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Main Cast Reviews  Alisha Boe, Diane Keaton, Jacki Weaver Categories  Comedy Release Date  5th Apr 2019 8.2


Poms is a comedy movie about a group of women who form a cheer leading squad at their retirement community. They prove that your never too old to entertain! The awesome cast includes: Alisha Boe as Untitled, Diane Keaton as Martha, Jacki Weaver as Sheryl, Pam Grier as Olive, Charlie Tahan as Untitled, Rhea Perlman as Alice, Bruce Mcgill as Untitled, Celia Weston as Untitled, Phyllis Somerville as Untitled, Frank Hoyt taylor as Paul, Suehyla El-attar as Shopper, Jessica Roth as Susan, Dorothy Steel as Dorris, Carol Sutton as Ruby Jenkins and David Maldonado as Tom.

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Martha (played by the beautiful and experienced Diane Keaton) is having a garage sale. She says she won't pass her junk to her kids and so she's selling it all. She has lived in this same apartment for 40 years. Her grandma used to say "We don't die, we live in the memories we experience". A customer asks who is the owner. Martha fakes that the owner of the Garage sale is dead from cancer. It appears that Martha actually does have cancer herself.

"She packs up her things and drives to a Retirement Village. Martha walks up to the main office. A lady asks her "What brings you here to Sun Springs?". Martha says "I'm here to die" hahaha!"
She gets introduced to the village facilities. There are many clubs. One of the clubs is "The Southern Belles". She gets a safety debriefing hehe. The security guard says tell us if there are overgrown hedges hehe. She goes to her village apartment. There's a bottle of wine waiting for her. A lady visits her "I hope u were a man... theres not enough erections here" says Sheryl (played wonderfully by the charming Jackie Weaver).

"At night her next door neighbour, Sheryl, is making too much noise. Martha calls security. Dorris, the elderly Security Secretary (played hilariously by Dorothy Steel) says it's a 501. The Security Chief, Carl (played by the experienced Bruce McGill) says '501? Somebody's getting raped?' HAHAHA! Then the secretary says 'What's a noise complaint?'. The chief replies 502 not 501! HAHAHA! This scene cracked me up!"
The neighbour Sheryl is playing poker! but she lets Martha in. Chief Carl arrives and chats to Martha who says everything is fine now. Chief Carl tells her "Doris and I will be on steak out just in case" hehehe. Sheryl wants to take Martha out for lunch. Sheryl drives a buggy. "My only talents are poker and poking" says Sheryl to Martha hehehe.

Sheryl takes Martha to a funeral and says there is heaps of food. Sheryl is packing food inside her purse. Martha looks at the deceased in their coffin and gets agitated, she's sad and leaves. Martha leaves fast and stops answering Sheryls phone calls. Martha is in her house vomiting. There is a TV Ad saying that after you die u can send your ashes up in fireworks hahaha.

Sheryl visits her. Martha thought she was a burglar. They end up chatting and looking through some of her old memorabilia. Martha pulls out a sweater and says she was a cheer leader. Then she says she had to quit the team to take care of her mother. Cheryl borrows Martha's cheer leader uniform. Martha then looks at old photos including one of her as a young cheer leader.

Cheryl's grandson opens the door. Cheryl is teaching Sex Ed at highschool. Martha visits her and says that she is starting a Cheer Leading Squad club. Martha applies to start the club. She is told that they need 8 members to start a new club.

They start interviewing... hehehe. The best one is an old lady that dances to the Shania Twain song "Man I feel like a woman!" hehehe! Then there is a funny flexible Yoga instructor. Then there is an aerobics woman dancing to "I'm every woman" and she shakes her booty hahaha! Then there is an ex cheer leader that twirls her stick!

Shelley tells Marthat that she'll join the Cheer Leading Club on one condition. Martha has to teach the grandson of Shelley, Ben played by Charlie Tahan, how to drive. Ben says his parents failed him and he lives in the retirement village with Shelley, his grandmother. This movie has a laid back chilled out mood.

"They still need two more applicants. They visit Alice (played by the talented and funny Rhea Perlman). She has a strict husband. Alice says his husband will let her join the club 'over my dead body'. The husband then dies soon after! hahaha. After the funeral Alice then joins hehe. What a hilarious laugh out loud scene"
They have their first practice session. They have to make a list of everybodys illnesses hehe. Sheryl had clamidia hehehe.

One of the old ladies sons doesn't let her pay the $100 club entry fee. The commitee is thinking of cancelling the recreation room for their cheer leading training. Martha is sad and vomits again. These scenes of Martha being sick are quite sad but you know that she has resilience and the strength to go on.

She then gets more energy and does her first routine with the old cheerleaders. The visuals of the old girls training is cool. They look good! Alice swears because her husband didn't allow her to. The commitee cancels the training room. The old girls go to school to find a hall. They actually end up going to a school rally! The old girls trash talk the young girls. Then the young girls say "break a hip". Shelley replies to them "get pregnant" says the old girls.

The old girls do their routine. One of them breaks her ankle! The young girls post the old girs routine on social media. The video goes viral. Chloe (played by the beautiful Alisha Boe) is a part of that girls group but doesn't like what they did.

The commitee wants to ban the cheerleading club. The old girls are angry. The old girls miss cheerleading. Sheryl meets Martha for a drink. They look at the social media footage and know that Chloe the cheer leader shot the video. Then Martha and Sheryl visit Chloe's house to talk to her parents. They confront Chloe and she ends up crying! Chloe says in her defense that she didn't know her friends were going to post it on social media.

"Sheryl is putting the squad back together and they need a choreographer. They blackmail Chloe into being the choreographer! hehe. Because she had a big house party and they were going to tell her parents! They introduce Chloe to the old girls group. This is a great moment, the old girls are happy and Chloe is pleased to meet them. There is a theme here about how the young respect the elderly and that's cool"
They hire a hall. Martha says "say one thing that's good about yourself".. someone says "my tits!" hahaha. Other say my hands, my smile, my wrist hehe.

"The old girls also find a new 18+ competition! The old girls say their too old. Then Sheryl says "Were 18 plus 50"! The old girls then train for their competition and there is a great funk soundtrack 'I'm a rebel just for kicks'. One of the old girls, Olive (played by the experienced Pam Grier) is chatting to her husband. He says 'I always wanted to date a cheer leader' and then he gets affecionate hehehe"
Chloe chats and gets along with Ben (the grandson of Sheryl). It appears that Ben likes Chloe but he's kind of shy. The commitee leader tells Chief Carl to find out what the girls are up to! The song "Im coming up" plays in the background. Martha teaches the girls some new moves. That night Martha vomits once more, she's sick again. This is true resilience shown by Martha. The team trains again and they do Yoga in a house shed.

"A son of the Yoga old woman (Helen) shows up and wants to take his mom away from the group. He's rude to Chloe and calls her a slut but Sheryl stands up to him! 'What did you just call her?' says Sheryl powerfully hehehe. The son backs down and runs away. Great scene by Jackie Weaver as Sheryl. She proves she is also great at drama!"
Martha feels sick and collapses on the grass on her way home. Next we cut to the hospital, Martha is now there. "Why didn't u tell me" asks Sheryl about her cancer. Martha says "I'm dying". Sheryl says you should be dancing your ass off. Martha says "She's scared" and cries. Great sentimental scene.

It's competition date and Martha is late! Then Martha arrives with the shuttle bus. They have to get Helen! Martha says to grandson to make her move on Chloe! They break into the angry son of Helen and they snatch Helen! They wheel her away. Helen gives the finger to her son. The old girls drive away! The commitee leader/Vicky chases them in a buggy with the guard.

"The old girls arrive at the competition. The other young girls are there competing! Cloe says she never had a grandma before. This is a very sweet scene"

The admin of the competition meet and say that they cant compete they're too old.

"But then Chief Carl arrives and says that what the competition admin said about the age restriction is in violation of the law! They have to allow these old girls to compete! What a great scene"
The old girls huddle. Ben turns up to watch! The old girls perform to a modern dance track. The crowd claps. Martha leads well. They look good in their short skirts!

"Then hard core dance music plays! Diane Keaton still has a smoking hot body! hehe. The crowd loves the new move that Martha created earlier. They finish their routine"
We cut to one year later and the old girls are still dancing "In memory of Martha Walter for Cancer research". So it appears that sadly Martha passed away. It's sad but inspiring. "We're doing this for Martha" says Sheryl. The old cheerleaders walk to the stage. What a great ending. Then the video from their earlier performances plays. We see footage of other people dancing to the moves of the cheeleaders!

"This movie has plenty of heart. The fact that the protagonist Martha has cancer and is trying to get the most out of her remaining life is uplifting! Martha played by the experienced Diane Keaton has great chemistry with Sheryl played by the equally talented Jackie Weaver. The other old girls played by Rhea Perlman, Phylis Somerville, Pan Grier, Patricia French, Ginny MacColl and Carol Sutton are all famous actresses and did an outstanding job. I also loved Chief Carl (played by Bruce McGill) and Dorris (Chief Carl's secretary played by Dorothy Steel)"
What a funny and inspirational movie. This movie proves that you can have fun at any age! Diane Keaton hasn't put a foot wrong in her whole career and she continues to pursue interesting topics in her movies. What a fantastic 1hr 31min.

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