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Main Cast Reviews  Shailene Woodley, Sam Claflin, Elizabeth Hawthorne Categories  Adventure | Action | Drama | Romance Release Date  1st Jun 2018 7.9


This movie is based on a true story. Two young people meet by chance. They fall in love, and then go on a boating adventure. Then they face extreme weather conditions (a hurricane) and are left stranded. They fight for surival. The two leads are played by: Shailene Woodley as Tami Oldham and Sam Claflin as Richard Sharp. The supporting cast includes: Elizabeth Hawthorne as Christine, Grace Palmer as Deb and Jeffrey Thomas as Peter.

We see a boat at sea and it's not in good shape. Tammy (the beautiful Shalene Woodley) has got a head injury and she awakens from unconsciousness. She is in the bottom deck which is partly inundated. She goes up top to inspect. She finds a rope that is floating at sea. It's attached to nothing. She realises her partner is missing, she shouts in pain. What an exciting way to start a movie!

We are then taken to 5 months earlier 1983. Tammy gets her Visa to Tahiti. Tammy and her friend meet Richard (Sam Claflin), a sailor. Shalene woodley has a natural look (without makeup) through out the movie but she still looks gorgeous. Richard cooks for Tammy. He explains that sailing is lonely and intense. She asks "why do you do it then". There is instant chemistry between Shalene Woodley and Sam Claflin. You can tell they've worked together before. They take the boat out.

Back to the future (in the stranded boat), Tammy radios for help with no response. She vomits from sea sickness. I like how the movie goes back and forth from when the two met to the boat accident. Back to the past and we see the two going trekking. She jumps off a cliff into water and fools him into thinking shes drowned hehe. Very romantic scenes here, they fall in love.

Back in the accident, she spots a dingy in the distance. She tries to start the boat but fails. She tries to setup the sail but loses it in the water. She has to get all the water out of the boat using suction and tubes. She sets up the sail.

She spots a dingy in the distance. It's Richard! She steers the boat to Richard on the Dingy. She attaches a rope to herself and she swims towards him. Richard has a big leg injury, he's bleeding a bit. He also has a rib injury. He is suffering shock. Back in the past, they go for dinner and he recounts that "dad's parents raised me". They dance to Tahiti music.

Back in the past the two old folkes that own the Boat tell Richard if he could sail the boat to California San Diego. He asks if Tammy could go, he gets two return tickets too. Back at the boat they realise they're drifting and there not in a flight path.

Th gravity of the situation is now understood. They have to sail to Hawaii which is closer than California. But they only get one chance at Hawaii because Japan is the next closest but it's too far away. They salvage water and food and put it in a bag. Both actors put in a top shelf performance in this movie. Particulary Shalene who comes off as very gritty and brave.

5 days adrift and Tammy has to detach a sail that has gotten caught at the bottom of the boat. She changes the gauze on his leg, he's in pain. She has to catch fish. This scene is entertaining, she gets close but she misses.

She meditates naked then magically the rain comes and she collects water. This movie makes you want to get amongst nature, sail and experience adventure. The shots of the sea from above with the boat as a small object are magnificent. He says to her "I wish you never met me so you wouldn't be in this mess". She says "She wouldn't have it any other way".

Back in the past Richard sings a silly love song hehehe it's funny. He proposes to her and she says yes, he gives her a makeshift ring. Back in the accident a massive ship passes them closely, she lets off flares but they don't stop. She's starting to lose hope.

What a powerhouse performance by Shalene Woodly. She is engaging in all the boat scenes she's in. This movie sometimes has a documentary/very realistic feel to it. Back in the past a land bird pops into the boat. It has been blown offshore. They get warnings that a class four storm is coming. After 33 days adrift Richard is in utter pain and is exhausted.

I was always wondering if they were going to show the boat in the actual storm. I wasn't dissapointed. There are scenes of massive waves crashing on the boat. The boat traversing the big waves is awesome. The waves relentlessly pound the boat. You feel like your there. Fantastic sound effects and cinematography.

A huge final wave hits them. Richard gets struck by a sail underwater. The visual effects here are mesmerising. I won't spoil the ending but I will say this movie is an outstanding survival story.

The cinematography captures both the beauty and ferocity of the sea. I also enjoyed the flash backs to when Tammy met Richard. In a sense it's a kind of simple love story.

"Richard (Sam Claflin) and Tammy (Shalene Woodley) have so much chemistry that they don't have to say too much for you to understand that they were mean't for each other"
A boat lost at sea is such a daunting experience and both actors excel in showing how exhausting this process can be. What a sensational and inspirational 1hr 36min.


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