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Mila Kunis (Amy) manages to put in a comedic performance with some sentimental moments in this comedy about moms going wild. In the intro sequence you see the multiple tasks of being a mum and the speed at which they go. I felt exhausted just watching it! The plot revolves around three over worked women who stop being perfect mom's and go wild. Together they take on the head of the PTA, a power hungry mom who dominates the school.

The casting was superb. The mix of women in the main mom's group was just right (Amy played by Mila Kunis, Carla played by Kathryn Hahn and Kiki played by Kristen Bell). Very different women but they had great chemistry. David Walton (Mike) plays the goofy husband of Amy and you wonder how they ever got together. Jay Hernandez plays Amy's love interest. Clarke Duke is a good character actor and he plays Amy's boss.

There a few stand out scenes. There was a drunk grocery store scene which was superbly shot, the girls were rude and hilarious. Then there is the sex talk scene between the moms in the toilet! The marriage councilor ( Wanda Sykes) advising the main couple to get a divorce was ridiculously funny. Hahaha Wanda always makes me laugh I was just waiting for her hilarious punch line!

"Christina Applegate plays the mean ruthless villain mom. What a performance, she steals every scene she's in"
Her feuding with Mila was intense and awkwardly funny. Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Mumolo play the friends of the villain mom.

Bad Moms makes you realise all the pain of being a mother and how mom's are still normal people who also want to have fun. It's a corny message but well delivered. The movie ends with interviews of the cast's mothers which was funny. Everybody has a mom and so people of all ages will enjoy this movie. 100 minutes of pure fun!

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