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Thor (played excellently by Chris Hemsworth) is in a suspended cage explaining how he got there, it's funny. He then talks to Surtur, the demon character that imprisoned him. Thor defeats Surtur an he takes his horns as his prize and leaves this realm. A Dragon chases Thor as he arrives into Asguard, he defeats it (this scene is fantastic). He sees a play with Thor and Loki characters hehe. To make things funnier Matt Damon appears playing Loki with black hair!!! HAHAHA. The look on Damon's face is ridiculous!

Dr Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) turns up, pulls Thor and Loki through a portal that takes them to him. "I have been falling for 30 minutes" Loki says! hahaha. Then a queen appears called Hella (wonderfully played by Cate Blanchett). Hella is Thor's long lost sister. Hella tries to destroy Thor, she sends him to another planet.

Hella stays in Asguard and defeats there army. Idris Elba returns as Heimdall. Great battle scenes here. Blanchett excels in these actions scenes, the evil look on her face and majestic manerisms are mesmrising. Thor is a planet controlled by the Grandmaster (hilarously played by Geoff Goldblums planet. The Grandmaster mistakenly calls Asguard "Assberg" among other names hahaha (Goldblums dry comedy is awesome here!).

Hella stays in Asguard and explains that she was part of it's creation. Thor is held captive in that planet and is set to battle the champion fighter. It ends up being the Hulk/Bruce Banner (brilliantly played by Mark Ruffalo ). Hulk is in angry mode and really goes after him. Epic fighting sequences here. It is a mismatch but Thor gives as good as he gets, they both survive. Both Thor recover after their battle. Thor tries to escape and he gets electronically tagged.

Thor plans his escape after meeting Valkyrie played by the beautiful Tessa Thompson. The rest of the movie is about Thor's escape and ultimately his final duel against Hella.

There are several very funny scenes in this movie. Goldblum is simply hilarious and unique as The Grandmaster. He previously uses a magic stick to destroy a prisoner convicted of a crime. When the next prisoner is sitting in front of him, the guards hand him the magic stick again and he goes "Not the melt stick!" priceless comedy.

In another scene Hulk turns back into Banner. Banner had no clothes to change to so Thor dresses him in Tony Stark clothing. Bruce Banner jumps from a spaceship expecting to turn into the Hulk, then he lands on his face! It's hilarious! There is also a creature called Korg with a New Zealand'er accent that is very funny. He's powerfull but very delicately spoken! Korg is voiced excellently by Taika Waititi.

"Thor the character has changed from the first movie. He is funnier and more charasmatic than ever, well done Chris Hemsworth. For me Geoff Goldblum (The Grandmaster) as a secondary villain is the standout. Cate Blanchett is unrecognisable as Hella, wow! Great acting."
Secondary villains often steal the show these days, much like the supporting characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Thor the character has evolved and he's now more charismatic as ever. The big laughs and big action sequences make this the best Thor movie yet! I can't wait for the next installment. Enjoy the full 130 minutes.

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