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Leonardo DiCaprio has an impressive body of work. We all know that he always puts 100% into his characters and the Revanent is no exception.

It could be described as a simple revenge story with amazing backdrops and action sequences. But it's much more than that. In this movie we see the brutal nature of the 1820s american frontier. Tom Hardy plays the villian (John) who leaves Leo's character (Hugh) to die after a bear mauling. Hugh seeks vengeance and wants to track him down. Tom Hardy as John puts in a solid performance. He is poetic at times and is an equal match for Leo's Hugh. Also, Domhnall Gleeson (Andrew) has a great supporting role.

Full points for director Alejandero Inarritu. With exquisite camera angles, you feel like you are in the movie. The bear mauling scene as per the trailer was superbly shot. The sound and visuals combine to form one of the most memorable action scenes I've ever experienced.

"Ultimately, this movie makes you question revenge and loss. Leonardo DiCaprio expresses his emotions with expertise. When he hurts you hurt, when he's exhausted your exhausted"
As an actor he challenges himself time and time again. You will be entertained for the full 156 minutes.

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