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Ben (Robert De Niro) plays an older business man that gets an internship at an online fashion site run by Jules (Anne Hathaway). De Niro's comedic skills aren't seen often on screen but he excels here.

The supporting cast was supurb. Jules colleague's; Cameron (Andrew Rannells), Jason (Adam Devine), Davis (Zack Pearlman), Lewis (Jason Orley) were the comic relief. The character of Jason was hilarious. Renee Russo plays Ben's love interest and their both in one awkward funny scene.

The mentoring relationship between Ben and Jules is interesting. There are issues with Jules' work life and personal life, will experience win over young ambition?

"De Niro and Hathaway make a good duo and the laughs are well worth the entry fee"
Enjoy full 121 minutes.

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