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Main Cast Reviews  Patricia Arquette, Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks Categories  Animation | Comedy Release Date  21st Jun 2019 7.5

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A new toy called "Forky" joins Woody and the existing group of toys. They go on a road trip and discover new friends and the world around them. What an outstanding cast: Patricia Arquette as Untitled (voice), Keanu Reeves as Untitled (voice), Tom Hanks as Woody (voice), Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear (voice), Keegan-michael Key as Ducky (voice), Michael Keaton as Ken (voice), Jordan Peele as Bunny (voice), Bonnie Hunt as Dolly (voice), Joan Cusack as Jessie (voice), Annie Potts as Bo Peep (voice), Kristen Schaal as Trixie (voice), Laurie Metcalf as Mrs. Davis (voice), Lori Alan as Julia Anderson (voice), Jodi Benson as Barbie (voice) and Tony Hale as Forky (voice).

Starts off with a rainy day. That sets the exciting mood. Inside the house the toys are up to something. They have lost a toy car. Woody saves him buy being connected to a coil and then attaching it to the car. Woody is sad because Bo peep and other toys are put in a box and taken away to another kid.

Woody is the favourite toy of the kid. The kid has a little sister. The song "You've got a friend in me" plays in the background. The mother cleans the room and puts all the toys in the closet. Some toys don't get picked by the little girl. They used to play house hehe. The little girl cries because she has to go to school. Woody runs into her bag and stows away on her trip to school. The little girl is nervous at school.

"She builds a toy with a fork called Forky. Forky is put in the bag with Woody. Forky talks!!! He shouts abrubtly!!! he is alive!!! Forky wants to go into the trash because he was made from trash!! hahaha! Great comedy! Forky is a great silly character"
The family is going on a road trip on the RV. It's funny... Forky runs towards trash bins! he's addicted. At night in the RV, Woody keeps a close eye on Forky. But Forky jumps from the RV window!

Woody finds Forky beside the road. Forky doesn't want to be a toy, he says that he is used for eating and then thrown in the bin. Woody explains things to Forky about the fact that kids need toys. Woody thinks he's seen Bo Peep in a store.

"Woody meets Gaby Gaby and Vincent. Two dolls. Gaby Gaby is a funny villainness"

But Gaby Gaby needs Woody's voice box! She wants to remove it! Woody escapes. The spaceman toy knows he has to find Woody so he leaves the RV. Woody finds himself in a playground with other toys. He finds Bopeep there!!!

"Bo Peep introduces him to Giggle McDinkles. She's a tiny toy! She lives in a popup little house toy hahaha with a tiny car!"
Woody explains that Forky is at 2nd hand antique store. Woody explains Molly's love for Bo Peep. Woody asks for Bo Peep's help. Gaby Gaby had kept Forky prisoner! She wants her voice box. Buzz light year is stuck in a carnival throwing game toy wall. He escapes. Bo Peep and Woody want to enter the antique store. Buzz uses his innervoice hehe. Buzz meets Woody. The fluffy toys that Buzz was with followed him.

They blame him for stopping them from getting a kid. But Woody says That Molly will be there next kid. Woody Buzz and Fluffy toys enter antique store. The dummy keeps watch. There is also a cat. The cat just destroyed a fluffy toy. "Theres so much fluff". Woody and Bo Peep fight the dummies. The fluffy toys imagine what to do hehe. They jump the old woman in the face hahaha. And jump her in the morning haha.

"Woody meets Duke Kaboom hehe A bike stunt racer. He is hilarious and does silly moves on his bike"

We need to jump over the isle to Gaby Gaby's cabinet. Duke Kaboom also had a kid who threw him away because he wasn't like the commercials. Bo Peep motivates Duke Kaboom "Whose the best rider". "Yes I Canada!" he says hahaha. Woody and Bo Peep prepare for a big jump! Duke Kaboom makes the jump with Woody. Woody grabs Forky and tries to escape. Forky falls to the ground. He is lost.

The other toys are safe though and they escape. The toys leave but Woody stays to save Forky. Buzz returns to the RV he tells the toys the situation. But Molly left her backpack at the antique store. Woody gets operated on and his voice box is removed. Gaby Gaby puts it in her box. Gaby Gaby frees Forky. A child looks at Gaby Gaby but she tosses her aside. Gaby Gaby is depressed. Woody is sad for Gaby Gaby.

They want to give Gaby Gaby to a lost girl. Back in the RV Buzz speaks and guides dad to drive to the carnival park. The toys position Gaby Gaby near lost girl. The lost girl loves her. Woody wants to stay with Bopeep and leaves Bonnie. The toys fairwell him. Woody says goodbye to Buzz. Woody is happy with Bo Peep and he wants to live the rest of his life with her. Buzz says "He's not lost, not anymore, to infinity and beyond".

"This movie had some very interesting characters: Woody, Gaby Gaby, Forky, Duke Kaboom, Bo Peep, Giggle McDinkles. Giggle McDinkles and Duke Kaboom being the funniest. The plot was great and easy to follow. Woody carried the film well and the animation sets were magnificent as usual"
There were some big laughs here. Forky had some of the best lines. I hope this series continues for a long time. Enjoy the funny and entertaining 1hr 40min.


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