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Main Cast Reviews  Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe Categories  Sci-Fi | Action | Adventure Release Date  21st Dec 2018 7.5


Arthur Curry / Aquaman (played by the talented Jason Momoa) was a highlight of the Justice League movie. Arthur Curry is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. He must both lead his people and be a hero on land too. This movie Stars: Amber Heard as Mera, the experienced Willem Dafoe as Vulko, Patrick Wilson as King Orm, Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus, Yahya Abdul-mateen ii as Manta, Temuera Morrison as Tom Curry, Ludi Lin as Captain Murk, Michael Beach as Jesse (Manta's Father), Randall Park as Dr. Stephen Shin Graham Mctavish as King Atlan and Leigh Whannell as Cargo Pilot.

There is a big storm. A man (Tom Curry played by the talented Temuera Morrison) sees a woman injured by the sea, she washed up on shore. She turns out to be a super being, a Queen of Atlantis. Tom Curry is the keeper of the light house nearby. He helps the queen recover and they make love and have a baby, a half breed. Sometime later soldiers from Atlantis attack the house. They have an advanced armoured uniform and they look menacing. She defeats them.

In an awesome scene (set in the past) a very young Arthur Curry sedates a shark that wants to break out of an aquarium with his powers. Then we cut to Arthur Curry as Aquaman. He goes on board a submarine. The build of aquaman is huge and powerfull. He fights the soldiers inside the submarine. Great hand to hand action here.

The soldiers fire bullets at Aquaman. His special swimsuit and hands stop the bullets. He is trying to save a russian crew in another submarine that became the target of this vessel. He rescues the crew. Aquaman visits his father. Back on land in bar, some bikie bug thugs say "Aren't u that fish boy from the news?". Aquaman replies "That's fish man to you" hehe. You think the bikies are menacing then they say "We just want to... take some photographs with you" hehehe.

In Atlantis the chiefs are in discussions. Then we cut to some Atlantis soldiers attacking sub marines and beaching them all over the word. We also a past scene where Aqua man is learning to swim under water with one of the chiefs, Vulko, played by Willem Defoe who is in fine form. Then Aquaman visits Defoe. Defoe tells him that there is an inner war, that a leader called Surfa is angry.

In Atlantis the soldiers attack Aquaman. These soldiers are menacing. Great character design. The new King of Atlantis (King Orm) is the half brother of Aquaman. He doesn't get along with Aquaman to well. "You know there was a time when I wanted to meet you... you turned into a dick" says Aquaman to him. King says to his peaople "My brother has come from the surface to challenge the throne".

King Orm and Aquaman battle, great hand to hand combat and trident attacks. The brother cuts Aquaman's trident in half. But in the middle of the fight the Mera (played by the beautiful Amber Heard) saves him. They run away in an underwater vessel. They need to find secrets that will make Aquaman king. They fly over the dessert and arrive at their first destination. An ex soldier (from the submarine that Aquaman attacked) who hates Aquaman is given a super suit and a sword to seek revenge on Aquaman by the soldiers of Atlantis.

They discover a device and it gives them knowledge. They then travel to Italy for some more clues. They see through a hole in a statue to find a clue, they're trying to find how Aquaman can be the true king. They get attacked by Atlantis soldiers. Mera defeats them in great hand to hand combat. The technologically advanced soldier in his super suit attacks Aquaman.

This super soldier is menacing and can jump great distances. He and Aquaman fight, great action scenes. One of the Atlantis soldiers gets his mask taken off and he needs water so he puts his head in the toilet hehe. Aquaman swings the super soldier and he hits something and lands in the sea injured. Mera and Aquaman are on a boat. They get attacked at sea by beasts (skeleton like creatures). They survive.

Then Aquaman meets his mother on shore of a special island. She tells him to enter this cave to get the true Kings trident. He defeats the guards and gets the trident. Back in Atlantis, King Orm is destroying Atlantis. Some interesting visuals here. King Orm vs Aquaman is a great matchup. The hand to hand and trident action is awesome.

They fight to the death. Aquaman defeats his half brother. The mother wants to stop the violence. Aquaman claims the thrown. The mother goes back to the home of his father, Tom Curry. Aquaman says "I'm son of the land, king of the seas!". The soldier in the super suit washes up on shore. A scientist helps him. "But first, you gotta tell me how you find him" the soldiers says pointing to a newspaper photograph of Aquaman. It's a good way to end the movie.

"People clapped at the end of this movie. This is a testament to the acting of Jason Mamoa. He has a great presence and has action man written all over him. The beautiful Amber Heard also did very well as an Atlantis warrior"

Willem Dafoe always brings a great depth to his characters and his performance here was no exception. Patrick Wilson as King Orm also excelled. He provided a good villain. The Atlantis soldiers were very innovative, great character design. I was surprised to see Nicole Kidman in this movie and she brought forth her elegant acting style. Enjoy the action packed 2hrs 23min.


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