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Melissa McCarthy can definitely carry a comedy film but what's surprising here is the heart that her character shows.

A government spy is killed after investigating the movement of nuclear arms. Melissa McCarthy is sent to find out who is behind this to prevent a global catastrophe. There is a Villainess involved played by the beautiful Rose Byrne. Every conversation between McCarthy and Byrne is priceless due to there very different personalities. Jude Law makes a brief appearance as the number one spy and perhaps we get a taste of what he would be like as James Bond (but even his scenes are comical!).

Even though he isn't legally assigned to the case, Rick Ford (a fellow spy played by Jason Stratham) assists McCarthy. Stratham's hard man persona is upheld for the whole movie but there is this absolutely hilarious scene where he describes "how" tough he is.

The character of "Aldo", an Italian spy played brilliantly by Peter Serafinowicz, for me provides some of the biggest laughs. Watch out for his appearance at the end too. Bobby Cannavale plays one of the bad guys and he suits his comedic role.

"If the goal here was to provide hilariousness with ridiculous situations then the director has achieved their goal"
I laughed for most of the 120 minutes which is pretty rare this day and age for a comedy.

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