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Gene Wilder was in his prime here. This guy has got to have one of the most expressive and funniest faces in show business! Not only that, he has expert comic timing. I love it when he rants and raves in this film. Gene does it in his other movies too, it's one of his trademarks.

While at work, Teddy (Gene Wilder) is smitten with Charlotte (Kelly Le Brock) a model used in a new Ad Campaign. He has a wife and family and he finds it hard to ask her out. His friends help him out but is this what Teddy really wants? Kelly Le Brock was the hollywood "it" girl at the time and it seemed odd at the time to have her as Gene's love interest. But Gene makes it work playing a doofas that will stop at nothing to get her attention. You actually believe that Charlotte could fall for such a fool.

Gilda Radner (Gene's real wife at the time) is also seen in a hilarious support role. The comic timing between her and Gene in their scenes together is impeccable.

What a soundtrack. It's mainly Stevey Wonder songs but they suit the silliness of the movie. Teddy's friends also deserve a mention; Buddy (Charles Grodin), Joey (Joseph Bologna) and Mikey (Michael Huddleston). They added to the hilarity.

"Gene Wilder was a comic genius. He could make you laugh with raucus behaviour or just a simple odd look"
I will forever remember him in this role as Teddy as this is one of the first adult movies I saw as a kid. We will miss you Gene, there will never be another comedian like you. I will enjoy these 87 minutes again and again.

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