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"The House" has a very unique story line.

"I haven't seen a movie like this in years. It reminds me of an 80's style movie. It's genre can be described as 'Parents Gone Wild'"
The parents of a young girl who is preparing for college realise that they don't have enough money saved. Will Ferrell plays Scott the dad and Amy Poehler plays Kate the mother. The daughter is played by well by Ryan Simpkins. The two have a hilarious best friend Frank (played wonderfully by Jason Mantzoukas).

The first funny scenes are when the parents are preparing their daughter for college. They act like a fake boyfriend and rudely hit on her hehehe and end up suggesting that guys are aggressive in College. Will Ferrel is back to his best. There is a community meeting and Scott and Kate lose the Town Scholarship for college. The chemistry between Ferrell and Pohler is electric, great casting. Scott and Kate try to increase their salaries at work (funny scenes).

Their friend Frank is going for a divorce and wants to go to Vegas with them. After they return from Vegas as losers Frank suggests that Scott and Kate run a home casino at his house. Frank does a Power Point presentation of how much money they could earn as well as hilariously pointing out Alex's future if she doesn't make it to college (street girl hooker). Scott and Kate agree and they lie to their daughter about their venture.

Frank's house is turned into a Casino which surprises you, what a transformation! It has the real sections of a Casino (different game tables, swimming pool, comedy club and even a fighting arena! One of the funniest scenes are when two wives battle it out. Mayor Bob played by Nick Kroll and a cop called Chandler played by Rob Heubel suspect that something is going on at Frank's house.

Frank has a security system for his house casino and someone was caught cheating. This is a copy of that interogation scene from the movie Casino with Robert Deniro hahaha. The cheater says that the three of them are a bunch of soccer moms, that they wouldn't do anything. Kate, Frank and Scott accidentally cut the cheater's finger off with Scott trying to hilariously put it back on! Scott and Kate then wear dark sunglasses and fine clothing. They have become "hard" Casino Bosses! Scott sends back an "eggs over easy" meal because it's not perfect enough! (a scene also stolen from "Casino"). The casino regulars start calling Scott the butcher and pay all their debts. Scott then becomes a debt collector and these action scenes are hilarious (you'll love Will Ferrell's physical comedy).

The police arrive and confuscate all the cash. So the team decides to give it one last crack and earn money with one big night. The guy whose finger they cut off arrives with his boss and they demand to know where the money is kept. That boss grabs Scott's daughter Alex and demands to be given the money. They leave with Scott's daughter. Scott chases them and cuts the boss's arm off accidentally! He then sets his arm on fire! As people try to put out the flames on him by throwing drinks on him, Scott says everything is vodka! and the flames grow more! They put a cloth over him and it's polyester hahaha But he whole house ends up on fire.

Scott then goes to the Mayor's office to steal back the confuscated money. The mayor and Scott fight it out. The "T2" music from the Terminator movie is played when the Mayor gets angry! The cop then arrives and sides with Scott giving Scott and Kate the money.

"The House" is non stop laughs. For a comedy the acting is very good too. Frank is played brilliantly by Jason Mantzoukas, he steals the show. The chemistry between Ferrell and Poehler as the parents was right on. Enjoy the hilarious 88 minutes.

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