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Main Cast Reviews  Chadwick Boseman, Taylor Kitsch, Sienna Miller Categories  Crime | Drama Release Date  12th Jul 2019 N/A


This movie is about an NYPD detective who is disgraced after a case. He is given one final shot to sort it out. The talented cast includes: Chadwick Boseman as Untitled, Taylor Kitsch as Untitled, Sienna Miller as Untitled, Gary Carr as Hawk, J.k. Simmons as Untitled, Keith David as Untitled, Stephan James as Untitled, Jamie Neumann as Leigh, Dale Pavinski as Tom Cheever, Victoria Cartagena as Untitled, Shayna Ryan as Press, Louis Cancelmi as Bush, Toby Hemingway as Untitled, Christian Isaiah as Untitled and Katie Mcclellan as Kim.

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We hear the bell sound of a church. A preacher does a sermon.

"A young boy listens in. It is the funeral of his policemen father Reginaled. He was an honourable man says the preacher. The preacher says that his son is also fearless and inquisitive just like his father. He was 13. 19 years later the kid has now grown up. What a great back story to the main character Andre (played excellently by Chadwick Boseman)"

Andre is now a detective. He is in a court hearing. The judge asks if he regrets killing criminals. Detective Andre uses a war analogy and says only 3 out of 10 soldiers actually fired in the civil war.

"Andre lives with his mother. His mother is old and ill. What an intense performance by Chadwick Boseman as Andre. Andre is a tired cop"
We cut to top view of the city skyline at night, cool. Two thugs drive through the city. Michael (Stephan James) and Ray (Taylor Kitsch) are the two thugs. They put bandana cloths on their face to hide their appearance.

They enter a restaurant. They are their for the owners bags of cocaine. It's in the freezer. There are bags and bags in there. They steal some. Then the cops come. They heard a disturbance. The thugs are still there.

"They shoot at the cops. They throw the cocaine inside their car and drive off. Another cop car arrives and the thugs shoot them instantly. The sound of the gunfire is loud and intense. Another cop car arrives and they fire rounds at him. We see the night city skyline again. This night time action is awesome"

The thugs drive off. They leave the scene, they are nervous. Andre arrives with other cops and they check out the scene. It's a depressing scene, many cops went down. One of the senior cops is mad at Andre, he's emotional. Andre asks for their names. Andre knew Marcus (one of the cops that died). They went to the academy together. "He leaves 6 kids" says Captain McKenna (played excellently by the experienced J.K. Simmons. Captain McKenna says he doesn't want trials and parole meetings. "I'm asking you to protect the families from that" he says to Andre.

Captain McKenna says it was a big coke hit, one of the biggest in recent time. The two thugs change clothing and they are very anxious. Andre analyses the scene and says the second thug was a talented killer. There is a Narcotics women there too (Frankie played by the beutiful Sienna Miller). The two thugs approach a dealer. He had given them the wrong information. We cut to an operations police centre. Andre gets some info from there. Andre is after them, he wants to catch them tonight. "They weren't expecting cops" says Andre.

Andre knows that the thugs will want to move those 50 keys of cocaine. He has a lead in Chinatown.

"Andre then tells the senior policemen that he wants to close the entire island of Manhattan! He wants to trap the thugs. 'Catch them by 5am' says comissioner. '21 bridges in/out of manhattan... close them all down' says Andre. The music here is epic and awesome, you know your in for a thrill ride"
The thugs ditched their car and had set it alight. The narcotics girl knows that Andre killed a lot of perps in the last 10 years.

Frankie wants to know if Andre has got her back, she has a kid at home. Great acting by Sienna Miller. The thugs visit a big drug dealer. There is tension. The thugs want 1 million. The dealers laugh at him. Andre visits the girlfriend of one of the thugs. He interrogates her, she is nervous and says this thug was small time. The thugs leave. The girl says his name is Raymond Jackson. Ray used to be in the army. The other thug is the little brother of Avel, the best friend of Ray.

The thugs then go to another upperclass dealer. Ray is nervous and agitated and doesn't trust the dealer. They leave their coke in his safe. The cops then raid a nightclub and find a perp that knows those two. The cops shoot him quickly. The upperclass dealer is giving them new passports and identities. But the NYPD arrives and hit the front door. They fire and kill the upperclass dealer.

"The two thugs fire back with heavy rounds from a machine gun. The sound is again intense. The cops slam open the door. The two thugs run off through a window. What great heavy action scenes"
Andre arrives with narcotics girl and they chase the thugs. The thugs separate. Ray is injured. Ray enters a restaurant. He aims at a staircase that Andre is on. A man steps into aim and Ray fires and kills him. Andre then shoots Ray.

Ray breathes heavily and dies. Frankie is looking for the second thug Michael. She goes into the meat section. Michael takes Frankie hostage. Andre aims at Michael. Andre talks to Michael who is very nervous. Michael said that the owner gave them usb drives of info. There is something else going on perhaps. Michael then runs and locks himself inside a room.

Michael escapes through a back door. He changes clothes. He tails a man going into his apartment. Frankie says "Why didn't you shoot him... I thought you killed cop killers". Andre says "I want the truth". The commisionner says "you got one hour left". Michael checks the drive of info. The info appears to be a list of cops. The other cops spot Michael leaving the building. They chase him.

"Great foot chase with rapid fire. Michael bursts through a window. Andre joins in the chase. There is also a heicopter shining a light on Michael. Great fast paced action scenes"
Michael goes in a stationary train. Andre also goes in. The train starts moving. Andre tells the bystanders to move aside. Michael says the 8 cops killed aren't clean.

Andre and Michael have a tense conversation. Andre wants him to drop his gun. Frankie then shoots Michael. Andre is furious "You didn't see the gun down". Michael gives Andre the drive. Andre and Frankie are exhausted. The cops congratulate Andre. Andre borrows Frankie's phone and see's she's dialled other cops. Andre doesn't trust Frankie. Andre is exhausted. The news reports that Manhattan was pure carnage and action.

"Andre visits Captain McKenna as this home. Andre suggests that cops were moving coke. The cops were laundering at the same place the thugs were. Captain McKenna says 'this is not about cadillacs and rolex's, it's about having a life'. He explains the tough life of the cops, lost real estate, broken marriages. 'A city that they protect with their lives' he says. This is an intriguing part of this movie"
Andre then describes the gruesome death of his father.

The killer was high of coke and hence Andre takes a stand against drugs.

"Captain McKenna says I'd rather you look the other way. Andre says 'I'd rather look the Devil in the eye'. A cop walks beside the house and fires at Andre. Andre ducks and survives. Captain McKenna escapes. Andre shoots outside cop. Captain McKenna locks himself in a room. Andre fires at leg range and gets Captain McKenna. Captain McKenna is hurt and breathing heavily. What an intense action scene"

Captain McKenna goes for his gun and Andre has no choice but to shoot him. Frankie walks in. She aims at Andre. Tense scene. She has the drives but Andre said she's got copies. "You pull that trigger you get life" says Andre. Frankie drops her weapon. The police arrive. Andre drives off with the drives. We see a final view of the city skyline in the daytime. What a great way to end.

"This movie has some intense action scenes. They were all well coreographed. The movie also has a fantastic plot with some twists. Chadwick Boseman plays an experienced cop really well. Sienna Miller as Frankie also did excellently. J.K. Simmons as Captain McKenna put in a fine performance as a corrupt cop. The two thugs; Ray (played by Taylor Kitsch) and Michael (played by Stephan James) also put in strong performances"
21 Bridges has a great plot with intriguing characters. The action scenes are fast paced and innovative. Enjoy the action packed 1hr 39min.

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