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This reboot of Tomb Raider is well worth a viewing. Firstly, we see scenes of Richard Croft (Lara's father) researching "Himiko" a cruel warrior leader. We see a young Lara farewelling her dad who wants to go to the Ruins of the Himiko Empire in an island off Japan. Her father then disappears. The cast includes the beautiful and talented Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft, Dominic West as Lord Richard Croft, Walton Goggins as Mathias Vogel, Daniel Wu as Lu Ren (the drunken sailor), Kristin Scott Thomas as Ana Miller (Lara's step mom/guardian)

We then see Lara boxing/fighting with another girl, great fighting shots. She has a food delivery job on bike. She enters a Fox hunt game (other bikes have to chase her and steal the bike's fox tale hanging out back. These inner city bike chasing scenes are innovative. This type of back story to Lara (before she becomes a Tomb raider) is awesome. I guess the previous Lara Croft movies didn't have to much of this type of thing. A back story can sometimes be critical in how the audience bonds with the main character.

Lara's step mother/guardian Ana tells her that she has a massive inheritance. She refuses to sign the papers. At this point you care for the character that Alicia Vikander (Lara) has created, what a great actress. We know that Lara is conflicted and is a true athlete.

She goes to the office to sign! She is given a keepsafe last present from her father. A japanese puzzle. She retrieves a note from it then visits her dad's grave (a large stone grave with an entrance). She opens a secret door and it leads to a room (an archeologists room). In a video to his daughter Lara he says to burn all Himiko's files. Lara decides not to burn them and pawns her necklace to do a voyage to the island.

This Tomb Raider movie has some memorable action sequences. Some kids steal her bag but she gets it back. This scene was quick paced, great editing of Lara jumpin from boat to boat. It's the first of many scenes with editing, kind of like in a a computer game. They arrives on the island and meets a cruel explorer called Vogel. Vogel says that it was he who killed Lara's dad. She is now a slave that removes stones in some sort of archiological dig. Her escape is also reminiscent of a computer game (plenty of side shots, jumping, evading bullets). It makes you feel like your in the action.

The best large scale action sequence is memorable. She crosses a cliff using a fallen tree branch. The landscapes are brilliant. There is a big old rusting plane at the end of a waterfall. This scene is epic! She holds on to it but then has to leave it before the whole plane goes down the waterfall. Alicia Vikander definitely has the physicality to play Lara Croft and this scene proves it. She opens an old parachute and escapes the falling old vessel.

There is ofcourse the "Entering of a Tomb" sequence later on and this is done well, plenty of thrilling moments here. A whole team of people enter but how many will survive? You'll have to watch and see.

Lara Croft isn't an easy character to portray because the character has such a cult following. So well Done Alicia!

"This Lara Croft is believable, she has a compact strong build which adds to the authenticity of the character. I guess the producers of this movie got it right by casting Alicia Vikander who is used to more serious drama movies"

The introductory scenes/back story before Lara Croft becomes a Tomb Raider is what made this movie special. The audience is given time to like and empathise with the lead character. Then as she becomes an explorer you go on the ride with her. Brilliant. What a great action movie and it will take you back to the original Indian Jones movies because you barracked a lot for that lead character to survive too! An action packed 1hr 58min.

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