, Mark Williams as Barry, Rob Brydon as Message Bird, Miriam Margolyes as Queen Oofeefa, Nick Park as Hognob (the pig), Johnny Vegas as Asbo, Kayvan Novak as Dino, Selina Griffiths as Magma, and Gina Yashere as Gravelle.

"This movie is farcical, the cave men use mini crocodiles as clothes pegs and a beetle to shave. Then one cave man says 'Did you change your underpants today?' the other replies 'Yeah I changed them with his' hehehe. This sets the tone for this ridiculous and silly movie"

When men on top of a big Mammoth in bronze armour attacks the valley in which the cavemen live the cave men must try and get their valley back. The commander says "Start mining the ORE!". His officer replies "OR what my lord?", the commander then says "The Ore in the ground!" hahaha. This is the first of many of the verbal humour of this movie.

Dug investigates the city of the bronze age villains. He sees what seems to be a gladiatorial battle in a stadium. It ends up being a primitive football game! He scores an own goal and they find him out. Lord Nooth says "Take him away but kill him slowly". The men then take him away slowly. "No I mean't take him away fast and kill him slowly!" hehehe. There is great verbal humour through out this film. Mainly directed at the adults watching this film.

This movie is full of nonsensical scenes but it's funny! The cave men must win a football match against "Real Bronzio" (hahaha a funny take on Real Madrid). Goona is a girl from the bronze city that agrees to play for the cave men. The team then practice football in the bad lands because they were kicked out of the Valley. The cave men find out that their Ancestors used to play football. The HOG character (very funny) is not allowed to play football. Lord Nooth gets a message from the Queen via a message bird who mimicks the people sending the message. The bird slaps Lord Nooth around!

In one of the funniest scenes the Lord Nooth gets a massage from the HOG character, the Lord thinks the pig is "Stefano" his masseusse. The real Stefano enters and when the Lord sees that it's a HOG, the three of them scream "I've just been massaged by a PIG!" hehehe.

Lord Nooth makes a deal with him and wants the cave men team to forfit. But then a big duck arrives with the team on it's back! The Game begins.

The football scenes are very entertaining. The comentators are funny "Real Bronzio dominating the match". "It's like Early Man United!" say the commentators hehehe. It ends up being a tight game. Who would have thought that an "Early Man" movie would have so much to do with football, but it works!

This movie cannot be any simpler but it is a cave man movie after all! Surprisingly there is plenty of heart towards the end. The lead character, Dug, showed his emotions well in his face and voice (thanks to Eddie Redmayne). The other standout was the villain "Lord Nooth". He was the villain yet hilarious at the same time. Lord Nooth's interaction with the Messenger bird is priceless. As for the claymation backgrounds and landscapes, they were beautifully crafted, particularly the bad lands. With a plot that even kids could understand this movie may prove to be a hit. Enjoy the silly 1hr 29min

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