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Main Cast Reviews  Melissa Mccarthy, Elisabeth Moss, Domhnall Gleeson Categories  Drama | Action | Crime Release Date  20th Sep 2019 7.6

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This movie has to do with the wives of New York gangsters. It's set in Hell's Kitchen in the 1970s. The wives continue to operate the rackets of their inprisoned husbands. The impressive cast includes: Melissa Mccarthy as Untitled, Elisabeth Moss as Untitled, Domhnall Gleeson as Gabriel O'Malley, Tiffany Haddish as Untitled, common as Gary Silvers, James Badge dale as Kevin O'Carroll, Alicia Coppola as Maria Coretti, Margo Martindale as Untitled, Bill Camp as Untitled, Jeremy Bobb as Rob Walsh, Brian D'arcy james as Untitled, Ethan Dubin as Loser Guy on 42nd Street, John Sharian as Duffy, Brandon Uranowitz as Shmuli Chudakoff and Wayne Duvall as Untitled.

We see a night view of the city. "This is a man's world" plays as the soundtrack. We cut to a home dining room. A mother (Kathy Brennan played by the brilliant and in form Melissa McCarthy) looks after her daughters. The father (who is a mobster) leaves, he's gotta take care of something. In another household a woman (Claire Walsh played by the beautiful and talented Elisabeth Moss) has an argument with another man. We then cut to another household, Ruby O'Caroll (played by the funny Tiffany Haddish also in good form) is having an argument with her spouse. We cut to a van in hells kitchen doing surveillence. All the husbands of these women are mobsters. These three husbands do a job on a liquor store. The Feds try and arrest them but they get beat up! Then other cops arrive by car and arrest them all.

Kathy, Claire and Ruby arrive and farewell their husbands in the police van. We cut to a court room where the three girls are there seeing their husbands getting sentenced. The girls go to a bar. The mother in law of Ruby is one of the head mobsters. "You F* Twats" says the mother in law to the three girls. Kathy chats to her father who offers her money. Kathy goes to the unemployment office. "Employees are looking for people they can depend on" a man says to Kathy. Kathy gets angry and storms off. The girls have lunch. They visit the rest of the gang. "We got your money in the envelopes, less than expected". Kathy wants to collect money from stores herself but the men say no.

"The men just say 'Accept my payment from the kindness of my heart and get the F* out'. These girls are strong to hang around these types 24/7. It's an ongoing theme in this movie that these girls aren't exactly dealing with gentlemen here... it's a rough and tumble world of crime"
The girls decide to do their own investigations on store owners. "F* balls... where has that gotten us" says Kathy to Ruby. "We're only good for having babies" says Kathy angrily. Claire works in a nunnery. She gets assaulted by a stranger. She goes to emergency. Claire gets angry and says she's not gonna get knocked around again. The other two agree. In a restaurant, Kathy says that kids can help rub off graffiti. Kathy gets paid for this. Kathy then talks to some thugs. She wants them to start paying her. Melissa McCarthy puts in a powerful performance here.

"They go to a nail and skin care clinic and ask for protection cash! The girls then go Disco Dancing hehehe. Cool scene. 'This store is your right, we'll protect you' says Kathy to store owner. Kathy visits her husband in jail. The husband says 'Whatever your doing...stop it'. He's afraid for her. When the girls start doing there thing you know it's dangerous and that draws you in"

We cut to Ruby asking a cop in a toilet "FBI still watching the Kitchen?". Ruby gives money to the cop to stay quiet. "They say they already paid for the week" say some thugs to the leader of the mob. They say "these girls are a problem". They let Little Jackie (head honcho) know. They have a meeting with little Jackie at the bar. Jackie is pissed off and he plans of threatening the girls.

"The girls talk to big mama. She says 'Run!'. The girls are somewhat scared. Kathy chats to her mother. Ruby chats to her mother. Her mother says when she was young she was soft. 'I beat you to get rid of that soft shit...' says mother to Ruby. This is an impactful scene"
In the next scene Claire is getting raped by a man. Another man (Gabriel played excellently by Domhnall Gleeson) shoots the rapist. The girls then drag the body into the toilet. Gabriel knows how to cut up and get rid of the body. Ruby and Kathy leave disgusted. Claire stays and cuts the other leg. This is a gruesome scene. The girls then hire Gabriel to muscle people. "These streets are ours now" says Claire. The girls hire more men.

"Kathy and Ruby chat to Big Mama. 'Knock yourself out' says big mama. 'I don't want you to do it. I want you to teach me how to do it' says Claire to Gabriel. They have a moment. 'I can make my own choices' says Claire to Gabriel. They kiss. Kathy says to the boys 'I don't want people F* with Hell's Kitchen'. The girls here grow in confidence, it's fun to watch"
The girls speak to a jewish builder. The girls want to help him and they want him to pay protection money. "Get the hell out of my office" he says. "We got criminals.. and their right down the street" says Kathy. Gabriel and Claire peform a hit. Claire shoots a man on the street. The girls drop old smelly meat in front of builders office. Gabriel and Claire dispose of another body. "We have to work with these people" says the builder to his team.

The girls also steal jewellery and place it on show on a table! "Oh Christ... they're F*ing" says Kathy to Claire and Gabriel. We cut to Claire and Gabriel having sex. Two cops wonder about a dead body... they're making investigations.

"The girls drive to a big piano store. They meet Alfonso Carretti. 'You girls have been busy' he says. 'You have been taking my business... for that I should... wipe... you... out' he says. He says there will be a construction site and a new convention centre. 'There's room for everybody' he says. Ruby says 'We want more... you got our back'. He says "I've got every part of you' hehe. Maria Carretti says 'Good on you.. you give those guys hell'. They asked for too much but they got it! This scene is pretty intense as Carretti is big time and the girls hold their own"

In a town meeting Kathy says she'll look after them. Kathy's father is angry "Your a criminal Kathy" he says. "10 years I lived with him... but I was alone" says Claire about her husband. "You are not alone" says Gabriel. There is great chemistry between these two. The cops investigate the street in a van. Then Kathy and Ruby have a meeting. Ruby has a meeting with Big Mama. Ruby opens a gate and throws her down and knocks her out! Kathy and her kids cook dinner. "Pretty doesn't matter... it's just a tool that women use" Kathy says to her kids. The cops surveilance the girls. At the police station, they have a stressfull chat. The husbands are released from prison.

Kathy hugs her husband. Claire's husband arrives to find all the furniture and contents taken. Claire is living with Gabriel. Agent Martinez is making a phone call and then he gets shot. "Step off my business" says husband of Ruby. Ruby then grabs his gun and leaves.

"Claire's husband tracks her, find her new residence and beats her up. Then Claire shoots her husband with a gun she was hiding. She then disposes of the body. "It was him or me Kathy" says Claire to Kathy. This is one of many gritty scenes in the movie where the girls hold their own"
We cut to Carretti "I thought you should know there is a contract out on you" he says to the girls. He adds "You go to war... there is no going back".

Kathy is angry at Ruby. Gabriel chats to Claire. Kathy has an argument with Jimmy her husband. The girls peform hits on Duffy and Ruby's husband. Kathy is with husband Jimmy. They are expecting a hit. Someone attacks Claire and Gabriel in their home. Claire shoots him then he lands on the ground. But the man does a final shot to Claire and kills her. What a gruesome action moment. Then there is a funeral for Claire.

"You expect me to take care of the kids while you play Mobster" says Kathy to her husband. We find out that it was all a setup by Ruby so that the girls could start their own mob! Ruby was the girlfriend to the main cop who was investigating. Carretti has Kathy's children in Brooklyn. Kathy goes to Brooklyn. They have Jimmy her husband there. "You didn\t make a place for me... it\s F* humiliating" she says to him. Kathy was betrayed and he lets Caretti shoot her husband. They go to the funeral. "I never felt safe.. now I put me first" says Kathy to father. "Times change.. you do what you gotta do... you survive" says father.

Ruby and Kathy are planning a meeting. Kathy meets Gabriel and Ruby. Its a dangerous meeting, everyone is armed. There is an understanding and Gabriel leaves. "I came here to give you an offer" says Kathy to Ruby. "Call them off" says Ruby to Kathy about her men. Ruby and Kathy walk away together. Cool ending.

"This movie has some gruesome action scenes and you are reminded about how strong these women were to inhabit such a world. The three leads; Melissa McCarthy as Kathy Brennan, Tiffany Haddish as Ruby O'Caroll and Elisabeth Moss as Claire Walsh all put in power house performances. Their characters were believable and they had great chemistry between them. Domhnall Gleeson also did great as Gabriel O'Malley"
There were a lot of good memorable conversations in this movie and so the script writing was at a great level. The plot was simple to understand and the characters were also multi dimensional. What an impactful 1hr 42min.


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