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There were outlaws in the wild west. Thieves and bounty hunters running amuck. It must have been tough for the decent working folk in the towns. In this movie, seven gun men in the old west gradually come together to help a small village that is under threat from cruel thieves.

I'm used to the cowboy movies of old (John Wayne and co). I must say this movie has good landscapes just like in those movies. Great sound through out the movie (i.e. horse riding and ambient sounds). Peter Saarsguard (Beau) from lost in translation is perfect for the Villain. This guy knows how to act and he has range. In every one of his movies, he excels. When will he win an Oscar! The title sequence of this movie is perfectly timed. Chris Pratt is funny as usual, he provides the comic relief. The wideshots of the landscapes are awesome.

Denzel Washington is cast well as the leader of the group. There is good chemistry within the Magnificent 7 team. The asian/american (Byung-hun Lee) character was a good addition. The bow and arrow scenes were entertaining. There is also the obligatory eating beans in a group scene, these guys were starving, it makes you hungry.

Ethan Hawke excels as the guy who's lost a step and doesn't have the faith to fight on. In the original there was also a character that doubted himself. Vincent Donofrio delivers a subtle performance. The leading lady (Haley Bennett) did great. She was tough and sexy and her dialogue was good.

I liked how the whole town chips in.

"Anticipating the final fight between the villains vs good guys is what drives this movie"
The villain organises a massive posse and the odds are against the 7. Denzel on horseback shooting with one leg loose, epic shot. The horse jumping in mid air scene also made me think of the classics. Well worth 2hrs and 13minutes.

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