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Main Cast Reviews  Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson Categories  Comedy 7.6

Daddy's Home 2 has an awesome cast. Will Ferrell (Brad) and Mark Wahlberg (Dusty) return as competing fathers. Mel Gibson (Kurt) is Dusty's father and John Lithgow (Don) is Brad's father. Those actors are seasoned veterans of action and comedy. The casting of these fathers was superb, you actually believe they're related to their sons. Rounding off the cast is Brad's wife Sara (played by the beautiful Linda Cardellini). Dusty's wife Karen (played by the stunning Alessandra Ambrosio). John Cena hilariously plays Roger (Karen's ex).

The movie starts off with scenes of the two dads sharing their kids. Will gets into a hilarious accident in the playground. This sets the comedic tone of the film.

They go to see the play of their daughter and they find out that the daughter hates christmas because of the separate parties etc. So then the two dads plan a "together christmas". Co-incidently the parents of the dads visit; Kurt (Dusty's father) and Don (Brad's father).

One of the funniest lines in the movie is when there at the airport and Dust's Dad Kurt comes down the escalator and Will says "This is going to come out funny but... he's beautiful" HAHAHA! (the look on Will's face is too much!). On arrival Brad kisses his dad Don in the mouth it's laugh out loud funny. Lithgow (Don) vs Gibson (Kurt) was perfectly cast.

Kurt finds it hard to fit in trying to say hooker jokes to the kids. Kurt talks to Dusty and insults Brad right in front of Brad (the camera pans out and you see Brad sitting right next to them). hehehe.

Kurt wants to go on Holiday. They drive to the holiday destination, Don and Brad drive Kurt mad with their songs! The kid son see's a girl next door and falls in love. The parents plan on giving him "the talk". Don says "I gave Brad 'the talk' and then Brad returned to his dorm room" (signifying that Brad was old when he had the talk) hahaha. Dusty recalls that Kurt made love to the moms of his friends, he gets upset.

There is a big accident with a snow dispersing machine. It eats up the christmas lights! The little sisters make life hell for the little brother who looks at girls. It's funny, the little sisters say "Did you french her...". The dads give the son competing advice "friends Zone or End Zone". Brad cuts down a tree and it ends up being a cell phone tower hehe.

There is light comedy through out this movie. But they sprinkle some hilarious moments through out lead by Brad. Kurt and Don are perfect additions. The family still uses the cell phone tower tree inside the house as their christmas tree hahaha. Lithgow is lost in the wilderness and surrounded by a pack of wolves. The wolves flee and Don collapses! Don catches Brad at night walking around "Brad, did u make Pee Pee in bed" after Brad spills cocoa hehehe. They go bowling and Kurt doesn't want a kid to use safety railings. He ends up scoring zeros and one final shot goes in (after some advice from Kurt).

They meet santa and the son asks for a shotgun but the little girl ends up going to the woods with her dads and shooting turkeys! Mel gets shot accidentally and goes to hospital, he fights with Dusty. Will organises a dads night out. They go to improv theatre. Will learns that Lithgow divorced his mom. The third step dad shows up (John Cena x-wrestler). In a very funny scene the whole family performs as characters in a nativity scene, it's hilarious to see their faces. They argue with themselves and the crowd laughs. Will pump fakes and throws a snowball missing Walhberg and knocking out Don! Don gets hit accidentally twice more in the face hehehe.

Christmas day arrives. They all leave the cabin angry. They drive out in the storm. They go to the movies. Don beats up Will to bond with him. The son goes in for his first big kisses but instead of the neighbour girl, he kisses his step sister! Dusty says he loves everybody. Cena is about to leave disgusted but Walhberg urges him to stay. Brad starts singing "Christmas time" it's hilarious!!! They have a party in the cinema. They leave at the airport, Gibson kisses Walhberg on the lips! haha. Will meets his new Step dad but gets angry.

This movie essentially shows different styles of parenting. It is a great family movie. Light comedy at its best with Ferrel providing some of them more hilarious moments as per usual. The chemistry with the members of the family was great. Lithgow and Gibson were fantastic, I never knew they could excel in a comedy movie. I also never tire of seeing Wahlberg vs Ferrell. The wives; Linda Cardellini and Alessandra Ambrosio bounced off each other well. John Cena was laugh out loud funny, a great addition. Enjoy the hilarious 100 minutes.

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