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Main Cast Reviews  Dave Bautista, Kumail Nanjiani, Karen Gillan Categories  Action | Adventure | Comedy Release Date  12th Jul 2019 8.0

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This movie is about a police detective who recruits his Uber driver to do some errands for him leading to an eventful night. The talented cast includes: Dave Bautista as Vic, Kumail Nanjiani as Stu, Karen Gillan as Morris, Natalie Morales as Nicole, Betty Gilpin as Untitled, Mira Sorvino as Untitled, Iko Uwais as Teijo, Jimmy Tatro as Untitled, Christine Horn as Upscale Hotel Manager, Joshua Mikel as Untitled, Jennifer Riker as Art Collector, Scott Lawrence as Doctor Branch, Amin Joseph as Leon, Jennifer 'ms fer' russell as L.A. Clippers Fan (as Jennifer Ms. Fer Russell) and Lyon Beckwith as Columbian Drug Dealer.

We see a top view of the city, cool visuals. Two police officers enter a hotel. They are investigating something. They get fired upon by some thugs after exiting an elevator. Vic Manning (played by the sturdy Dave Bautista) fights a thug. Fantastic hand to hand combat with body shots and head shots. The girl cop shoots another girl thug. The male thug is called Tedjo and he runs away.

"Tedjo does pakor and he escapes! Brilliant jumping and falling scenes. Tedjo is played excellently by Iko Uwais. This guy knows martial arts and pakor like no other actor I know! Tedjo climbs down internal balconies of the hotel by falling then grabbing the corrider walls, wow! Vik throws a table down and it hits Tedjo! Brutal. This is the best action scene I've seen all year! It's also one of the most exciting movie introductions I've seen"
A female cop gets killed by another gunman. Vic is angry and shouts "Nooooo!". We cut to a silly uber driver called Stu (played by the hilarious Kumail Nanjiani). Stu has many customers. He's in love with an ex female customer called Becca (played by the beautiful Betty Gilpin). We cut to Vic in the police office. He blames himself for losing his cop partner. Becca visits Stu. Vic goes to the doctor. Due to the previous cop chase he can't see well.

Vic chats to his daughter (in her twenties) and says he'll visit her at an art show. Vic's new cop partner tells him that Tedjo is in town. Vic has eye problems. Vic then hires an Uber driver. Vic wants to go to Korea Town. He really can't see well. They make a good duo. The Uber driver, Stu, is played well by the funny Kumail Nanjiani. Vic had accidentally selected the "Uber Pool" option so two girls get in the back seat. Stu wants to take them on board but Vic kicks them out and tells them he's a cop! Stu starts getting scared.

Vic is investigating the where abouts of Tedjo. Stu waits in the car as per the orders of Vic. Becca chats on the phone with Stu. She tells Stu that she split up from his cheating partner. Vic finds out that Leon has been found dead.

"Vic and Stu then go to Compton. Vic and Stu enter a gay bar hehe. There is a female pimp that is funny. Vic interrogates her. He's after some info about a criminal. The female pimp says 'he liked blow jobs... from the back.. and that's hard' HAHAHA! This is one of the funniest lines of this years movies"

Becca calls Stu and they want to watch "When harry met sally" and then maybe have sex afterwards hehe. Stu wants to quit working with Vic! But Vic insists. They go long beach. Vic investigates a house. There is a house party on, people are smoking. Vic still can't see well and he points his gun at the fishtank and then the microwave hehe. Vic is after Elmo Cortez. Vic arrests Cortez and puts him in the car. Vic gives Stu a gun to guard Cortez in the back seat.

"Stu shoots cortez in the leg in a funny way hehe. Cortez passes out. Vic says to Stu "Well done! Your first shot!" hehehe"
They go to an animal hospital. The doc there knows Vic. Vic interogates cortez and asks him info. They send a fake sms from Cortez's phone. Someone arrives outside and takes Stu hostage. Vik wants to make a swap. Cool scenes. The thugs mention Vic's wife. Vic gets angry. The men fire at Vic. Stu is caught in the middle. The doc is outside listening to the song "All you need is the air that I breathe and to love you" hahaha.

Stu throws cans at the thugs! hehe He gets some of them. Vic shoots them with a hand gun. Great action scene. Vic and Stu get in the car. Stu chats to Vic's daughter. Vic gives his daughter a gun to protect herself. He says he's close to Tedjo. She's angry. Stu says to Vic that he's got a bad face hehe.

"They steal guns, rifles and bullets from an ammunition store. Vic gets angry at Stu hehe. They fight out of anger hehe, funny scenes. They throw objects at eachother. They make a mess of the store. Both end up tired on the ground. Stu says 'fighting is hard' HAHAHA!"

Then owner of the shop arrives, he's angry. "Soy loco" says Stu hehehe. The two get into car. We then see top view of city at night. I love these shots, so cool. Stu continues to work with Vic. Vic chats to Becca and says hes in love with her. A crooked cop woman pulls a gun on Vic. Stu runs her over hehe. Vik gets in car and there is a gunfire carchase. The car runs out of petrol. They walk off. They enter a factory. Vic can see again!

He drives a van to escape but they stop him. Vic fights Tedjo hand to hand combat. Nicole, Vik's daughter shows up. Tedjo shoots her but Stu jumps in front and takes the bullet in. Then Vik jumps Tedjo (who is distracted) and chokes him. Stu's uber car catches on fire and Stu shouts Nooooo... and then shouts "It's a lease"! Both Stu and Vik are taken to hospital. Vik hugs Stu. It's Christmas and Vik visits his daughter Nicole. She is now going out with Stu!!!

"There a few laugh out loud moments in this film. Dave Bautista as Vik and Kumail Nanjiani make a dynamic duo! The action in this movie is superb. The hand to hand combat scenes were shot to perfection. Fast paced body shots, use of objects, jumping, chasing, weapons... it's all there! Batista is funny to watch. For a big guy his comic timing isn't bad. Kumail was also fantastic. His subtle humour hit the spot. Iko Uwais as Tedjo is my vote for the villain of the year! Iko's level of pakor and martial arts is supreme"
Quite simply, I call this the best action comedy of the year. Enjoy the action packed 1hr 33min.


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