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Main Cast Reviews  Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgard, Salma Hayek Categories  Drama | Business Release Date  1st Mar 2019 7.8

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A pair of high flying stock traders ( Vincent Zaleski played by Jesse Eisenberg and Anton Zaleski played by Alexander Skarsgard) compete against their old boss. They're trying to make millions in a fiber-optic cable deal. The supporting cast includes: Salma Hayek as Eva Torres, Michael Mando as Mark Vega, Johan Heldenbergh as Amish Elder, Ayisha Issa as Ophelia Troller, Mark Slacke as Tasso Casilieris, Sarah Goldberg as Mascha, Frank Schorpion as Bryan Taylor, Kwasi Songui as Ray Engineer, Conrad Pla as Agent Santana, Julian Bailey as Elliot, Jessica Greco as Dr. Bloom, Robert Reynolds as Gas Station Owner and Wyatt Bowen as Hotel Clerk.

We see a long stretch of road. Then two business men chat in a car. They're talking about a fibre tunnel. Vincent (played well by Jesse Eisenberg) chats about a dream he had. He dreams of a straight endless line. We cut to an office. There is tension. We see stock market reports.

"We are taken to a dinner that three business men are having. They're digging a fibre tunnel from Kansas to Newyork. Then we cut to a family dinner with Vincent and his family. The business scenes are slow so the audience understands everything. There is a sombre chilled out mood to this film from the get go which I enjoyed"

We cut to the company, three employees chat to Eva (played excellently by Salma Hayak), the boss.

"Eva has arguments with her staff, mainly Anton (played very well by Alexander Skarsgard). Alexander Skarsgard is almost unrecognisable as the very bald Anton"

Eva thinks he's lost his spark. Vincent and Anton resign from their work. Eva isn't happy, she screams. Vincent and a crew start digging a tunnel. There is another meeting with two senior partners. They need to dig through a mountain, it's going to be very hard. Vincent and Anton go on the plane. Anton gets scared with turbulence so they take a road trip instead.

The driver is the latino. The latino driver tells them an interesting story. They arrive in a hotel. Anton sets up his laptop. The three have a dinner. Eva wants to build big communication towers to compete with Vicent's project! Vincent talks to a drill company.

Vincent has stomach pains, he see's a doctor. The doctor says "theres no easy way to say this... you have stomach cancer". Vincent tells Anton he has nightmares. He's depressed. But he's still obssessed with his straight line fibre tunnel dream. Anton was in a sauna. Anton gets visited by Eva. Eva tells a story to Anton about how in the past some business man got framed and tries to scare Anton. She says he'll pay.

Anton is stressed, he can't think. Vincent has an argument with the tunnel diggers. He gets angry. The tunnel diggers have defected to Eva!

"Anton has a drink at a bar and chats to a bartender. He describes what he does for a living to her and they seem to get along. The bartender girl was very understanding and she was played brilliantly by Kaniehtiio Horn. She comforts the stressed Anton. Quiet scenes like this make this movie special"
Eva chats to her staff. Vincent goes on a boat trip with a tunnel digging manager lady. Then he goes on plane trip and he has stomach pains. He visits Anton.

Anton and Vincent go on a road trip. He gets a flat tire. A construction buggy drives by and they pick them up. The buggy takes them to the construction site.

"In the construction site one of the workers brake a drill bit. It seems that nothing is going to plan for Vincent. But Vincent persues his dream nonetheless. This determination makes this character admirable"
Then Vincent has a meeting with an old man, the CEO of a big firm that has partnered with him. This CEO says that this project has been nothing but trouble. But he agrees to give Vincent more money. Vincent has a massage. He cries, probably about his illness. It's sad. Anton sees a mysterious man waiting outside his hotel. Vincent talks to an Amish community about fibre cable which is ironic hehe. The leader of the community isn't interested and he's very direct to Vincent about the fact that he doesn't want the fibre cable at all. Vincent gets angry at him.

"Anton makes a call to a manufacturer and he finds out he can go 1 millisecond faster with his technology! He celebrates in a funny way, he dances in a geeky manner hehe. Alexander Skarsgard stole the show for me. He created a very unique introverted, reserved geeky character. Nothing like any of his other performances"
Anton then gets chased by FBI for stock marketing fraud. Vincent goes to the woods and Eva has left a message for him on the ground. It's a message that Eva has put up many comunication towers that are faster than Vincent's fibre cable! Vincent comes back with a chain saw! he wants to cut the towers down! hehe. Vincent collapses. Anton is in jail and gets called by his wife. They put Vincent in hospital. What a great series of scenes.

Anton hacks Eva's communication towers servers and their speed drops! The CEO visits Vincent and he says "because of you we might lose the company". It's a tense scene. The latino driver says to Vincent "It's not the destination, its the people we meet and the lessons we learned". Anton visits Vincent. Anton says "we were going to succeed" and he consoles Vincent.

Vincent visits the Amish community again. He tells them he's taken off the tunnel underneath his property.

"It's fitting that he's getting philosophical about his project in an Amish community that is anti technology. It's a beautiful way to end the movie"
There is a good slow pace to this movie. Essentially, It's a business movie about a driven man and his project. Jesse Eisenberg as Vincent carried the film well. He excelled in the scenes when Vincent was sick and torn about his project. Selma Hayak as Eva played the role of a ruthless business woman well. Alexander Skarsgard as Anton was the highlight of the movie. Great acting. Enjoy the full 1hr 51min.


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