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Main Cast Reviews  David Oyelowo, Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton Categories  Action | Comedy | Business | Adventure Release Date  31st May 2018 7.8

Gringo has an innovative funny plot! Harold (played brilliantly by David Oyelowo) is a businessman that goes on an adventure when he has to travel to Mexico to confirm a deal for a large organisation. The cast also includes Charlize Theron as Elaine Markinson, Joel Edgerton as Richard Rusk, Amanda Seyfried as Sunny and Thandie Newton as Bonnie Soyinka (Harold's wife).

The movie starts off in an office, Richard (played by Joel Edgerton) gets a phone call from Harold (played by David Oyelowo), he's been abducted in Mexico. The criminals want 5 million dollars. This is an exciting beginning to the movie.

We are then taken to 5 days earlier. Harold drives to work listening to Will Smith. Nice soundtrack in general through out the film. Joel Edgerton as Richard does a great job as a conniving boss of a pharmaceuticals company. Harold works for Richard and there is tension within the company.

In another scene in a guitar shop a woman walks in talking to an attendant. She wants to use the Attendant to move some drugs from Mexico. Back in the office, Harold suspects that he is going to lose his job and checks out some info on his Boss's computer.

The Managers and Harold travel to Mexico. Richard and Elaine (the other manager played brilliantly by the talented Charlize Theron) are angry that they are selling products to the wrong people. To stop these sales they have to convince a Mexican Client "Sanchez" to stop selling pharmaceuticals to a drug dealer. This proves to be very difficult. I must say Charlize looks stunning through out the whole film. She plays a stuck up beautiful business woman with a dry sense of humour. She is at times heartless but always alluring.

To make matters worse for Harold, his wife is also having an affair and she wants to leave him. His wife gets on Computer Video Conferencing to tell him hehehe. She uses an analogy that he didnt spot the Gorilla in the room. In other words he didn't know there was something wrong in their relationship. He asks "who is the Gorilla?" hahaha. This is both sad and hilarious. There is a depressing funny tone to this film which I love.

One of the funniest scenes is when the Mexican consultant speaks to the drug dealer and tells him the Owners of the drug want to discontinue selling it. The drug dealer asks the consultant "Is Sargeant Pepper the best Beatles Album?". Then he says if anyone says Yes they should die hahaha. He ends up cutting the toe off of this consultant and then tells him he works for him. He finishes by saying that the best beatles album was "Let it Be" HAHAHA!

It ended up that Harold faked the kidnapping from a mexican hotel room. He did this to get back at his two bosses. Richard is having sex with Elaine when they recieve the call. It seems that through the movie Elaine wants sex from Richard and it becomes funny after a while hehehe. We also find out that Richard is having an affair with Harold's wife! This movie has some interesting twists and turns.

Harold gets abducted from a bar, this time for real. But he fights them off in the car and there is a car accident, great action. The two young drug mules find Harold on the side of the road exhausted, they look after him. They take him to a hotel. Harold gets along with Sunny (played well by Amanda Seyfried). Amanda shows plenty of heart in her performance.

In another twist Harold gets abducted again by Richard's Mercenary brother! Harold escapes from him and the rest of the film is about Harold trying to make it out of this mess.

What I love about this film is it's tone. It starts off rather dull and depressing and then it gets funny. An awkward type of funny. Joel Edgerton and Charlize Theron do a wonderfull job as the somewhat crazy bosses of Harold. The two have great chemistry.

"David Oyelowo as Harold puts in a subtle performance and you see his character grow into a exciting action type man. I think Charlize stole the show though, she has great screen presence and sometimes her dialogue is hilarious"
Enjoy the entertaining 1hr 51min.

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