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Main Cast Reviews  Taraji P. henson, Wendi Mclendon-covey, Pete Davidson Categories  Comedy | Drama | Romance Release Date  8th Feb 2019 N/A


A female sports agent (Ali Davis played by the sumptuous and talented Taraji P. henson) finds it hard to compete against her male counter parts. Magically she gets the ability to hear mens thoughts and hence gets an advantage over those male sports agents! Wendi Mclendon-covey as Olivia, Pete Davidson as Untitled, Max Greenfield as Untitled, Kellan Lutz as Captain F***tastic, Aldis Hodge as Untitled, Tamala Jones as Untitled, Josh Brener as Brandon, Shaquille O'neal as himself, Erykah Badu as Sister, Richard Roundtree as Skip, Tracy Morgan as himself, Brian Bosworth as Nick, Jason Jones as himself and Mark Cuban as himself.

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A woman (Ali Davis played wonderfully by the sexy Taraji P. Henson) is working out in her home. She has her own treadmill hehe. She is a sports agent. She has a personal assistant (Brandon played by Josh Brener). She bosses him around.

She's perving at a man in the lift of her apartment. He ignores her. She thinks to herself "What, my ass doesn't look good in this skirt?". The first of many cool music tracks plays during this scene. The song "Poison" from BBD plays in the background. You know this movie is going to have a great soundtrack!

Ali arrives at her office. She works at a sports agency. She has an important meeting. In the boardroom two of her male colleagues say "Ali, can you handle locker room talk?". The colleagues are referring to swear words and rude talk that men usually engage in. You can tell that at her managerial level there are mainly men. Sometimes she struggles to be taken seriously.

The first round draft pick for the basketball season is called Jamal and the company that Ali works for wants his business. The boss also is about to promote someone. Who ever he throws the american football to, he'll promote. He throws it and Ali intercepts the pass. It's a funny scene hehe. The ball wasn't mean't for her. It was mean't for Eddie (played by Chris Witaske) who gets the promotion. "This is boys club bullshit" Ali says. The boss says "You don't handle men very well".

She visits her dad in a boxing gym and lets her anger out. She says to her dad "I'm gonna sign Jamal". She goes to a bar with her dad. The song "So I freak" plays in the background hehe. She flirts with the male bar tender (Will played by Aldis Hodge). She goes back to her place and has sex with Will. It's rough sex hehe. During the sex, Will says "I can't breath!" haha. The song "Push it" plays in the background.

She comes late to work. She's got a condom stuck outside her bag! Jamal and his father show up. The father of Jamal, Joe 'Dolla' Barry is played hilariously by Tracy Morgan. Ali doesn't get on with Joe. Ali then goes to a friends house to unwind. She tells her to visit a psychic to fix her problems.

Ali visits a psychic who is very funny. She lays down psychic cards. She also lays down a UNO (card game) plastic "skip 4" card HAHAHA! She asks Ali to drink a potion. Ali thinks nothing of what the psychic did. Then she and her girlfriends go to a nightclub. Great great music! Ali dances well. There is a an energy to this movie because of the upbeat soundtrack.

At the nightclub she accidentally bumps her head hard. She wakes up with the ability to read mens minds. It may also have to do with the potion she drank earlier. The assistant Brandon drives Ali to work and she can hear his thoughts! She walks into the office. Then she hears the thoughts of all the men in the office. She says to her assistant "I am booking a psychiatrist with side by side couches!" hehehe.

She visits the psychic that put her in the spell to try and undo it. But she suggests Ali keep this power. "Weren't you the one that said that men were holding you down" says the psychic. So now Ali realises the ability to hear mens thoughts is an asset! The song "I got soul and I'm super bad" plays in he background hehe.

She participates in a poker match at the house of one of the managers. Mark Cuban (a real life famous billionnaire) shows up. Mark says "I've got to stop playing with poor people" HAHAHA. That was sarcastic but very funny. Shaq (the famous ex-basketballer) shows up too! The song "Pay my telephone bills" plays in the background.

She loses on purpose to Joe 'Dolla' Barry (Jamal's father). It's strategic, making Joe feel happy so as to make him easier to work with. She bumps into the blonde gym guy in the lift. She can hear his thoughts too. They make out and he invites her to his apartment. He ends up being a masochist lover like Christian Grey! hehehe.

Eddie, Ali's nemesis at work has prepared an Ad campaign for Jamal. It's hilarious. One of the catch cries is "Can't nobody ball like jamal and bitches like Jamals balls" hahaha.

"Joe 'Dolla' Barry tells Ali that he really likes to take care of his sons health by giving him only healthy food. Joe says passionately "I give him sunflower seeds, pistacchios, cherries, duck sauce... soy sauce" HAHAHAHAAA!!! That was the funniest line of this year so far!"

She listens to Jamal's thoughts (and his dad). Joe trusts her because he thinks that she has a family (she was seen with Will and his son). So she now pretends that she's married to Will and that the kid is their son.

They all get box seats to a basketball match. Joe is impressed after meeting Ali's fake family! Jamal meets another famous athlete. The thoughts inside the heads of the people around Ali are always very funny. This occurs through out the movie. She plays snooker with Will. He helps her out and gets close. Great music here.

Will and Ali sleep together again. Plenty of sex in this movie! "I felt like a just ran a marathon" says Will hehe. She visits her dad. The inner voice of the men around her crack me up every time. Jamal is about to sign with a Chinese team. Jamal is in the news.

Will is saavy to Ali's plan. "That's why you really invited me to the game? ... you used my son as a prop" hehehe. Will is upset and leaves. She visits the psychic, she can't take it anymore and wants to stop hearing mens thoughts. The psychic says she can't help.

Ali goes to her friends wedding. She reads the grooms mind and she knows that he's a cheater. Ali ruins the wedding, accusing the groom of cheating etc. Then all the wedding guests go bizerk, accusing each other of also cheating haha. Ali then gets accidentally hit by one of the guests with a vaass. She wakes up in hospital. She doesn't hear mens thoughts anymore! She visits her father and he has some good advice for her.

Ali wants to sort out Jamal. She convinces him to finally stay in the NBA. She also apologises to her friends about the wedding. The NBA Draft night is on and Jamal is very happy. The boss makes Ali partner. But Ali doesn't accept and she wants to start her own agency. Her nemisis Eddie will now be her cofounder.

Her assistant Brando is now an agent under her! It was always his dream to be one. She visits her ex boyfriend Will. Ali says to Will "Winning doesn't matter if your a horrible person". She explains herself to Will. She goes to the park with Will and his child. Typically, the movie ends with a cool song!

Taraji P. Henson carries this film well. She has comedic talent and she also shows plenty of heart.

"What a performance by Tracy Morgan! He has been really funny on TV but he is now at home in feature films. I would like to see him play a lead role in another romantic comedy or an action comedy"
There is a lot of energy to this movie due to the upbeat soundtrack. There are some laugh out loud moments including a line of dialogue which I found the funniest this year so far! Enjoy the funny 1hr 57min.

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