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Main Cast Reviews  Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie Categories  Comedy | Drama | Action | Romance Release Date  9th Aug 2019 8.9


This Quentin Tarantino movie is about an unpopular TV actor and his stunt double. They go an adventure to gain popularity and fame in the film industry during 1969 Los Angeles. The super cast includes: Leonardo Dicaprio as Rick Dalton, Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth, the gorgeous Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate, Kurt Russell as Utitled, Scoot Mcnairy as Business Bob Gilbert, Victoria Pedretti as Lulu, Rebecca Rittenhouse as Untitled, the experience and talented Al Pacino as Marvin Schwarzs, the beautiful Dakota Fanning as Squeaky Fromme, Timothy Olyphant as Untitled, Lorenza Izzo as Francesca Capucci, James Marsden as Untitled, Tim Roth as Untitled, Austin Butler as Tex and James Remar as Untitled.

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We see footage of an old black and white film. Rick Dalton is acting in the cowboy series "Bounty Law". Then we cut to Allen Kingkade interviewing Rick Dalton (played excellently by Leonardo DiCaprio) and Cliff Booth (played by the experienced Brad Pitt), his stunt double.

"Rick says 'Well actors are required to do a lot of dangerous stuff. Stunt doubles help carry the load' hehe. Cliff adds 'That's about right'. It's a quiet introduction to the movie and some what silly. Of course, Tarantino specialises in sarcastic silly dialogue hehe"

Cliff gets in a 1960s car. Soul music plays in the background hehe.

"In fact through out the whole movie there is an awesome choice of music from that era as the soundtrack!"
We then cut to the airport where we see a blonde woman (Sharon Tate played by the gorgeous Margot Robbie) collecting her bags. Rick drinks at a bar with Cliff.
"'I have a meeting with a very handsome cowboy man' says Mr Swartz (played by the super talented Al Pacino) to the bartender. Once again we see Tarantino specialising in silly dialogue as per Pacino's first words HAHAHA!"

"Is that your son" says Schwarz about Cliff the stuntman hehehe. Schwarz says he saw a "Rick Dalton double feature. Then we cut to footage of Rick in the movies. His soldier character says "Anybody order fried sout krout!" before using a flame thrower to incinerate 5 german soldiers. Rick says he had to practice with the flame thrower.

Then we cut to a cowboy movie "Bounty Law" hehe. Then we cut to footage of a TV music show where Rick is singing hahaha! Schwarz describes that Rick has been doing too many TV shows where he was the villain. "Who's gonna kick your ass next week" says Schwarz to Rick. Schwarz adds "Do you want to do that or do you want go to Rome?". He means doing big films in Italy.

"Rick (teary eyed) says to Cliff 'It's official old buddy, I'm a has been'. There is great chemistry between the two. It feels like they've been friends for ages. This is Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt at their best"
"I gotta do Italian movies" says Rick. Cliff drives him away from the studio to another destination. We cut to hippie women searching for food in bins. Cliff says it's ok that Rick do spaghetti westerns. They drive to Cielo drive.

Cliff and Rick arrive at Rick's hollywood home. They see someone drive into the house next door. Rick says "That was roman polansky, first time I seen him". Cliff says "Your gonna need me for anything else?". You can tell these two friends are close.

"Cliff drives off at speed. He is a stunt man and must have done stunt driving because we see him drive fast! He also looks cool inside the car with his shades on. These fast driving scenes are awesome!"
He drives out of the city. Cliff lives in a camper van with his dog.
"Cliff drinks beer from a can and feeds his dog a bone. He then feeds his dog food from a can. Cliff then prepares a meal for himself in a pot. He puts his cigarette out in the pot of food his cooking HAHAHA! It appears that Cliff isn't that wealthy and is a bit rough around the edges hehe"

Rick is at home drinking in his home bar. It feels like he's always drinking hehe. He watches one of his old movies. In the next hollywood house Roman Polansky drives off at speed with a starlet, Sharon Tate played by the beautiful Margot Robbie. They drive to the Playboy mansion. In the mansion people dance by a pool. Robbie looks devine in a yellow dress. There are also playboy bunnies there. It's Sunday Feb 9th 1969. We then cut to Polansky's house and Sharon is sleeping looking beautiful. Cliff drives Rick to an acting location.

Rick puts his face in ice to keep himself fresh hehehe. Rick is coughing and looks like crap.

"The director walks in and talks to the set and costume designer. The director says to Rick "I hired you to be an actor Rick not a TV cowboy" hehehe. Great dialogue here. Tarantino excels at silly awkward humour. It's not laugh out loud but it makes you chuckle"
Cliff drives through the city and sees a beautiful hippie woman (Pussycat played by the stunning Margaret Qualley). Cliff drives to Dalton's house.
"Cliff shows off his stunt skills by jumping onto the roof of Rick's place. This scene is bizarre funny! HAHAHA! Cliff is doing Pakor because he is a stunt double after all HAHAHA! Tarantino excels at putting crazy scenes in unexpectedly!"
Cliff then takes his top off and he is ripped. He's fixing the Antenna. Sharon Tate is listening to music next door. There is a great slow pace to this movie that I thoroughly enjoyed.

"'So your still with Rick ah' says Randy (a production assistant played by the experienced Kurt Russell). Randy is complaining to Rick about Cliff. Randy reminds Rick that legend has it that Pitt killed his wife. Randy gives in and then says to Cliff 'Ok you horses ass let's get you over to warddrobe'. Bruce Lee (played excellently by Mike Moh) chats to the production crew about Ali and fighting.

"Lee says about Ali 'I'd make him a cripple'. Cliff doesn't agree and jives him "What about a friendly fight". Lee then fights Cliff. Lee wins the first round. But second time round Cliff parries and throws Lee against a car. There is a dent in the car. This fight is expertly coreographed. I didn't expect to see Bruce Lee turn up... HAHAHA!"

Bruce Lee thinks he won the bout. "I think that dent in the car says something different" says Cliff. Then we see Cliff on top off Rick's roof again. We cut to the movie set that Rick is acting in. Rick approaches a little girl. Dalton smokes in a chair next to her. She is an actress. She says "Your the bad guy". Rick is reading a Western about a cowboy called "Easy Breazy" hehehe.

The little girl asks what the book is about. Rick says crying "He's coming to terms with what it's like to be useless each day".

"The little girl consoles him. Rick thanks her and calls her 'Pumpkin Puss'. She then replies 'I don't like names like pumpkin puss... bit since your upset we'll talk about that some other day' HAHAHA! This is yet another example of Tarantino's silly awkward humour"

Rick is driving and picks up that hippie girl called Pussycat hehe. We cut to Sharon Tate arriving at the cinema. We then cut to the cowboy movie set where Rick is working.

"The lead in this cowboy pilot is James Stacy (played by the reliable Timothy Olyphant). James chats to Rick. Rick says he nearly got the part in a Steve McQueen movie. Then we see an imaginary scene where Rick plays Steve McQueen's role. Fun, intriguing scenes like this are also a specialty of Tarantino"

Sharon looks beautiful in white boots arriving to the cinema. Margot Robbie does an oustanding role as Sharon and is smoking hot through out the movie.

"She says 'One ticket please'. '75cents' replies the ticket woman. 'What if you're in the movie' Sharon says. She gets invited for free! Sharon watches her own movie and she is happy. I really like this silly unique scene"
Dean Martin is the lead in Sharon's movie. I like the sound design through out Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. There are long silences sometimes cut up with small detailed sounds.

In Rick's film set, he walks out of the saloon and eats a chicken drumstick. Then there is a gun battle. James Stacy then walks into the saloon. "Can I buy you a drink Caleb?" says Rick.

"Caleb drinks with Rick. This scene appears to be a one take shot. Then Rick stuffs up and says 'The line...' because he forgot the line. He spits then says 'line, line, line...' he forgot! Rick is stressed that he is losing his acting touch. This scene is hilarious and one of the funniest in the movie HAHAHA!"

Rick goes back to his trailer and says "Look like a F* fool in the front of those god damn people!". He blames himself for drinking too much prior to the scene hehehe. We cut to Sharon watching herself in her movie.

"Then we cut to Cliff in the car driving fast. The car scenes are awesome. Great fast driving by Cliff who is a seasoned stunt driver of course. I really enjoyed these driving scenes"

Cliff spots the beautiful hippie woman Pussycat again. She looks gorgeous spinning around in a jovial fashion. She wants to go to a hippie ranch. Cliff finds out where it is and says that he used to do stunt work at that ranch. "You want me to suck your c*k while driving" she says to Cliff hehehe. He asks how old she is, she says 18. But Cliff doesn't believe a word she says. She's a feisty one hehehe.

We cut to the cowboy movie again. Wayne Maunder (played by Luke Perry) who plays a cowboy is introdued into the scene.

"Rick is the villain and he has abducted a little girl. Rick does his best to be intimidating and after the scene the little girl says to Rick 'That was the best acting I've ever seen in my whole life'. Then Rick says 'Rick F*n Dalton!' HAHAHA!"

Cliff leaves Pussycat at the ranch. She drags him in to meet the leaders.

"A chubby female leader says 'Thank you for bringing back pussy... we love pussy' HAHAHA!"
A man called Tex is another leader and he sus's out Cliff. Tex checks him out then leaves. The girls don't want Cliff to see his old friend (who owns the ranch). Cliff enters the house after 5 hippies leave it. "I'm and old friend of George's... I was hoping to say hi to George" says Cliff. Cliff barges into George's house. Suspensful music plays in the background.

Cliff enters George's bedroom. It's an eary feel, the audience suspects that George is dead. But George is alive!! "How the hell am I gonna know about what colour hair of the girl that's with me has!" says George to Cliff hehehe. George is old and anxious. Cliff re-introduces himsef again. Then Cliff leaves George's house.

"You embarrased me" says Pussycat to Cliff. The community then hates Cliff for being intrusive and they taunt him.

"One male hippie flattens his tire. Cliff punches this blonde hippie in the face twice 'Capow!'. What a brutal hand to hand scene! Another specialty of Tarantino is combat action"
He hits him a third time. "Fix it" says Cliff to the male hippie! The girls see whaet Cliff did and immediately call Tex. By the time Tex arrives Cliff has driven off. What a great impactful scene.

Rick finishes on set acting. Rick and Cliff watch an old Rick Dalton movie. This old cowboy movie footage is awesome.

"When Rick appears on screen it's always funny. Next we cut to Rick in a plane to Rome. We see posters of films he acted in. These posters are hilarious. One of them is called 'Operazione Dynamite' hehehe"
Rick has a new wife called "Alberta Balluci". Rick tells Cliff that he wants to sell his house and sadly, he can't afford Cliff as his stunt double anymore. The chemistry between DiCaprio and Pitt is awesome. They feel like real friends.

Cliff and Rick want to get blind drunk together. I must say that the 1969 dress sense of the characters is in this movie is cool. We cut to Sharon Tate who is now pregnant. Polansky has some friends over. We then hear a voice over, it's the voice of Randy (played hilariously by Kurt Russell) hehehe. Rick and Cliff drink at a place called "Casa Vega". They get so drunk that they go home by cab.

Around midnight Rick makes a blend of margheritas at his place. Cliff smokes the acid joint he was given earlier. Tarantino's dialogue is always simple but effective. There is always an awesome soundtrack too. Suddenly the hippies arrive by car at the front of Rick's house. Rick confronts them.

He tells them to leave then goes back inside. The hippies say that was Rick Dalton from the cowboy movies. Three hippies then leave the car. One of them is Tex. The hippies want revenge. Cliff walks inside Rick's house with his dog. Rick looks for dog food in Rick's house. Rick is in his pool listening to music with headphones on smoking hehehe. It's rock music and this becomes the soundtrack to this scene. The male hippie Tex points a gun at Cliff!

The hippies storm into Rick's house and grab Francesca (Rick's wife) from the bedroom and take her out to the living room. But Cliff's dog malls Tex's leg as per Cliff's instruction.

"Cliff fights with a hippie girl that has a knife. The dog then viciously attacks her. She fires a shot at Rick and it lands. The hippie girl goes crazy and jumps into the pool. Rick see's what's going on and uses the flame thrower and lights up the girl in the pool! This is a full on action scene. It surprises you considering the previous pace of the film. It is well coreographed and has an impact"
Cliff lies on the ground inside the house, he's alive! The ambulance takes Cliff away. Rick explains what happened to Polanski who walked out of his house to see what's happening. Sharon talks over the loud speaker and asks if everything is ok, it's funny. Polanski and Rick walk up the ramp. Rick is shaken but ok. The text "Once upon a time in Hollywood" shows up. What an ending.

"This is one of those movies where almost every scene has been perfectly crafted. As in the dialogue, set design and sound work together perfectly. Tarantino has always made sure of this in every one of his movies. This was evident in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. I can't think of any modern director that has this level of perfectionism. Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, Kurt Russell, Emile Hirsch, Timothy Olyphant, Luke Perry and newcomer Margaret Qualley also deserve a lot of praise. Wow, what a combination"
"Once upon a time in Hollywood" has a slow pace but you savour every single exchange between the colourful characters that inhabit this world. What an unbeatable 2hrs 41min.

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