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Main Cast Reviews  Patton Oswalt, Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart Categories  Animation | Adventure | Comedy Release Date  7th Jun 2019 7.5


Plot Unknown. The cast includes: Patton Oswalt as Max (voice), Eric Stonestreet as Duke (voice), Kevin Hart as Snowball (voice), Lake Bell as Chloe (voice), Dana Carvey as Pops (voice), Albert Brooks as Tiberius (voice), Hannibal Buress as Buddy (voice), Bobby Moynihan as Mel (voice), Tiffany Haddish as Sonya (voice), Kylie Hart as Untitled (voice), Pete Holmes as Untitled (voice), Garth Jennings as Untitled (voice), Nick Kroll as Untitled (voice), Chris Renaud as Norman (voice) and Tara Strong as Sweet Pea (voice).

Starts off with a song New York by Jay Z hehe. It's the park. Max, a pet dog says he doesn't like kids. His owner Katy meets Chuck accidentally. Then they had a kid. It was fine when he was a baby. But he grew. Then he became a little monster. But then he said "I love you" to Max. And that changed things. Max and a big brown dog called Duke look after the kid when he's out an about.

We cut to a cat. Then to a little rabbit called Snowball. The kid dresses him up in Super Heroe gear. Max chats to Snowball. Snowball is very funny. Liam leaves the house. The pets are worried. Liam is with his dad, phew. The mother takes Max to the vet.

"The other animals are funny. There is a hamster there that runs and runs and he goes nowhere! What a funny character"
Two other cats say "we start fires" hahaha. The vet puts a cone on Max's head. Max and Duke are going on a car trip.

Max wants a little female dog Gidget to look after his favourite toy Busy Bee. Gidget loses the toy to an apartment full of cats.

"The rabbit character Snowball is the funniest. He's working on his gluts!! with a set of barbells. Another girl pet arrives and asks for Snowballs help. Snowball dresses as a super heroe! HAHAHA! Snowball is probably the funniest character of all"
They listen to the girl pet Daisy. She talks to a tiger that has been kept against her will. Max and Duke arrive in a farm!

They meey other farm animals. A funny offensive cow and a peacock. Gidget wants Chloe to assist her to find busy bee toy. Max and Duke meet Rooster, a funny aggressive dog voiced by Harrison Ford. Daisy and Snowball go on their mission to save the tiger from the circus. He is mal treated. There are wolves guarding the tiger. Snowball and Daisy tie them up. Daisy gets the key and releases the tiger. This movie has got great side stories.

Max and Duke aren't allowed inside. He outside feeling scared. Funny scenes, he hears sounds. Rooster removes cone from Mac and says "halleluhia". Chloe teaches Gidget how to become a cat hahhaaaa. Funny scenes. Snowball and Daisy have to find a home for the tiger. They go a dog whose owner is never home. They go there with the tiger Poop. There are puppies there with Professor Pops. Pickles poops in the boot! Professor Pops is proud HAHAHA!

In the circus, the manager is angry at the wolves, he finds a clue about who took away the tiger. Gidget and the hamster go to the apartment full of cats to retrieve the busy bee toy. They fool the cats with a red laser dot and make them chase it.

"Max and Duke are having fun with the other animals at the farm. Max accidentally lets the sheep out and Cotton ,a little sheep escapes. Cotton is stuck up the tree on a cliff ledge. Max musters the courage to save Cotton. Great scene"

They return to the farm. "Some stuff happened" says Rooster. Duke says "Wow that guy really knows how to tell a story" hahaha! Great voice over acting by Harrison Ford. The wolves are after Daisy. They ask "Where is the tiger". She escapes. Professor pops visits Snowball and returns the tiger. Rooster teaches Max how to howl. Rooster leaves his red hankerchief for Max. Rooster is sad and says goodbye. Max and Duke are back in the city.

Snowball and Daisy are trying to hide the tiger and go through Max's apartment. The wolves and the monkey are after them. The manager also arrives and shoots the tiger with a sedative dart and take him and daisy away. Snowball and Max are in a toy car. The cats also assist with Gidget.

"They get on a train where the tiger is. Snowball vs The Monkey is awesome. There is hand to hand combat! hahaha! There is also a slap fight! Max gets thrown off the train. Then Max jumps back on the train!"

The train stops. The manager is about shoot the tiger! But the grandma and the cats run him over (rap music plays in the car). Max says that things got back to normal. The cat lady loves the tiger and she keeps him. Then we here the words "When life throes you surprises, run for it or run at it". When life throws you surprises. Liam goes to school and says "I love my doggies". At the end Snowball sings a rap song "Panda" hahaha.

"This sequel to The Secret Life of Pets is fantastic. What drives this film is the interesting characters. Of all the characters Snowball (played by Kevin Hart) was the most hilarious. Rooster voiced by Harrison Ford was memorable. Pops voiced by Dana Carvey also created big laughs"
I think that the comedic dialogue in this movie was exceptional. When there is action, the visuals are impressive. There was even a hand to hand combat scene between two characters! hehehe. What a funny 1hr 26min.




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