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Main Cast Reviews  Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska Categories  Comedy | Action | Adventure Release Date  1st Nov 2019 N/A


This movie is a reboot of the 2000 action comedy which is based on the 1970s TV series "Charlie's Angels". The talented cast includes: The stunning Kristen Stewart as Sabina Wilson, the pretty Naomi Scott as Elena Houghlin, the beautiful Ella Balinska as Jane Kano, the gorgeous Elizabeth Banks as Bosley, Patrick Stewart as John Bosley, Djimon Hounsou as Edgar Bosley, Sam Claflin as Alexander Brock, Jonathan Tucker as Hodak, Nat Faxon as Peter Fleming, Chris Pang as Jonny Smith, Luis Gerardo mendez as Saint, Noah Centineo as Langston, David Schutter as Ralph, Hannah Hoekstra as Ingrid (Angel) and Jane Chirwa as Passing Woman (Angel).

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We see a night view of Miami city. Then we see secret agent Sabina (played by the beautiful Kristen Stewart) chatting to a wealthy man (Jonny Smith played by Chris Pang) in a hotel sweet balcony. Kristen looks stunning in a beautiful gown.

"Jonny feels Sabina's leg hehe. 'It's just that I'm so good at my job... in my line of work.. being invisible comes in handy' she says. Sabina ties the curtain around his neck, the security guards watch on in confusement. 'It takes men 7 seconds to percieve a woman as a threat' Sabina says. She says she is a decoy and chokes him. What a great and innovative introduction"

Jonny had stolen humanatarian aid money.

"Then his guards advance but a second girl operative (Jane played by the beautiful Ella Balinska) enters and beats them up real good. Great hand to hand action sequence"
Sabina then takes off her wig. The manager of the angels (John Bosley played by the reliable Patrick Stewart) enters the hotel and says well done. These two Angels had beaten up all of Jonny's guards. The angels descend down the building via rope. Elena (played by the gorgeous Naomi Scott) enters a cafeteria for a meeting with the Angels. She says her company has a product that wants to revolutionise the power industry. Elena says there is a very dangerous aspect to the product and she had discovered this.

We cut to a man saying "Calysto" (the product that Elena mentioned) is ready for market.

"We find out that John Bosley is one of the many Bosley's (managers to the Angels). The other Bosley's celebrate his birthday. We see pictures of the older Charlie's angels (old movie and tv series). This reference to the previous Angels movies/tv series is cool"
The Angels and the Bosleys are enjoying their soiree. Elizabeth Banks also plays a Bosley and she says she stays because she likes the drinks hehehe. We cut to the manager of Rock industries demo'ing Calysto. Calysto is a remote self contained power device.

Elena knows that the product is still not ready. Jane and Sabina have a meeting with Edgar Bosley about a project.

"Edgar chats to Elena about her findings. Jane realises there is another man in the cafe that is spying on them. She beats him up and the girls and bosley run off. They get in a car and drive off. The spy chases them in their own vehicle. He machine guns them but bosley is a good driver. Jane balances off the side of car and shoots tires of spy. They drive off and car lands in river. What a great action scene"

Sabina arrives and aims at the villain. Then the villain detonates the car behind and sends Sabina flying. He escapes. The angels survive and come out of the river. Bosley then has a meeting with the girls. Elena pukes. She says that Charlie frowns on revenge. Bosley says that she knows all about Elena.

Elena says that Calysto can be weponised. It can be used to kill people. Elena tells them that there are prototypes. Bosley says they need to be destroyed. The soundtrack is playful and fun. Elena says that there is high security in the company's building. The girls wear wigs and sneak in. They had stolen access passes. Sabina gets into vaulted room and Calysto products are all gone. Bosley tells them that men are after them.

"Because the three of them wore wigs, security don't know where she is. Jane flirts with a geek (Langston played well by Noah Centineo) and chats to him. Sabina runs off into a bathroom and disposes a guard. She beats him up real good, great hand to hand sequence. I love this scene, Kristen is now a fully fledged action star"
Elena saves Langston and beats up some guards. Langston unzips Elena, she takes the wig off and her clothes and escapes. Sabina escapes the building. The guards have a meeting and chase after a girl with the same colour of the wigs that the Angles wore hehe.

She doesn't know what's going on. What a cool plan the angels had.

"The girls are near escape and have one calysto product. Calysto is used to send a big pulse to open the exit door. A guard collapses. The girls go to the Berlin outpost of the Angels agency. Elena says she's starving. Bosley says "Every girl is starving all the time" hehehe. Elizabeth Banks as Bosley is very funny"
They meet the operative that mans that office. He has some fine food for them. He heals their wounds.

Sabina says that Charlie took care of her, she was a deliquent. Elena says that we need to get all the Calysto products, they are too dangerous, its pulse killed the guard and so she's worried. John Bosley goes to a watch maker. It looks like him and the other Bosley are enemies. We cut to Elena getting shown 3 closets. One of them is a clothing closet, a gadgets closet and a arms closet.

The girls go to Istanbul and have a meeting. They are researching a man called Fleming. Sabina pretends to be hotel staff. Bosley steals Fleming's phone. They then go to a horse race. Elena wants to help. She says she is a hacker and that she wants in. The girls dress up fine. Bosley debriefs them. Sabina dresses up as a jockie hehe. She runs the ground game. Jane misses her target. Sabina chases car by horse. Sabina throws and attaches a tracker on the back of vehicle.

The other angels pick her up in a van. The girls armour up. Elena is given sneakers. They track the vehicle to a factory. Sabina looks cool in her white uniform. She puts a injection device on a guard and he faints. Cool scene. Jonny (the bad guy from the earlier scene) has a meeting with Fleming. Johnny wants Fleming to do a demo of Calysto. The Calysto boss doesn't even know how it works hehe. Johnny disposes of him. Sabina jumps down, great action by Kristen Stewart.

Elena fights a man, great hand to hand combat, pushing shoving and punches and kicks.

"Sabina fights Johnny. Elena keeps fighting intensely. Another henchman attacks Sabina who is on a conveyor belt that ends with crunching. Elena is quickly hacking to stop machine. Exhilerating scenes. Elena shows up and grabs a metal rope that lifts Sabina from machine. What an exhilerating scene"
The girls escape and go on a boat ride. Elena has fainted. They stay at a hotel.

They can't find Bosley. They think the villain is her. John Bosley rings them and tells them they're in grave danger. There is an explosion in the room. The girls are hurt but they survive. Bosley shows up and John Bosley shoots her. Patrick takes Elena away. Jane visits Sabina in the hospital. Jane cries and thinks Sabina is dead. But Sabina survives and talks hehe. The charlie's admin shows up and gives them supplies. John Bosley goes to a building with Elena. Another operative arrives with the Calysto products.

John Bosley tells Elena that he has betrayed them. Bosley survives and tells Jane and sabina that Patrick has defected. The operative chats to Elena. He puts a neck brace on her. John Bosley wants her to reprogram access to Calysto.

"The girls have tracked Elena because she wore clothing with a tracker, cool. They go to a night club hotel. Jane and Sabina wear fine dresses and dance hehe. The "bad girls" song plays in the background hehe. All the angels look stunning"

Jane electrocutes a guard. Mr Brock arrives and Elena is surprised. Brock says calysto is about to change the world. Elena says to Brock that John Bosley will use Calysto as a weapon. Mr Brock knows root access. John Bosley blackmails Mr Brock. John Bosley then brings the nerd Langston into the room.

"The angels play music and the tattoed man falls into the trap. Jane and Sabina fight him. Brutal hand to hand combat. Kristen has a particular fast fighting style which I enjoyed. Kristen is now excelling in hand to hand combat scenes"

They steal his key. John Bosley gets root access as Elena recoded it. Jane continues to fight tatted man. Brutal blows. Jane throws him off balcony and he perishes. Bosley arrives and fights John Bosley "Your outmanned angel" says Patrick. The Angels arrive and turn the lights off. They then steal weapons of guards. They turn the lights on. Bosley aims at John Bosley. He's sour and explains why he did it. The Angels say they want to recruit Elena.

Bosley explains it all to the mysterious Charlie who is on intercom as usual hehe. Jane flirts with the handsome nerd Langston hehe. The Charlie's Angels song plays. Elena meets an old angel (one of the originals). Ronda rousey trains Elena in martial arts. They train her in devices too. Then they train her in parachuting. "Where do you think your going... you need to land this bird" Bosley tells Elena hehe. She lands the plane! The other angels pick her up in a jeep.

"This movie has some of the best female hand to hand combat sequences I've seen this year. All three Angels: Kristen Stewart as Sabina, Naomi Scott as Elena, Ella Balinska as Jane... excelled in their action scenes. Ofcourse they were also very beautiful. Elizabeth Banks as Bosley added a great comedic element. Patrick Stewart as John Bosley was a great villain. Noah Centineo also did well as the geek Langston"
This movie had an interesting plot that will keep you guessing. Great casting and side characters too. I hope there will be a sequal to this movie. Enjoy the action packed 1hr 58min.

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