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Main Cast Reviews  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Linda Hamilton Categories  Action | Adventure Release Date  1st Nov 2019 N/A

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The plot for this movie is unknown. The full cast includes: Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator, Mackenzie Davis as Grace, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, Brett Azar as T-800, Diego Boneta as Untitled, Rochelle Neil as C-5 Co-Pilot, Natalia Reyes as Dani Ramos, Gabriel Luna as Terminator, Steven Cree as Rigby, Enrique Arce as Untitled, Fraser James as Major Dean, Nick Wittman as F-35 Pilot, Tristan Ulloa as Untitled, Mario De la rosa as Mexico City Cop and James Barriscale as X-ray Officer Baker.

We begin with Sarah Connor being interviewed. This footage is from the Terminator 1 movie.

"Sarah thinks it's going to be the end of the world. She screams. Then we cut to a coastline full of human skeletons. Terminators rise from the sea. They have metallic skeletons. This scene is innovative and has a big impact"
"That future never happened because I saved my son" says Sarah. But then in another possible world, the original T-800 (played by the experienced Arnold Schwartzenegger) shoots her son.

We cut to an electric ball that suddenly appears on earth. A naked girl (Grace played by the stunning Mackenzie Davis) is inside. Grace is a hybrid cyborg human. Some bystanders try to help her. The cops arrive and interrogate her. She defends herself in a brutal manner.

"She takes down the cops and then robs the clothes of the male bystander that helped her. She uses the clothes from this guy, perfect fit hehe just like in the older movies. In fact there are a lot of references to the previous movies in this film and I loved it"

We cut to Dani Ramos (played by the beautiful Natalia Reyes) entering her house. She has a brother Diego. It's a run down part of town. In this building another electric ball appears and a new liquid terminator (REV-9) appears hehe. He has a liquid metallic interior. This terminator is looking for Danny.

We cut to Danny and her brother at work in a car manufacturing plant. Grace, the cyborg woman, arrives at the car plant. REV-9 arrives in the form of Dani's father. Grace shoots him immediately. REV-9 is lethal, he can jump from long distances, has spikes for arms and absorbs hits/weapons advances. Grace hits him hard and a massive weight drops on him. The three of them run. Grace explains to Danny and Diego that the new terminator (REV-9) is from the future.

The terminator appears crashing through a wall and tries to run them down in a truck. Grace says she's "augmented" and that her mission is to save Danny. Grace is brutal and very nice looking too. Athletic and strong, an equal match for the Terminator (REV-9). The terminator can create two versions of itself which is innovative and impressive. The terminator throws poles at them. They crash. Diego got speared and is bleeding. REV-9 crashes through at speed and demolishes the vehicle with Danny inside. Grace and Danny flee.

The black skeleton Terminator appears with REV-9. They ready themselves to pounce. Sarah Connor then appears from nowhere! and blasts them both. Dani says 'Who the F* is that?' Grace says 'don't know'. Linda says 'I'll be back'.

"Then the black exo skeleton Terminator is absorbed by REV-9. What an impressive CGI sequence!"
Grace and Dani have driven off by this point. Grace is exhausted, she's part human. Grace urges Dani not to go to the cops because REV-9 will kill them all. Danny and Grace go to chemist and Grace orders several tablets. She then faints.

Linda arrives and picks them both up. Linda throws away Dani's phone out the car window. Dani and Linda and Grace go to a hotel and give Grace meds and take care of her. She is heavily injured, it appears that she is somewhat human a nd can only take so much.

"Grace is still passed out and remembering a past mission as a soldier. We cut to a scene with Terminators with tentacles that attack them. Intense battle scenes. Grace gets viciously attacked but survives. They operate on her, perhaps augmenting her. Grace then wakes up from her dream"

Grace then attacks Linda. They fight and then Dani walks in. Sarah says "Mommy's and Daddy's sometimes fight" hehehe. Grace asks questions to Sarah and Sarah asks her questions. Grace says she's still human but augmented... faster, stronger.

"Linda wants to flee right now. She warns them that they won't last 10hrs. Grace says 'If you get in my way, I will f* you up' hehe. Grace has a cool personality. She's commanding and funny at times hehe"
The three girls drive off. Sarah explains her past experiences with Terminators. She also tells them that she has been receiving sms's.

They ditch the car and walk. They get on a train full of people trying to cross the border. REV-9 is still in mexico retrieving information from a police station. On the train Grace explains what happens when it all fell apart in the her future. She says that millions died then the food ran out and billions then died. She shares her memories. Then Linda guesses that Danny is the new mother of the future savior that the Terminators want to kill.

Grace says to Sarah "If your mother mary why do I want to beat the s* out of you" hehehe. Once again Grace shows her funny side. The girls walk to the border. They dig underneath the entry wall. But then the border patrol are there on the other side in numbers. They shine lights at them. They arrest them and put them in processing. They analyse Grace who is injured. Her skin wound is unnatural. REV-9 arrives posing as a soldier.

Grace escapes with Dani and opens all the gates. Sarah also escapes. Linda, Grace and Dani escape in a helicopter.

"Dani is brave and risks her life to shoot REV-9 and saves Sarah. Grace is angry because Dani is too important for this type of thing. REV-9 tries to jump and grab the helicopter rails but fails. This is an exhilerating action scene"
The girls go to the location of the mystery texts. Its T-800! (played by the always reliable Arnold Schwarzenegger). Sarah wants to shoot him instantly but Grace stops him. This is the T-800 that shot her son John. But it appears that this T-800 has changed sides.

T-800 says he's a Cybernetic System 101. Sarah says to Dani "I never took any photos of John". She cries.

"Inside the T-800 prepares Corona's with lime HAHAHA! Arnold Schwarzenegger cracks me up!"
Sarah comes inside and says to T-800 "Lets cut the shit". T-800 says that after he shot John he grew a conscious and became more human.
"Alicia, T-800's wife arrives and he says 'My wife needs my help with the groceries' HAHAHA! Arnold Schwarzenegger looks buff, it looks like he worked out for this role. T-800 says 'My name is Carl'. Sarah says 'I'm not going to call you fucking Carl' HAHAHA! T-800 then adds 'My wife married me because I efficiently change diapers... I'm efficient and I'm funny' HAHAHAAAAAA!!! This has to be one of the funniest lines of the year. Arnold excels here. These unexpected comedic scenes are hilarious!"

The create a plan. They want to create a kill box, lure REV-9 and use Dani as bait. T-800 shows the girls his impressive gun room. The girls practice shooting. T-800's family leaves because it's unsafe. Arnold says "my past has caught up with me". Then the girls leave. REV-9 arrives at T-800's place. T-800 and the girls have already gone to their kill box, an old factory.

In the factory Sarah meets a Major that gives her a super weapon. REV-9 arrives.

"The girls and T-800 flee in a van. Then they get on a plane. REV-9 jumps on board while it leaves! T-800 shoots rounds at him and he drops off. REV-9 lands on a farm shack and says sorry hehe. This is an excellently coreographed action scene"
It appears that Grace knew Dani in her world. In Grace's world Dani saves a young Grace from thugs who are after food. Then this version of Dani gathers up the remaining survivors and turns them into soldiers to fight the terminators.

Grace says "Dani, you are the future and not the mother of the savior". The plane is getting attacked,

"REV-9 is destroying it from the outside. REV-9 comes inside and fights T-800. Great intense hand to hand combat, they push and pull each other with brute force. Arnold Schwarzenegger still has action man in him!"
T-800 jabs REV-9 with spike and hammers him against the wall. T-800 shoots at the back of plane to open hole. They plan to use the big vehicle and jump off with it. T-800 and REV-9 land in sea and fight each other. The girls are in the vehicle about to deep drop into a huge waterfall.

REV-9 tracks them and free falls into the waterfall. Grace is there to attack him. Linda and Dani are caught in the vehicle under water. They just escape and make it above water. They are exhausted. Grace is also there. They walk to a door. Grace wants Danni to run. Grace says that her power source is the only way to defeat REV-9. T-800 shows up. He bashes through the door. The four of them run inside. REV-9 walks in. "Let me have her" says REV-9. "No, were not machines you mother f*" says Sarah.

A brutal fighting scene then commences. They fire at him but he keeps regenerating. They use chain against him, Grace and Arnold both. They enter a round spinning device in the plant and push the terminator to the bottom. There is a blast and Grace and Arnold are injured. Grace wants Dani to cut her power source out. It will kill her. Dani is sad. "You saved me, let me save you" says Grace. Dani removes source. Dani fires at REV-9.

She nearly defeats REV-9 but it chokes her. T-800 is still alive and stabs the terminator! Dani then puts the power source into the eye of the terminator and it implodes. T-800 helps put it there but he perishes. The old Terminator 1 music plays hehe. Dani cries over the fact that Grace is dead. We cut to a playground. Then Sarah and Dani drive off. The Terminator 1 intro track plays. Nice ending and I liked the use of the original soundtrack.

"This movie has some of the best action sequences of the year. I'll also add that the comedy dialogue was totally unexpected and it makes you laugh out loud! Arnold Schwarzenneger excelled in his comedic delivery hahaha. Linda Hamilton has always excelled in her role as Sarah Connor. She's one of the toughest characters in the series. Mackenzie Davis as Grace was just as tough and had an intriguing personality. Natalia Reyes as Dani also gave her all. Gabriel Luna as REV-9 was a menacing ice cold villain, great performance"
The new version of the Terminator (REV-9) had great character design and innovative technology. It split in two and then the two reconnect, how cool. The Terminator series is always worth watching with it's high impact action scenes and interesting plots. What a exciting 2hrs 8min.


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