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Main Cast Reviews  Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Julia Stiles Categories  Comedy | Drama Release Date  13th Sep 2019 7.6


This movie is about a bunch of former female strippers. They get together to get back at their Wall Street clients. What a super cast: Jennifer Lopez as Ramona, Constance Wu as Destiny, Julia Stiles as Elizabeth, Madeline Brewer as Dawn, Lili Reinhart as Annabelle, Keke Palmer as Mercedes, Stormi Maya as Angel, Cardi B as Diamond, Frank Whaley as Untitled, Trace Lysette as Tracey, Mercedes Ruehl as Untitled, lizzo as Liz, Rhys Coiro as Untitled, Jon Glaser as Untitled and Usher Raymond as Untitled.

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We see the text "Inspired by a True Story". Great funk/hip hop music plays in the background. It's an old school track but it suits the scene. In fact through out the movie the music tracks are great and they help set the mood of the scenes.

"Girls are out the back of a strip club preparing to dance. There is an older woman nick named "mom" assisting the girls hehe. In this back room we see the strippers doing their prep work (make up and outfits). They are also joking around with each other hehe. You like these characters immediately. Great start to the film"

We see the first dancer enter the stage, great moves. We cut to Destiny (played by the lovely Constance Wu) giving a private show.

"At the end of the night she gives her cut of the profits to the owners. It's quite a big percentage. She feels dejected. These girls work hard, the audience starts to feel sad for them in a way. Destiny goes home to her place. She lives with her Grandma"

At the club, Destiny is not as popular as the other girls. Ramona (played by the beautiful and in form Jennifer Lopez) gets on stage, great show. Plenty of dollars are thrown on stage hehe.

"In fact the crowd goes wild. Jennifer Lopez excels here, she knows dance moves! She is wearing a daring g-string and she moves like a professional. There is an art to strip dancing and Lopez has captured it. What a performance!"

Destiny looks on in admiration. Ramona goes for a smoke and wears a fur coat, Destiny follows her. They both smoke in the cold rooftop.

"Ramona puts her coat around Destiny in a caring way. Ramona recounts her days as a centre fold. Destinty says that she's not that good at dancing. She wants to learn from Ramona. Ramona says that she could teach Destiny. I love this scene. Ramona has plenty of heart and cares for her fellow workers"

We then cut to Elizabeth (played by the gorgeous Julia Styles) interviewing Destiny for an article that will appear in a magazine. These scenes with the interviewer are very intriguing. They aid the plot of the movie. We cut to Ramona teaching Destiny her dance moves. Once again we are reminded that Jeniffer Lopez actually knows these moves hehe. Great method acting.

Ramona says "You don't have to be the best dancer just go slow". Two other girls have other advice for her... "Drain the clock not the c*k" they both say. Backstage there is a girl chatting about her jealous boyfriend whose crying. Ramona is teaching Destiny her floor strategy like how she buys drinks for her clients.

Ramona explains the different levels of wall street types. Ramona looks good in a fine dress. Some wall street guys come through the back. "It's business and it's a more honest transaction they did that day" says Ramona. They give the wall street older man in a private show. He throws down a lot of cash as three girls get sensual. Great scene.

With the money they earn the women go shopping. Ramona shows Destiny her apartment and the swimwear line that she is creating. Ramona says all she wants is to take care of her kid. Destiny says all she wants is to look after her grandmother. Destiny gets her own apartment in the city. She also goes back to school/study. "2007 was the best" Destiny says. "I made more money that year than a god damn brain surgeon" she says.

Destiny goes out with a guy but they argue. Brittney Spears plays in the background hehe. We see a collage of the girls dancing juxtaposed with shots of wall street guys in the office. "Usher is here!" says a chubby dancing girl called Liz (played by the funny Lizzo). The girls get excited hehehe. They all dance on stage. We then hear a voice over; "In 2008 there was a bad financial crisis (the GFC). Destiny has a baby, a little girl. But she fights with her boyfriend.

Then Destiny calls one her contacts, a chubby man whose wife came back to him so he can't see her anymore. Destiny tries to get a retail job at a cosmetics place but she struggles.

"Destiny goes back to dance at the cabaret club. She says hello to Mom. The GFC lost a lot of business for the Cabaret. The previous girls are gone. Destiny does a private show and gets less money (she finds out later) and she's pissed off. I love how the time period for this movie includes the GFC"

Destiny hugs Ramona! They go for a coffee, Ramona says she can always count on her.

"Ramona explains what happened after the crash. Wall street guys were unemployed and no one visited the club. We cut to Ramona at work in a textiles shop. Ramona wants days off to drive her kid to school. The boss says no. She quits and goes back to dancing. Ramona does a private show but the client wants her to take a break so she leaves. Here we see the resilience of these dancers"

Then Ramona consoles a crying Annabelle (played by the stunning Lili Reinhart) whose parents kicked her out.

"The girls go 'fishing', which means meeting men outside of the club and then enticing them back to the strip club. They get them drunk, they steal their credit card and they get them to spend. Sometimes it doesn't work. Ramona says that she wants to hustle like that for big money with drugs. I loved this scene. The girls are fed with earning small dollars... this is there big chance!"

Ramona says that the Wall Street guys didn't play fair so she won't. The four of them hustle a business man at a bar. They look stunning in fine dresses. They drink with him and give him drugs. The man is out of it by the time he reaches the club but they get his credit card and make a huge transaction. They celebrate in Ramona's apartment!

"Then Destiny changes the recipe for the drugs they use, to make it less potent. They are in the kitchen making the new drug. They taste test it and in the next scene they're collapsed on the floor HAHAHA! This movie has a few hilarious moments that surprise you"
They then go fishing in bars again. The men give their credit cards up for big money. Ramona sometimes fields calls from the clients with comlaints sometimes but she handles the pressure. Destiny puts an Ad up to outsource and find more girls hehe. They have a meeting with these new girls.

"One of the girls has a tiny chihuaha called 'Mr Bruce' Ramona kisses Mr Bruce hehehe. Ramona gives all the girls the drugs. We cut to private shows were their are men that are all sedated. We see Mr Bruce the chihuaha in the private HAHAHA! These silly funny moments were some of my favourite"
The girls ask the men private questions for a credit card transaction. We see scenes of the men passed out. "There were nights when we pulled 100K" says Destiny.

The girls also gave back to the club. Destiny has a huge apartment now with expensive furniture.

"At christmas they celebrate by giving each other expensive gifts! All the girls look beautiful. Ramona gives Destiny her own fur coat hehe. They take a group photo. Ramoina says everybody say 'Mooooonnneeeyyyy'. The girls share funny client stories. They are very happy and dancing to Frankie Valley songs. Ramona talks about one of her previous celebrity clients. The audience feels happy for the girls, after all their hard work they have triumphed!"

We cut to the interview with Elizabeth and Destiny doesn't want to reveal more info. In 2013 Ramona and Destiny are outside the club seeing other girls copying their strategy. Ramona recruits new girls. They meet Dawn. Ramona wants to ditch the club.

"They go to a house where a client has jumped off a balcony trying to dive into the pool. Annabelle has the bad habit of vomiting when something goes wrong hehe. Great performance by Lili Reinhart. She plays a timid dancer to perfection. They drive to the hospital and leave the man their. Destiny fakes that its her husband hehe. The girls have become ruthless but they had to, to earn the big bucks"

Destiny drives her little girl to school. Ramona bails out Dawn. Destiny goes to her Mom's house and she has passed on in the couch. They go to a funeral and Ramona consoles her. There is a big client for that night.

"We cut to the interview and Elizabeth understands that Destiny grew up poor. Elizaveth says to Destiny "You know I don't feel sorry for those men". Julia Stiles only has a few scenes but she makes it count. She feels like a real reporter"
Destiny walks out of the interview. But then she calls Elizabeth again and chats about Doug, a client. He lost all his money and he calls them saying he needs to make mortgage payments. Destiny is about to chat more to him but Ramona throws the phone away.

Doug calls the cops. Doug has a tape. Ramona, Dawn and Destiny see a client. They drug him at his own home. The cops investigate more "He went back three times! he must of liked it". We cut to May 2013. Ramona gets arrested. Mercedes (played by the beautiful Keke Palmer) gets arrested. Annabelle also gets arrested and vomits as usual hehe. Destiny finally gets arrested.

Destiny takes the deal from the cops. Ramona hugs Destiny and says "We were F* hurricanes weren't we". Destiny talks to Elizabeth and she reads the article. We hear Destiny say 'Hurt people Hurt people'.

"Elizabeth visits Ramona. Ramona recounts her time with Destiny. We then cut to Destiny who is crying about her time with Ramona. We see photos of Ramona hugging Destiny during different parts of the movie. What a great friendship they had, they were a dynamic duo. Great acting by Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu"

We then see shots of the four main girls dancing. The title text "Hustlers" is shown. Over loud speaker we hear "That's all folkes its over... time to go home gentlemen, the girls are not coming out" HAHAHA! This was awesome, it made you feel you were in on of those strip dancing clubs and it was time to go home hehe. Innovative ending! We see a final shot of the girls dancing with money getting thrown on stage. Credits role.

"It took a lot of guts for Jennifer Lopez (a major star) to play a stripper. She looked in shape and had all the dance moves figured out. What a performance. Constance Wu also played a struggling novice stripper to perfection. Constance and Lopez had a lot of chemistry and watching their friendship evolve was interesting. Keke Palmer as Mercedes, Lili Reinhart as Annabelle had a lot of screen presence. Mercedes Ruehl as Mother showed plenty of heart. Julia Stiles as Elizabeth brought intrigue to the piece"
This movie had an interesting setting, the strip club. There we find all sorts of characters; strippers, owners and clients. The girls became ruthless with these clients to improve their financial situation and their lives. By the end of the movie you grow to love these hard working girls and perhaps side with them. What an entertaining 1hr 50min.

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